The Weekly Enquirer McKinney, Collin County, Texas, September 11, 1869 No. 41

The Weekly Enquirer McKinney, Collin County, Texas, September 11, 1869 No. 41

J. M. THROCKMORTON, Thos. J. BROWN, & A. DEARMOND, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, McKinney.
W. ANDREWS and Jas. L. GRAY, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, McKinney.
J. H. JENKINS and T. C. GOODNER, Attorneys and Counselors at Law. McKinney
Joseph BLEDSOE, Attorney and Counselor at Law and General and Collecting Agent, McKinney.
R. J. BROWNING, Attorney at Law, McKinney.
Dr. J. S. CARRINGTON, Lately of Plano, formerly of Louisiana, McKinney.
R. D. ALLISON, Surgeon Dentist, McKinney.

G.A. & L. A. FOOTE, McKinney, Texas, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods...have just opened their unrivalled stock of fall and winter goods also a full assortment of Family Groceries, saddlery, bagging, iron ties, rope &c...&c...
BATEMAN & BRO., Forwarding & Commission Merchants, and Wholesale Grocers, Jefferson, Texas.
Garret’s Scotch Snuff, pipes, and tobacco, Coffee, and sugar, Summer clothing, cashmere, lustre, and linen at MURRY & BOYD.
HOWELL & ESTES, Dealers in Dry Goods, groceries, hardware, queensware, lamps, &c.,&c. Have just received an unsurpassed stock of Ladies and Misses hats and shoes, also gents’ hats, boots and shoes.
For Sale. One family buggy and double sett of harness, two seats for four persons to sit with ease. With portable top that can be let down. I will sell the above described buggy very low, and take in payment, well broke horses of good ponies. Call soon or you will lose a bargain. M.A. HOWELL, Plano, Texas
New Goods Just Received! Thomas H. EMERSON is now opening his superb stock of spring and summer dry goods, boots shoes, hats, groceries, and ready made clothing. The highest market price allowed for Cotton and Bacon. I want 50,000 dry hides. T. H. EMERSON, McKinney, Tex.
W. S. CLOYD, Watch-maker, Jeweler, Gun Smith, ETC., West Side Public Square, McKinney, Texas.
ABE RHINE Having received a general stock of merchandise on consignment, he offers the same at very reduced prices exclusively for cash. His stock consists in part of dry goods, clothing, hats, boots and shoes, hardware and a general assortment of Spring and Summer Goods. A fine and varied stock of Ladies’ Hats.
M. A. HOWELL, dealer in staple dry goods, and groceries, Plano, Texas.
Livery Stable (North-East corner of Public Square, McKinney, Tex., A. J. TUCKER, Proprietor.
Sky-Light Picture Gallery! Having remodeled my gallery and received large additions to my stock of materials, I am now prepared to furnish Porcelain Pictures, Photographs, Ambrotypes, Melaineotypes, Gems & c. At the most reasonable rates, executed in the latest and most approved style of the art. Call and examine specimens. Gallery on Front Row, over the store of Z. E. RANNEY. Thos. J. CLOYD, McKinney.
I have two barrels of pure whiskey ...unreadable...which I will sell as cheap as can be had anywhere. Abe RHINE.
Here’s Your Mule! Who cut your hair so nicely? W. J. WALKER. If you want anything in the barber line give him a call. He will fix you up in the most approved style. Shop opposite the Court House, at the old stand of W. M. WALKER. McKinney.
Notice: Joseph FOSTER is the authorized agent to protect the timbered lands of the undersigned and Mrs. Malinda WILSON near Highland, and is directed to prosycute all trespassers. L. C. WILSON
Dr. James WILSON. Seven miles south-west of McKinney, near Oliver HEDGECOXE’S. Will attend professional calls day or night. Charges moderate.
A. GULLETT, Physician and Surgeon, McKinney, Texas.
Bacon Wanted: J. H. ALLISON & Co., will pay the highest market price for bacon, delivered at their storehouse in McKinney.
W. T. KING, surgeon Dentist, McKinney, Texas. Having opened an office at this place, tenders his professional services to the people of Collin County. Inserts artificial teeth. Office at the McKinney Hotel.

