Surname First name Parents names/ other info Died Burried age
Ralph Eliza Samuel and Jane 23-Jul 23-Jul Infant
Ralph Sarah Samuel and Jane 02-Aug 05-Aug 16 Years
Dowsing John John and Alice 01-Nov 04-Nov Infant
Larrett James John and Susan 21-Nov 24-Nov Infant
Smy William 11-Dec 13-Dec 75 Years
Robinson James William and Mary 29-Dec 01-Jan Infant
Kerridge Samuel 12-Mar 15-Mar 47 Years
Cattermole Elizabeth Wife of Richard 22-Mar 26-Mar 44 Years
Oxer Abraham Sarah Oxer Widow 25-Apr 30-Apr 5 Years
Robinson Mary Wife of William 24-Jun 27-Jun 36 Years
Semmans Francis 26-Jun 29-Jun 25 Years
Brickles James Edward and Susanna 03-Jul 06-Jul Infant
Stannard Elizabeth wife of John 09-Aug 12-Aug 45 Years
Smy Sarah (Widow) from Watton 14-Mar 18-Mar 60 Years
Haus Jn from Nacton House 06-Jul 09-Jul 83 Years
Abbott Jemima Widow 29-Aug 31-Aug 65 Years
Cook Mary Abraham and Mary 02-Oct 05-Oct Infant
Hansell Amy Wife of James 27-Nov 30-Nov 25 Years
Brickles Susanna wife of Edward 09-Jan 13-Jan 39 Years
Pizzy Susan Wife of James 10-Feb 13-Feb 50 Years
Ralph Jane wife of Samuel 09-Mar 12-Mar 37 Years
Cook Robert Abraham and Mary 07-Apr 10-Apr Infant
Brickles Edward Nacton Work house 13-Apr 16-Apr 45 Years
Brickles James Nacton Work house 08-Apr 16-Apr Infant
Farding Elizabeth John and Elizabeth 14-May 17-May 5 1/2 Years
Fenn Mary Wife of James 17-May 19-May 39 Years
Jacobs Sarah wife of Thomas 16-Jun 19-Jun 50 Years
Jordan Harriott William and Ann 16-Jun 19-Jun Infant
Cook James Abraham and Mary 02-Jul 05-Jul Infant
Smith James David and Elizabeth 06-Jul 09-Jul Infant
Cowley Charlotte Daniel and Elizabeth 16-Jul 19-Jul Infant
Horn Mary wife of James 31-Aug 03-Sep 60 Years
Fisher Elizabeth William and Rhoda 05-Nov 13-Nov Infant
Cutting Elizabeth Samuel and ?????? 03-Dec 06-Dec Infant
Glanfield William Farmer 08-Mar 11-Mar 71 Years
Wayman Joseph Labourer 23-Mar 25-Mar 58 Years
Carr Henry Farmer 17-Apr 21-Apr 66 Years
Palmer Elizabeth Widow of Trimley st Mary 06-Jun 09-Jun 59 Years
Moots Hannah Robert and Ann 07-Jun 09-Jun Infant
Girling Elizabeth Antony and Rose 08-Oct 10-Oct 5 Years
Avis Elizabeth wife of James 09-Nov 13-Nov 27 Years
Richbill Mary Wife of Richard 02-Feb 05-Feb 57 Years
Robinson Anthomima Wife of William 01-Apr 05-Apr 24 Years
Cook Abraham Labourer 18-Apr 23-Apr 43 Years
Caley Phoebe William and Susan 28-Jun 29-Jun Infant
Fenn Robert James and Elizabeth 12-Oct 16-Oct Infant
Cooper Mary (base born) Mary Cooper Widow 11-Nov 13-Nov Infant
Clouting John John and Dorcas 20-Jan 24-Jan Infant
Masters Thomas Farmer 26-Mar 29-Mar 69 Years
Redgrave Jonathan labourer of Trimley St Mary 16-Apr 20-Apr 67 Years
Girling Elizabeth Antony and Rose 08-Jul 10-Jul Infant
