Vol. 851, Page 49, Memorial 569049

Fergusons of Cavan

Registry of Deeds

Vol. 851, Page 49, Memorial 569049
LDS Film 468977
Ferguson to Moore Regd 11th Dec 1769 at noon

Annesley to Ferguson Regd 2 day of October 1829
Grantor: Reverend William Annesley, County Down, Clerk
Grantee: Thomas Ferguson, Belfast, Co. Antrim, Esq.
Consideration: £3500
Lands as follows:

Townland Acre, Rood, Perch Former Possessor
Parish of Enniskeen, Barony of Clonkee
Taghart 492,2,16 James Brady
Myor orse Moyer 141,3,0
Edenduga 52,2 ,0 James Dyas
Clonturkin Joseph Dyas
Drumbarr orse Clonturkin 50,0,0 Benjamin Dyas
Ballyvaughly orse Ballyaughly orse Baloghly orse Ballaughley 287,1,0 Moses Kinkeed
Burragh orse Buraghs
Caraholman 85,1,25 Alexander McHavry, Hugh McHarvy and John McHavry
Mullacrofsy orse Mullagher 117,2,0 John McKinson
Drumiller 130,1,0 Thomas MaKinson
Parish of Enniskeen, Barony of Loughtee
Leitermore 15,0,0 Early of Annesley set to James Moreley formerly in pofsefsion of Thomas Matcomson
Mullynageuan orse Mullaghrogavan 436,1,0 Thomas Smith, Patrick Smith and Terence Smith
Moheg orse Magher Kellgogun orse Kellgngon orse Kellgraganan Carricelennedden orse Carriickassden Constantine Smith

Surveyor: John Sloan
Refers to Mortgage dated 15 July 1828 between
Reverend William Annesley
Elizabeth Orr spinster of Belfast
Hug Wallace of Downpatrick Co. Down.
Witnesses: John Marshall and Richard Hill of Downpatrick Co. Dublin
Signator: John Ladley

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