Childs Name DOB Parents
Maria 1818 William and Mary Ladbrook
Franklin William And Sarah Heston
Lucy Joseph and Alice Boggis
Mary Nathan and Elizabeth Cant
John David and Elizabeth Harrington
Sarah Benny and Amy Butcher
Mary Ann James and May Junch
George Peter and Ann Gardner
John Thomas and Mary Clover
Henry John and Francis Brett
Ann Fredrick and Elizabeth Becket
John Henry and Ann White
Earnest John and Elizabeth Mills
Jessica Thomas and Elizabeth Bland
Samuel Joseph and Mary Toakley
Abraham Abraham and Mary Brain
Deborah 1819 Phillip and Deborah Hunt
Jeremia William and Elizabeth Ruggles
Hugh David and Charlotte Springer
Caroline John and Francis Brett
Edith Thomas and Mary Chives
Matha John and Emma Pekit
William Daniel and Elizabeth Harrington
Johnas Edward and Lucy Bull
John 1820 James and Mary Smith
Emily James and Mary Smith
Mary Ann Benny and Amy Butcher
Isac John and Sarah Hemming
James Abraham and Elizabeth Cant
Eliza Jeremia and Judith Ruggles
Sarah Joseph and Alice Boggis
George Elizabeth Gamell
Charles 1821 Fredrick and Elizabeth Becket
William Henry and Ann White
Harriott John and Elizabeth Mills
William John and Susanna Clampin
Mary Ann Charlotte Balls
Charles Thomas and Mary Chives
Daughter of James and Mary French
Son of James and Susannah Marion
Hugh John and Jermima Pettit
Mary Ann Henry and Mary ann Frost
David Samuel and Mary Trench
John Mark and Sarah Crampwell
William Fredrick John and Francis Brett
Jonathan Edward and Lucy Bull
Sarah Mary and James Lilly
Elizabeth Joseph and Alice Boggis
Maria 1822 Benny and Amy Butcher
Sarah Henry and Mary ann Frost
William Fredrick and Elizabeth Becket
William Sam and Sarah Smith
Mary Nathan and Susannah Sylvester
Elizabeth Henry and Ann White
John Abraham and Elizabeth Cant
Sarah Samuel and  Ruggles
Francis son of 1823 John and Francis Brett
Mary Ann John and Sarah Barrington
Ann Sarah /
Deborah Elijah and Elizabeth Ladbrook
Sarah Mark and Sarah Bumpsed
Hugh Hugh and Elizabeth Pettit
Ann John and Ann Forbes
Robert Sam and Sarah Smith
William Bernard and Lucy Brett
Sophie John and Jermima Pettit
George Nathanial and Susannah Stillham
Suzannah Henry and Mary ann Frost
Eliza Charles Crumple
William John and Sarah French
Samuel John and Hannah Smith
Eliza Jacob and Alice Briggs
William 1824 Thomas and Mary ann Clampin
Sarah John and Lucy Carter
Maria John and Francis Brett
Child of Mark and Antonettia   /
Phillip William Phillip and Deborah Hunt or Flint
Elizabeth             and Sarah Compale
Sarah Mary Roberts
Estha Elijah and Elizabeth Ladbrook
George Benny and Amy Butcher
Jerahimia Edward and Lucy Bull
Sarah Samuel and /   Carter
Ann John and Sarah Barrington
Jemina William and Jemina Webber
Elizabeth John and          Beck
Sarah Abraham and Elizabeth Cant
Judith Jeremia and Judith Ruggles
Thomas 1825 Elizabeth March
Charles William and Elizabeth Ruggles
Harriott John and Sarah French
Sarah Henry and Ann White
Joseph Joseph and Alice Briggs
Charles Henry and Mary ann Frost
Emma Mark and Sarah Crampwell
Robert Hugh and Deborah Mogle
Sarah Ann Mary Cranbrook
Daughter of Nathan and Sarah Sylvester
Jemina Thomas and Mary ann Clampin
John John and Ann Forbes
Ann Thomas and Mary Messing
Sarah Hugh and Elizabeth Pettit
John Francis and Elizabeth Pettit
Henry Edward and Lucy Bull
William 1827 William and Matilda Smith
Matilda William and Matilda Smith
Albert Joseph and Charlotte Bands
Arthur James and Jemina French
Lucy Lucy Naines
Ann Elijah and Elizabeth Ladbrook
Daniel Phillip and Deborah Hunt
Samuel Samuel and Mini Caster
Harriott Ann Thomas and Sarah /
Hannah Abraham and Elizabeth Cant
Sarah William and Elizabeth Heyward
William William and Jemina Webber
Ann Daniel and Sarah Faith