Moots Ann Robert and Ann from Trimley St Mary 23-Aug 26-Aug Infant
Cornell John Joseph and Debora 05-Sep 08-Sep Infant
Woollerd Sarah J????? And Sarah of Trimley st Mary 20-Oct 24-Oct 1 Years
Woodthorpe Richard William and Dorothy 5 nov at Newmarket 12-Nov 49 Years
Blythe Susan Spinster 13-Nov 17-Nov 67 Years
Clouting Lucy John and Dorcas 15-Mar 20-Mar Infant
Clouting John Labourer 12-Apr 15-Apr 31 Years
Calver William Labourer 23-Jul 26-Jul 32 Years
Cattermole Richard Labourer 08-Aug 11-Aug 47 Years
Lillistone Elizabeth wife of Thomas of Trimley St Mary 28-Aug 30-Aug 57 Years
Cornell Robert Joseph and Debora 28-Oct 30-Oct Infant
Warner Elizabeth Wife of William of the Parish of Kirton 29-Nov 04-Dec 25 Years
Field Debora Jane wife of William from Trimley St Mary 02-Jan 08-Jan 20 Years
Glanfield Mary William and Elizabeth 02-Jan 11-Jan Infant
Glanfield John Stephen and Maria of Kirton 02-Feb Infant
Warner William William and Elizabeth 06-Feb 10-Feb Infant
Caley Daniel and James Twin sons of William and Mary 22-Feb Infant
Caley Mary Wife of William 11-Mar 40 Years
Bidden Mary James and Sarah 21-Apr 24-Apr Infant
Robinson Elizabeth William and Ann of Levington 01-May Infant
Lillistone Thomas Labourer 03-Jun 06-Jun 54 Years
Oxer John Labourer 04-Jun 07-Jun 24 Years
Jennings James Thomas and Hannah 18-Aug 21-Aug Infant
Manning George George and Hannah 04-Sep 08-Sep Infant
Masters Elizabeth Widow 27-Nov 02-Dec 61 Years
Gascoyne Cathrine Spinster 26-Dec 30-Dec 58 Years
Moots Harriott Robert and Ann 29-May 31-May Infant
Danmanl William labourer 03-Jun 06-Jun 66 Years
Jennings Robert Thomas and Hannah 09-Jul
Cook John Labourer 07-Jul 11-Jul 14 Years
Fosdike Deborah Robert late and Mary of Kirton 26-Jul 10 Years
Lillistone Thomas Mariner 18-Aug 20-Aug 24 Years
Glanfield Maria Stephen and Maria 03-Oct
Girling William Antony and Rose 23-Nov 26-Nov Infant
Noble John Farmer 29-Dec 01-Jan 66 Years
Cook Mary Widow 30-Dec 05-Jan 45 Years
Glanfield John Farmer 27-Jun 01-Jul 44 Years
Hooks James Labourer 12-Sep 14-Sep 48 Years
Topple Martha wife of Robert 23-Sep 14 Years
Horn James Carpenter of Trimley St Mary 05-Oct 67 Years
Roberts Sarah wife of Matthew 17-Dec 47 Years
Freeman Mary Wife of Charles 17-Mar 36 Years
Fletcher John Labourer 08-Sep 58 Years
Glanfield William Stephen and Maria 15-Oct Infant
Jennings Susan Thomas and Hannah 04-Oct Infant
Hearn Elizabeth Robert and Elizabeth 08-May Infant
Calver Mary Widow 12-May 32 Years
Pizzy James Labourer 20-May 63 Years
Harsum Mary (base born) Mary the wife of John Wamer 22-May 5 Years
Warner John Labourer 12-Jun 49 Years
Warner Elizabeth wife of William 28-Jun 22 Years
Fisher Edmund 08-Jul 60 Years
Lord Elizabeth Francis and Sarah 08-Nov Infant
Carr George Farmer from Walton 19-Mar ?4 Years
