1.  Robert Hogarth, b. 1730 in Kendal.  He married Tamer, married ABT 1751.


            2.       i      John Hogarth b. 1752.

                      ii     Foster Hogarth, b. 1753 in Kendal.

            3.       iii     Tamer Hogarth b. 1760.

                      iv    Marian Hogarth, b. 1763 in Grayrigg Westmoreland.

                      v     William Hogarth, b. 1765 in Kendal.


Second Generation


2.  John Hogarth, b. 1752 in Kendal.  He married Barbara, married ABT 1769.


                      i      Jane Hogarth, b. 1770 in Kendal.

                      ii     Anne Hogarth, b. 1772 in Kendal.

            4.       iii     Thomas Hogarth b. 1773.


3.  Tamer Hogarth, b. 1760 in Kendal.  She married Joseph Crossthwaite, married ABT 1807.


                      i      Daniel Crossthwaite, b. 1808.


Third Generation


4.  Thomas Hogarth, b. 1773 in Kendal.  He married Isabella Dennyson, married 29 Feb 1796 in Bampton Westmoreland, b. 1775 in Kendal, (daughter of John Dennyson and Susannah).


                      i      Ann Hogarth, b. 1802 in Bampton Westmoreland.

                      ii     Jane Hogarth, b. 1816 in Old Hutton Westmoreland.

                      iii     Isabella Hogarth, b. 1818 in Old Hutton Westmoreland.

                      iv    Thomas Hogarth, b. 1796 in Bampton Westmoreland.

            5.       v     James Hogarth b. 1827.


Fourth Generation


5.  James Hogarth, b. 1827 in Old Hutton Westmoreland.  He married Ann Atkinson, married 24 Jun 1843 in Windermere, b. 1822 in Ambleside Westmoreland.


            6.       i      Thomas Hogarth b. 1848.

                      ii     Mary Jane Hogarth, b. 1853 in Loughrigg Grasmer Westmoreland.

            7.       iii     Agness Hoggarth b. 1846.

                      iv    Elizabeth Hoggarth, b. 1855 in Coniston Lancashire.

                      v     Margaret Hoggarth, b. 1858 in Coniston Lancashire.


Fifth Generation


6.  Thomas Hogarth, b. 1848 in Ambleside Westmoreland, d. Abt 1922 in 1, Norland Rd, Clifton, Bristol, occupation 1881 to 1901 Gamekeeper.  Database: 1891 England Census





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      Hoggarth, Agnes E  abt 1884 Derwent, Derbyshire, England Daughter  Derwent  Derbyshire

      Hoggarth, James  abt 1879 Derwent, Derbyshire, England Son  Derwent  Derbyshire

      Hoggarth, Jessie A M  abt 1882 Derwent, Derbyshire, England Daughter  Derwent  Derbyshire

      Hoggarth, John H  abt 1890 Derwent, Derbyshire, England Son  Derwent  Derbyshire

      Hoggarth, Margaret J  abt 1886 Derwent, Derbyshire, England Daughter  Derwent  Derbyshire




     1881 England Census




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     James Hoggarth  abt 1879  Derwent, Derbyshire, England Son  Mill House, Derwent, Derbyshire, England

      Jane Hoggarth  abt 1855  Scotland Wife  Mill House, Derwent, Derbyshire, England

      Thomas Hoggarth  abt 1850  Ambleside, Westmorland, England Head  Mill House, Derwent, Derbyshire, England


     . He married Jane Richardson, married ABT 1878, b. 1857 in Stirling Scotland, (daughter of John Richardson and Janet) d. 29 Sept 1909 in Great Crosby, buried 1909 in Church of St Peter & St Paul Gt Crosby.


                      i      James Hogarth, b. 1879 in Derwent Derbyshire, occupation Gamekeeper.  He married Isabella Hull, married 16 May 1906 in Wirrel Cheshire.

                      ii     Margaret Hogarth, b. 1886 in Derwent Derbyshire.

            8.       iii     John Henry Hogarth b. 1890.

                      iv    Isabella Hogarth, b. 1893 in Derwent Derbyshire, d. 2 Jan 1976 in Gt Crosby.  She married Benjamin.

                      v     Thomas Arthur Hogarth, b. 1895 in Derwent Derbyshire.

                      vi    Rhoda Hogarth, b. 1897 in Derwent Derbyshire.


7.  Agness Hoggarth, b. 1846 in Ambleside Westmoreland.  She married George Hoggarth, married Dec 1868 in Keldal Cumberland, occupation 1881 Manager of Wine & Spirit Store, occupation 1901 Hotel Manager Public house, occupation 1891 Landlord Angel Inn Angel Yard Kendal.


                      i      Ann Isabella Hoggarth, b. 1870 in Redmain Cumberland.

                      ii     Robert James Hoggarth, b. 1871 in Helsenton Westmoreland.

                      iii     Maggie Hoggarth, b. 1876 in Barrow Lancashire.  She married David Chesney, married 1899 in Bradford West Yorkshire, b. 1871 in Bradford West Yorkshire, (son of Peter Kerr Chesney and Annie) occupation 1881 Accountant.


Sixth Generation


8.  John Henry Hogarth, b. 1890 in Derwent Derbyshire, d. 1960 in Albrighton, buried 1960 in Albrighton.  He married Lily Yates, married 1918 in Bonningale, b. 1894 in Witton Staffordshire, d. 1972 in Albrighton, buried 1972 in Albrighton.


            9.       i      John Hogarth b. 1922.

            10.     ii     Peter Charles Hogarth b. 1924.


Seventh Generation


9.    John Hogarth, b. 1922 in Albrighton, d. 1989 in Albrighton, buried 1989 in Albrighton.  He married


10.  Peter Charles Hogarth, b. 1924 in Albrighton, d. 1973 in Albrighton.  He married