1.  William Bartholmew.  He married Elizabeth.


            2.       i       Samuel Bartholmew b. Abt 1803.

                      ii     Rebecca Bartholmew, b. 1803 in Wakes Colne.

                     iii       Elizabeth Bartholmew, b. 1799 in Wakes Colne.

                     iv       Edward Bartholmew, b. 1811 in Wakes Colne.

                      v       James Bartholmew, b. 1813 in Wakes Colne.

                     vi       Eliza Bartholmew, b. 1816 in Wakes Colne.


Second Generation


2.  Samuel Bartholmew, b. Abt 1803 in Wakes Colne.  1881 Census


     Dwelling   Huts No 2

       Census Place Wakes Colne, Essex, England

       Family History Library Film   1341434

       Public Records Office Reference   RG11

       Piece / Folio   1799 / 127

       Page Number   2. He married Mary Ann, b. 1806 in Ireland.


            3.       i       Caroline Bartholmew b. 1839.

                      ii     Harriot Bartholmew, b. 1832 in Wakes Colne.

                     iii       Eliza Bartholmew, b. 1830 in Wakes Colne.

                     iv       John Bartholmew, b. 1834 in Wakes Colne.

                      v       William Bartholmew, b. 1836 in Wakes Colne.

                     vi       Rebecca Bartholmew, b. 1837 in Wakes Colne.

                     vii       Elizabeth Bartholmew, b. 1841 in Wakes Colne.

                     viii       Rebecca Bartholmew, b. Abt 1845 in Wakes Colne.


Third Generation


3.  Caroline Bartholmew, b. 1839 in Wakes Colne.  1881 Census


     Dwelling Huts No 3

         Census Place Wakes Colne, Essex, England

         Family History Library Film 1341434

         Public Records Office Reference RG11

         Piece / Folio 1799 / 127

         Page Number 2. She married Alfred Chaplin, married 25 Dec 1861 in Wakes Colne, b. 1835 in Wakes Colne, (son of James Chaplin and Ann).


                      i       Henry Chaplin.  He married Rhoda Smith, married 25 Dec 1883 in Wakes Colne, b. 1860 in Wakes Colne, (daughter of William Smith and Jemima Patten).

                      ii     Alfred Chaplin, b. 1861 in Wakes Colne.

            4.       iii       Caroline Chaplin b. 1865.

            5.       iv       Arthur Chaplin b. 1868.

                      v       William Chaplin, b. 1872 in Wakes Colne.

                     vi       Ernest Chaplin, b. 1876 in Wakes Colne.

                     vii       Frederick Chaplin, b. 1880 in Wakes Colne.  He married Sophia, married 1900, b. 1865.


Fourth Generation


4.  Caroline Chaplin, b. 1865 in Wakes Colne.  She married Elijah Smith, married 25 Dec 1889 in Wakes Colne, b. 1861 in Wakes Colne, (son of William Smith and Jemima Patten).


                      i       Annie M Smith, b. 1892 in Wakes Colne.

                      ii     Edith C Smith, b. 1893 in Wakes Colne.

                     iii       Alice K Smith, b. 1894 in Wakes Colne.

                     iv       Minnie I Smith, b. 1898 in Wakes Colne.

                      v       Frederick E Smith, b. 1900 in Wakes Colne.


5.  Arthur Chaplin, b. 1868 in Wakes Colne.  He married Lydia Nelson, married 22 Oct 1891 in Wakes Colne, b. 1861 in Great Henny, (daughter of George Nelson and Phebe Maria Foakes).


                      i       Eunis Chaplin, b. 1893 in Mount Bures.

                      ii     Cyril Chaplin, b. 1896 in Mount Bures.

                     iii       Eric Chaplin, b. 1899 in Mount Bures.