Warner Lucy William and Elizabeth 26-Mar Infant
Semmans James (Base Born) Joyce wife of George Serutten 29-Apr 5 Years
Girling Sarah wife of Robert 04-Jun 56 Years
Robinson Sarah William and Ann from Levington 09-Jul Infant
Cook Mary Spinster 13-Sep 56 Years
Moots Robert Labourer 21-Jan 34 Years
Jordan Charles William and Ann 22-Feb Infant
Warner Sarah John and Mary 22-Feb 7 Years
Cowley Elizabeth wife of Daniel 13-Apr 52 Years
Topple Mary Robert and Martha 16-Apr 13 Years
Knights Samuel James and Elizabeth 13-May Infant
Jennings Hannah Thomas and Hannah 10-Jun 19 Years
Jennings William Thomas and Hannah 18-Jun Infant
Cooper Mary wife of Joseph 25-Jun 65 Years
Brown Elizabeth Henry and Susan 13-Jul 10 Years
Skeet Mary Ann Simon and Sarah 29-Jul 2 Years
Skeet Sarah Simon and Sarah 28-Aug Infant
Penny Elizabeth John and Mary 18-Dec 3 Years
Rofs Mary Widow 14-Jan 23 Years
Farding Elizabeth wife of William 04-Apr 58 Years
Jordan William Farmer 14-Apr 37 Years
Turner Martha Thomas and Mary 26-May Infant
Bacon Mary Ann William and Ann 03-Jul Infant
Turner Joseph Thomas and Mary 22-Jul Infant
Knights Samuel James and Elizabeth 25-Aug Infant
Hearn Elizabeth wife of Robert 18-Sep 26 Years
Lambert Jemima Wife of John 06-Oct 70 Years
Caley Robert Bachelor a private in the West Kent Militia 16-Jan 22 Years
Cowley Maria Spinster 19-Jan 29 Years
Penny John Labourer 19-Feb 37 Years
Glanfield James from Ipswich 27-Feb 28 Years
Warner Jemima Widow 15-Mar 53 Years
Pooley Robert Robert and Mary 15-Mar 6 Years
Calver Rebecca William and Rebecca 23-Mar 3 Years
Robinson James  William and Ann from Levington 27 dec 1811 Infant Omitted to the register
Pike Elizabeth James and Maria 07-Apr Infant
Robinson Ann wife of William from Levington 08-May 35 Years
Cracknell William Labourer 18-May 52 Years
Smith David David and Elizabeth 19-May Infant
Redgrave William Labourer 23-Nov 52 Years
Knights Samuel 23-Jun Infant
Borwn Hannah 03-Sep 11 Years
Smith Elizabeth 07-May 42 Years
Cornell Sarah 22-May 4 Years
Pike James Labourer 11-Jul 29 Years
Brown James Servant 25-Dec 19 Years
Glanfield Robert 29-Jan 33 Years
Ralph Samuel 03-Feb 23 Years
Cutting Samuel 16-Apr 29 Years
Glanfield Mary Widow 09-May 75 Years
Rosbrook William 11-Jul 1 Years
Hooks Hannah 23-Aug 1 Month
Scarlett Deborah Widow 02-Nov 82 Years
Cornell Harriott 28-Dec 2 Years
Cornell John 07-Jan Infant
Turner Edward 24-Mar Infant
Warner Elizabeth Levington 19-May 26 Years
Warner Anthony Levington 24-May Infant
Hooks John 05-Aug Infant
Roberts Hannah 02-Oct 16 Years
Brady Sarah 24-Nov 35 Years
Wright Ann 09-Sep 49 Years
Cooper Joseph 29-Mar 79 Years
Hooks Jane Widow 19-Apr 53 Years
Richbill Richard 18-Oct 77 Years
Hooks Phoebe 23-Feb Infant
