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Beatty Wills

BEATTY Claudius, 22 Jan. 1810, proved 28 Oct. 1811 at Ardagh by Robert Beatty.
To dearly beloved wife Anne her furniture as settled by our marriage deed, also all profit rent out of my lands of Lismoy which I hold by lease reserving thereout the profits for 3 years to pay my debts, also my gold watch, chain and 2 seals, one with my initials, the other with "never despair" engraved thereon, also my household linen, silver spoons and plate. After her death the watch, chain and seals to go to my father if he is alive and if not to my sister Anne or her next of kin. To my dear father my other gold seal, my title to the lands of Corry, Lisnaboe and Clonbatt in Co. Longford and Drumcon and Gortnardress in Co. Cavan, he to pay £50 a yere to my wife Anne for her life out of Drumcon as directed by our marriage deed. After my father's death, said lands to my two sisters Margaret and Anne and their issue, share and share alike. My father to give to James Beatty the house and garden he now lives in, for life rent free, he not to sell interest in same without the consent of my father. To my father all my horses, cattle, my pig, Northumberland tables and all my furniture.
Executors: my father Robert Beatty of Corry, Lennox Armstrong of Killorakin, Co. Leitrim and Ezekial Gibson of Killeshandra.
Robert Ferguson of Killeshandra to be guardian of my will
Wits: Robert Ferguson, Hugh Rosborough, William Ball.

BEATTY Claudius, of Lismore, Co. Longford, 5 Jan. 1831 proved at Ardagh 16 Jan. 1832 by Claudius Beatty, the father.
By my marriage settlement with my wife an Annuity of £10 is secured to her after my death; in addition thereto I leave her £10 to be paid in one year after my death also any furniture she brought here. To my father Claudius Beatty and my child Edward Beatty jointly for their lives my interest in lands of Lismore, subject to annual payment of £10 a year to my wife, and should my wife be pregnant, subject also to payment of £50 to such child at age of 21, the interest thereof to maintain the child until age 21. Should my son Edward die before my father I leave said lands of Lismore jointly with my father and said child it is supposed my wife is pregnant with and to the survivor of them. My father to dispose of my furniture and farm stock as he shall think proper to discharge any debts and incumbrances. I wish my wife to remain in the house I now live in with my father as long as she is my widow and so long as it is agreeable to my father but should they separate £10 a year to be paid out of said lands by my executor to maintain my child.
Executor's: Mr. Andrew Ferguson and my brother Francis Beatty.
Wits: George Crawford, Robert Beatty, Thomas Legge.

BEATTY Edmund, of Lismore, Co. Longford, 22 Sept. 1826, proved 30 Nov. 1826 at Ardagh by Geo. Hicks West. Effects £124. To dearly beloved wife Eleanor £20 per year to be paid to her by my nephew Anthony Kilroy out of the lands of Aughnashanagh for her life as per the lease now in hands of Andrew Ferguson formerly of Curry and now of City of Dublin. Should Eleanor die before the expiration of said lease, said £20 rent with £1-8-9d which is paid over the rent by Francis Reilly and - ?? Hunt to be paid to my two nephews George and Edward Beatty, sons of Williarn Beatty of Drumbrade, Co. Cavan and to his 2 daughters. during said lease. To wife, a milch cow, a bed and bedding, half my silver spoons and every article she brought here. My holding in Lismore to be set to a solvent tenant and from the profit thereof to pay to my illegitimate son William Beatty of Ballyshannon and my illegitimate dau. Catherine Beatty £100 each; afterwards my interest in said lands to go during my lease thereof to my nephew Claudius Beatty, 2nd son of Claudius Beatty of Drumbrade, Co. Cavan. My wife to put my dau's £100 to interest until she is 21. My half of Ballyduffy and the mill to my two nephews George and Edward Beatty and theitwo sisters equally during the lease thereof. Assets after payment of debts to nephew William Cowen and his sisters Margaret, Jane and Mary Cowen.
Executors: Richard Hinds of Newgrove and George Hicks West of Carrickbawn. Wits: George Moore, Francis Beatty, Jacob Murray.

BEATTY Francis, of' Lissiny, parish of Drumlumman, Co. Cavan, 1st Aug. l812, proved 16 July 1819 at Ardagh by Charles Beatty and Jn Trimble. Effects under £500. To my only lawful child Elizabeth Beatty my entire property but if she die before maturity it to go equally between my brother Charles's children and my sister Martha's children. If my dau. Elizabeth should marry without consent then bro. Charles to have the interest in lands of Lissiny. To nephew Charles Reilly a loom and all tackle. To 2 nephews Thomas and Peter Reilly £10 each. The £53 due to me from Claudius Beatty of Drumbrod to be put to use of my lawful child Elizabeth. To my natural child Ann Beatty £10. To Sally Harwood 3 guineas for mourning.
Executors and to see to interest of my child my bro. Charles Beatty, John Trimble of Mullaughduff, Mr Robert Ferguson of Killeshandra.
Wits: Arthur Beatty, Francis Beatty, Peter Reilly.

BEATTY Robert, of Corry, Co. Longford, 21 May 1835, proved at Ardagh 16 March 1837, the executors and next of kin having renounced, Admon. granted to Edward Stephens ('? illegible), personal representative of the testator. I have by deed 10 Dec. 1816 conveyed my interest and title in lands of Cloncanfield, Corry, the undivided half of Ballyduffy and 2 houses in town of Longford to my son-in-law Andrew Ferguson reserving to myself the power to encumber said premises with £168. To my grand-dau. Anne Doyle £100 to be paid at rate of £20 a year provided she marry into a decent Protestant family with the consent of her father Patrick Doyle, if riot, said £100 to my two other grand-daughters. Elizabeth Draper and Anne Ferguson share and share alike. To my two grand-daughters. Elizabeth Draper and Anne Ferguson the remaining £68 share and share alike. To my son-in-law all rent and arrears due to me by several tenants, he to pay out of same the sum of £10 to my dau. Margaret Doyle.
Exors: son-in-law Andrew Ferguson and Exekiel Gibson of Tongar, Co. Cavan.
Wits: William Beatty, James Farrell, Edward Morgan.

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