District Attorney: James HURT of Grayson County is a candidate for District Attorney for the 7th Judicial District, at the election in July next.
Lower House: Dr. B. S. SHERBURNE is a candidate for the Lower House of Representatives from this (21st) district.
District Clerk: J. M. BENGE is a candidate for the office of District Clerk of Collin County, at the ensuing election. G. W. PATTERSON is a candidate for the office of District Clerk of Collin county, Election First Monday in July
Sheriff: T. B. THOMPSON of Farmersville is a candidate for Sheriff of Collin county at the ensuing election. W. N. BUSH is a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Collin county at the ensuing election. The friends of John R. WILLIAMSON announce him as a candidate for Sheriff of Collin County at the ensuing election. Geo. A. WILSON is a candidate for Sheriff of Collin County at the ensuing election.
County Treasurer: Newton C. HARRIS is a candidate for the office of Treasurer of Collin county at the ensuing election.
Justice of the Peace: Precinct No. 1. R. C. WHITE is a candidate for Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 1, Collin County at the ensuing election. J. M. WILCOX is a candidate for Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 5, Collin County, at the ensuing election.

WESTON HIGH SCHOOL will open again on the second Monday in September and continue without intermission for two sessions of five months each. Tuition: Primary Branches including Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, per session $7.50; All intermediate branches, $10.00; Dead Languages and Higher Mathematics $15.00. J. K. BOWIE, Principal Weston, Tex. Sept. 1st 1860 [sic]. (should read 1869).
MT. PLEASANT MALE AND FEMALE HIGH SCHOOL. The fifth session of this school will commence on Monday, the 6th of September and continue without intermission except the week of the Christmas Holiday till the second Thursday of June. TERMS: For Board and Tuition during the session $150.00; pupils furnishing their own towels, pillows, and bed clothes. Tuition: elementary Branches $30.00; Mathematics, History, Belles Lettres, the Natural Sciences, and Book-keeping $40.00; Latin and Greek $50.00; Music on the Piano Forte and use of instrument $60.00. J. S. MUSE, Principal, Miss Belle BENTLEY, Ass’t, Mrs. M. M. MUSE, Matron, Mt. Pleasant, Collin Co., Tex Aug. 2nd 1869.

Capt. J. W. BONE of this county, has sent us a sample of cotton picked from his field, which we suppose is about an average quality for this county; andn which our merchants say, will class as strick middling in market. The staple, generaly, seems to be better this year than last.
Lost or Mislaid: A prisoner, named Tom WILLIAMS, who was being tried for murder before Judge BOWLBY, the past week, came up missing on Wednesday morning last, and has not yet been found.
W. B. LOGAN has received another large invoice of cheap goods to which he would invite the attention of those wishing to purchase.
The brothers, McGEHN and their cousin, en route for Mexico, with a considerable amount of money, are reported killed west of San Antonio.

Co-Operation Meeting held at Spring Creek, near Plano, Aug 9th 1869 for the advancement of the cause of Christ’s Kingdom in the counties of Collin, Dallas and Kaufman it was resolved that there be a financial committee, composed of brothers S. B. FOWLER, V.J. STERINAN, James L. FLOYD, G. G. JACK and Wm. ELKIN, whose duty it shall be to place two Evangelists in the field at once, to labor until the meeting in October, also local committee, consisting of brothers James HOLLAND, of Pleasant Valley, John BAMPASS, of Cedar Creek, A. B. RAWLINS of Lancaster; James SHEPPARD of Dallas, J. S. MUSE of McKinney, and SIMS and KING of Wells Bridge, whose duty it shall be to assist the former committee in raising means to support the said Evangelists. John B. FLOYD, Ch’n. R. W. CARPENTER, Sec’y.
Camp Meeting. There will be a Camp Meeting near the Wilson Creek Baptist Church on the Dallas road, four miles south of McKinney, commencing on Friday before the third Sabbath in September. Methodists, Baptists, and probably Presbyterians will be tent-holders. People and Ministers, irrespective of church associations, are requested to co-operate. S. J. HAWKINS.