Pooley Mary Widow 09-May 83 Years
Cooper John 16-Jun 4 Years
Genery Henry 08-Aug Infant
Howe Mary Ann 05-Sep 27 Years
Canham Ann St Mary 19-Jan 31 Years
Forsdike Jonas St Mary 20-Feb 4 Years
Girling Robert St Mary 05-Mar 69 Years
Oxer Sarah widow 06-Apr 68 Years
Rowe Elizabeth 10 apt Infant
Hooks George 28-Jun Infant
Pain Sarah Ann 19-Sep Infant
Turner Mary 14-Dec 46 Years
Stowe 07-Jan 27 Years
Weeding Stephen Howard 18-May 23 Years
Cornell Harriott 24-May 1 3/4
Glanfield Mary St Mary 22-Jul 14 Years
Hooks Phoebe 02-Sep 26 Years
Rowe William 30-Sep 31 Years
Scarlett John Green 07-Oct Infant
Warner John 07-Oct Infant
Berry Miles 19-Feb 18 Years
Lucock Sarah Kirton 04-Mar 25 Years
Ralph Samuel St Mary 14-Mar 70 Years
Glanfield Isabella 25-May Infant
Skinner Samuel 28-May Infant
Skinner Samuel 28-Jul 28 Years
Lord Francis Harwich 30-Aug 46 Years
Sage Deborah St Mary 08-Oct 58 Years
Oxer Thomas 15-Jan 46 Years
Somes Hannah 06-Apr 27 Years
Smith Jeremiah Nacton  05-May 69 Years
Rowe William 13-Jun 70 Years
Cuddon Lydia 16-Jul 32 Years
Jones Hannah 15-Aug Infant
Lucock Deborah Hasketon 10-Sep 37 Years
Rowe Sarah 13-Sep 65 Years
Howe Mary 28-Sep 64 Years
Riches Edmund St Mary 05-Nov 72 Years
Canham Ann Widow 02-Feb 79 Years
Lucock Sarah Kirton 24-Mar 3 Years
Gorham Elizabeth 21-Aug 24 Years
Weeding John Walton          (Gent) 15-Sep 75 Years
Cornell Elizabeth Levington 02-Oct 25 Years
Gorham Sarah 03-Dec 18 Years
Foulger William 24-Mar Infant
Smith David 23-Apr 64 Years
Murrells John 19-May 50 Years
Brown Henry 03-Dec 61 Years
Cutting Samuel Trimley St Mary 12-Jan 69
Plant Nathaniel 18-Jan 65
Charrington John 11-Mar 78
Scarlett Thomas Trimley St Mary 17-Mar Infant
Robinson William Levington 12-Aug 75
Cook John Ashwell 23-Aug Infant
King Samuel 18-Jan 58
Beny Mary 28-Jan 20
Jennings Timothy 25-Feb 52
Rosbrook Sarah 13-May 54
Rosbrook John 07-Aug 63
Howe Robert Baylham 15-Dec 63
Redgrave Susan (Widow) 19-Dec 65
Versey Hannah 07-Jan 40
Collins James 17-Jan 68
Scarlett Maria 22-Jan Infant
Farthing Robert 05-Feb 90
Cooper William 22-Mar 9
Lewis James 17-Apr 29
Cook Thomas 29-Apr 8
Collins Elizabeth 19-Jun 48
Cornwell Mary Nayland 12-Jul 31
Foulger Charlotte 29-Jul 2
Cook Mary Ann 15-Oct 13
Murrells Jemima 03-Oct 51
Scarlett James 06-Nov 72
Clements Mary Ann died of small pox 21-Nov 32
Pooley Sarah 06-Feb 27
Versey Mary 15-Feb 2years 3 months
Jones Sarah Anne died March 30th 03-Apr 1 year 10 months
Ashwell Emma 08-May 7 Months
Knights George 17-May 9 Weeks
Jones Sarah 17-Jul 37
P??ny Mary 22-Oct 53
Calver William 02-Jan 55
Markham Thomas 26-Mar Infant
Brown Hannah 30-May 3 Months
Collins Mary 17-Jun 35
Paine Mary 19-Aug 81
Quinton William 11-Nov 36
Scarlett Adlaide 27-Sep 19 Weeks
