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Anne Williams(ne Mcdowie) was born in Bloxham Oxfordshire the eldest daughter to Phyllis (ne Collins)and Cecil McDowie has been working on genealogy of the family for many years.The end of last year 2004 had a book printed called our ancestors of Bloxham Oxfordshire.this is for the family and friends who are interested to buy. E-mail I would love to hear from visitors to this site-so please send me any comments or questions you have liz@ecalvert.freeserve.co.uk Photo on home page is myself Anne Williams taken 2004 on publishing my book titled OUR ANCESTORS OF BLOXHAM OXFORDSHIRE it is on sale from myself priced at 13.00 plus p&p

The family history of the Wise/Collins descendants are on Ancestry.Com

New Wartime Memories of The City of Coventry by Constance Collins rewritten by myself 2007 it is a book of her memories in 1939-1945 b&w spiral bound 87 pages including some lovely drawings by Constance herself 6.50 inc p&p please feel free to e mail with any questions to liz@ecalvert.freeserve.co.uk

Here are some of my favorite websites: www.bbc.co.uk/oxford/content/articles/2005/10/13/inside_lives_anne_williams.shtml

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