Cavan Militia

Fergusons of Cavan

Cavan Militia

Muster rolls of the Cavan Militia for the period 1805-1829

WO 13/2654 1805
Stationed at Ennis, Bandon, Youghall, Dublin and Clonony. No Fergusons present until Private John enrolled on 31st August 1805 into Captain Levinges' Company. The regiment was stationed at Ennis during that month.

WO 13/2655 1806
Stationed at Dublin, Mullingar and Athlone. John remained present throughout the year. Private Richard enrolled on 28th April 1806 into Captain Pratt's Company. The regiment was stationed at Dublin at the time.

WO 13/2656 1807
Stationed at Athlone. John and Richard present throughout. Richard transfers to Captain Adams Company. Private James enrolled into Captain Levinges' Company on 17th November 1807.

WO 13/2657 1808
Stationed at Athlone and Kilkenny. All 3 men present throughout.

WO 13/2658 1809
Stationed at Kilkenny and Dublin. All 3 present throughout. Richard (2) enrolled 6th November 1809 when the regiment was stationed in Dublin. He is noted as being a weaver from Killirandre as opposed to Richard (1) who is now described as a servant from Boston. Both men are with Captain Adams Company.

WO 13/2659 1810-1811
Stationed at Dublin. All 4 present throughout. James (2) recruited 3rd May 1810. The regiment is no longer split into Companies. December 1810 to March 1811 Quarter only 1 Richard present, no reason given for the other's absence. Does not reappear.

WO 13/2660 1811-1814
Stationed at Dublin, Cashel, Wexford, Enniscorthy and Cavan. 1 Richard, 2 James and 1 John present. John is absent without leave on 24th August 1812. Thomas enlisted 7th July 1812. James (3) enlisted 4th September 1812. March to June Quarter 1814 John Ferguson is promoted to Corporal. 3 James, 1 John, 1 Richard and 1 Thomas present at the end of this set of musters.

WO 13/2661 1815-1822
Stationed Cavan. From December 1814 Privates are no longer listed. John remains present as Corporal as part of Disembodied Militia.

WO 13/2662 1823-1829
Stationed Cavan. John remains present as a Corporal of the Disembodied Militia.

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