Scarlett Elizabeth 11-Jun 32
Cook John 06-Jun Infant
Dorkins Penelope 06-Jun 59
Finch Henry 26-Aug Infant
Warner Elizabeth 15-Nov 49
Murrells Herbert 20-Mar Infant
Hooks Mary 10-Jun 44
Mallett Sarah Ann 17-Jun 20
Norton William 05-Oct 67
Churchman Charlotte 23-Mar Infant
Alexander Thomas 01-May 9 Months
Pooley Sarah Ann 07-May 3 Weeks
Markham William 04-Jul 9 Months
Durrant Mary Ann 05-Jul 21 Months
King Mary 20-Oct 77
Warner William 15-Nov Infant
Jones Robert 22-Nov 45
Jennings John 31-Dec 63
Ashwell Elizabeth 22-Oct Infant
Gorham Mary 05-Feb 31
Murrells Maria 25-Mar 1 Year
Hill Isaac 13-May 9 Months
Topple Robert 17-Jun 80
Warner Harriott 29-Jul 21
Gorham Rebecca 10-Nov 23
Pooley Emma Clark 10-Mar Infant
Gorham Martha 20-Aug 21
Cook Rebecca 06-Jul Infant
Murrells William 22-Nov Infant
Gorham Edward 28-Jan 63
Cowie Daniel  Trimley St Mary 04-Feb 81
Rowe Sarah 29-Apr 18
Gorham Stephen  20-May 60
Cook John Harwich 20-May 47
Firbank Sarah 25-May 71
Fenn James 27-May 70
Jennings Sarah 01-Jul 64
Topple Maria 09-Aug 18
Lewis Hannah 13-Aug 32
Sporle Betsey 23-Sep 2 Years
Fenn William 19-Jan 16 Weeks
Foulger John 20-Jan 48
Pooley Rachel Ipswich 19-Mar 40
Sampson Thomas 29-Mar 60
Jennings Miranda 31-Mar Infant
Collins Sarah 19-Apr Infant
Collins Maria 25-Jun 8
Durrant John 21-Jul 2
Churchman Charlotte Wickham Market 19-Sep
Felsted James 09-Nov 25
Cook Elizabeth 01-Dec 52
Gorham Sarah 03-Mar 62
Chenery Arthur 06-Mar 1 3/4 Years
Warner Isaac 23-Apr 2 Weeks
Foulger Elizabeth 24-May 45
Cutting Ann 12-Aug 82
Jennings Eliza 06-Sep 4
Noble Emma 19-Sep 16
Gorham Charles 21-Sep 1 1/2 Years
Jennings Mary 22-Sep 7
Jennings James 22-Sep 4 Months
Durrant Mary Ann 11-Oct 17 Months
Farthing John 17-Nov 77
Lankester James 17-Feb 3
Horn William 13-Mar Infant
Lee Elizabeth 16-Mar 14
Versey John 20-Mar 56
Newman Isaac 25-Apr 43
Cook John 18-May Infant
Murrells Eliza 19-May 2
Crisp Hannah 24-May 66
Sherman Jemima 30-May 7
Whymark George 01-Jun 74
Shorle John 26-Jul Infant
Warner Sarah Ann 27-Oct Infant
Rushbrook Robert 12-Dec 11
Jennings Walter 02-Jan 1
Pooley James 11-Mar 8 Months
Ashwell Robert 27-Apr 17
Cook Elizabeth 07-Jun 24
Dawson Caroline 06-Sep 1
Alexander Henry 16-Sep 6 Months
Warner Mary Ann 16-Sep 28
Warner Nathan 25-Sep 5 Weeks
Markham Elijah 15-Oct 7 Months
Pooley James 18-Oct 9 Weeks
Gorham John 01-Nov 53
Weeding Phillis Grundisburgh Suffolk 09-Nov 84
Smith Edward 31-Dec 3 Days
Cobbold John Blakenham Suffolk 09-Mar 32
Noble James 18-Jun 17
Durrant Elizabeth 25-Jun 2
Wilkin Eliza Walton Suffolk 15-Jul 39
Brown Susan 30-Jul 76
Howell James 08-Sep 6 Months
Newman Mary Ann Kirton Suffolk 25-Sep 10
Game Robert 15-Oct 55
Newman Rebecca 15-Nov 17
Fenn Mary 23-Nov 20
Jennings David 28-Nov 1 year 3 Weeks