Sarah James and May Mason
Harriott John and Francis Brett
Edger 1828 Samuel and Eliza Ellis
Daughter of Jeremia and Judith Ruggles
Hester Joseph and Alice Briggs
Francis son of Henry and Mary ann Frost
Thomas Thomas and Ann Clampin
Harriott Nathan and Susannah Sylvester
John John and Ann Baker
May John and Eliza Carter
Elizabeth Edward and Lucy Bull
Charles William and Jemina Webber
Harriott Ernist and Harriott Boggis
Thomas Thomas and Harriott Pettit Bunn
William James and Jemina French
Sarah Lydia John and Francis Brett
Elijah Elijah and Elizabeth Ladbrook
Charles Thomas and Sarah Newman
John John and Sarah Grant
Fredrick William and Elizabeth Ruggles
John William and Mary Smith
Joseph John and Sarah Sparks
Harriott William and Elizabeth Brown
Emma James and Elizabeth Sawyer
Charlotte 1830 Phillip and Deborah Hunt
Deborah James and Ann Weldon
Mary Ann Fredrick and Judith Ruggles
Robert Tom and Sarah Smith
William Abraham and Elizabeth Cant
William Nathan and Susannah Sylvester
Simon John and Mary Batcholar
Isabelle John and Francis Brett
Deborah Hugh and Deborah Mogle
Eliza Elijah and Elizabeth Ladbrook
Daughter of 1831 Sam and Eliza Ellis
Thomas William and Jemina Webber
Edward Edward and Lucy Bull
John Joseph Henry and Mary ann Frost
Thomas Thomas and Sarah Halls
John John and Hannah Smith
Elizabeth John and Elizabeth Sawyer
John William and Elizabeth Darley
Deborah 1832 John and Mary Roberts
Eliza John and Rhoda Norman
Elizabeth James and Rhoda Norman
Matha Susanna John and Francis Brett
Harriott William and Elizabeth Heyward
John Thomas and Mary Ann Clampin
George James and Jemina French
Mary John and Francis Brett
Caroline John and Mary Newman
Susan William and Eliza Walters
Matilda Phillip and Deborah Hunt
Henry Henry and Mary ann Frost
Joseph 1833 Mark and Sarah Croswick
Elizabeth Elijah and Elizabeth Ladbrook
Charles James and Mary Tully
Mary John and Mary Baker
William 1834 James and Elizabeth Sawyer
Harriott Edward and Lucy Bull
Joseph Abraham and Elizabeth Cant
Henry Nathan and Susannah Sylvester
John William and Jemina Webber
Henry Henry and Eliza Caster
Maria Mark and Sarah Cousens
Harriott 1835 Mary Smith
Ella George and Sarah Solamon
George Henry and Mary ann Frost
Sarah Edward and Lucy Bull
Nathan Thomas and Mary ann Clampin
Elizabeth James and Elizabeth Sawyer
William Sarah Cansdale
Son of Phillip and Deborah Hunt
Eliza Nathan and Susannah Sylvester
Emma William and Jemina Webber
William /          and Susan Manning
Charles James and Mary
Walter 1836 Abraham and Elizabeth Cant
Sarah Hugh and Mary Pettit
Christopher John and Mary Norman
George John and Ann Baker
James John and Mary Roberts
Harriott John and Mary Roberts
Sarah Edward and Lucy Bull
Maria William and Elizabeth Heyward
James Harry and Eliza Carter
Maria Dan and Mary Cadman
David Henry and Mary ann Frost
Mary Elijah and Elizabeth Ladbrook
Caroline 1837 James and Elizabeth Sawyer
William William and Mary Brace
Charles John and Mary Roberts
Henry William and Jemina Webber
Mary Ann Thomas and Mary Ann Clampin
John 1838 John and Jermima Cudeson
Joseph Phillip and Deborah Hunt
Issac Abraham and Elizabeth Cant
Ann Nathan and Susanna Sylvester
Clara William and Elizabeth Warren
Estha John and Mary Newman
Elizabeth Nathan Larkin
Jerahimia John and Ann Baker
Eliza John and Eliza Ellis
George James and Mary Hammond
James James and Elizabeth Sawyer
William 1839 Henry and Eliza Cant
George William and Jemina Webber
Peter / and / Williams
Ann John and Mary Bor/
Henry Emelia Smith died 1839 age 9m
William William and Sarah Manning
Ely Hugh and Mary Pettit
Elijah Elijah and Elizabeth Ladbrook
Matilda Sarah Boggis
Eliza Matilda Larkin
Edward Thomas and / Clampin