Noble Emma 30-Nov 11
Warner Daniel 30-Nov 5
Noble Elizabeth 05-Dec 40
Noble Emma 05-Dec 1 Months
Newman Eliza 06-Dec 9
Gorham William 13-Dec 26
Chainery John 29-Dec 32
Berry Eliza 26-Jan 28
Jennings Emma 22-Feb 14
Candler Ann 24-Feb 80
Pooley James 12-Mar 5 Months
Woods Alfred 15-Mar 23
Warner George 05-May 1 year 10 Months
Wink Mary 26-Jul 20
Gorham Adlaide Trimley St Mary 29-Sep 5 years 8 months
Gorham Ellen Trimley St Mary 29-Sep 3 Months
Noble Charles 28-Nov 12
Downing Hannah 25-Dec 63
Lewis Charles 05-Jan 18
Mallett Sarah 09-Jan 18 Months
Mallett Martha 09-Feb 57
Plant Nathanial 12-Feb 38
Last George 18-Feb 1 year 5 months
Mallett George 13-Apr 6 Months
Ellis William 17-Apr 24
Ellis Harriott 21-May 2
Glanfield John 04-Sep 16 Months
Farmley Thomas 26-Oct 77
Noble George 12-Nov 4
Austin William 01-Mar 33
Gorham John 23-Aug 1 1/2 Years
Glanfield John St Margarets Ipswich 28-Sep 31
Page Susannah 27-Oct 3
Berry George 27-Dec 6 Months
Farthing Jane 17-Jan 79
Ashwell Ann 28-Feb 5 Weeks
Mayes William 28-Feb 8 Months
King Eliza 12-Mar 32
Gorham Maria Trimley St Mary 18-Mar 36
Smith Cathrine 01-Apr 8 Months
Warner Sarah 04-Apr 5
Calver Rebecca 18-Apr 69
Wilkin Mary Walton Suffolk 19-Apr 17
Smith Sarah Trimley St Mary 14-May 60
Sampson William Trimley St Mary 20-May 13 Months
Howell Harriott 13-Jun 6 Months
Newman Isaac 11-Jul 24
Farmley Eliza 30-Jul 15
Noble John 10-Aug 16
Cowey Lucy 12-Oct 22
Jennings Thomas 27-Jan 77
Glanfield Ann 14-Feb 80
Sampson Elizabeth Trimley St Mary 02-Apr 75
Riches George 12-Apr 62
Finney Caroline 13-Aug 35
Skeet Sarah 27-Aug 26
Chenery William 05-Oct 3 Weeks
Rivers Ann St Stephens Ipswich 07-Oct 64
Skeet George 12-Nov 6 Months
Cockle George 02-Feb 71
Lillingstone Lucy 11-Feb 36
Downing John 11-Feb 71
Markham James 23-Mar 58
Ellis John 01-Apr 57
Cook Walter 29-May 1 Year 9 Months
Fenn Elizabeth 03-Jun 76
Lankester Elizabeth 04-Jul 81
Durrant Sarah Ann Bucklesham 29-Jul 1
Quinton William 04-Sep 2
Durrant Martha 26-Sep 70
Thurlow Agnes 12-Oct 11
Plant Mary 16-Oct 84
Warner Elizabeth 30-Oct 79
Bedpift Hannah 04-Apr 17 Months
Jennings Mary Trimley St Mary 25-May 82
Fenn Mary Trimley St Mary 26-May 45
Ward Sarah St Mary Key Ipswich 18-Aug 32
Warner Charles 12-Sep 10
Lambert Sarah 24-Oct 60
Lankester James 03-Nov 83
Cook Abraham 10-Dec 62
Cobbold Cathrine Brighton Sussex 26-Dec 12
Rouse John Killed from a kick by a horse 30-Apr 12
Warner William 25-May 76
Knights Mary 17-Jun 3
Austin Robert 05-Sep 80
Wright Agnes 09-Sep 3
Wright Alice 23-Sep 10 Weeks
Glanfield Ellen 29-May 15 Weeks
Fenn John Trimley St Mary 05-Jun 44
Forham Sarah Ann 22-Sep 27
Newman George 09-Oct 25
Knights Samuel 04-Nov 65
Block Mary 18-Dec 67
Mayes John 08-Jan 65
Mallett James Trimley St Mary 15-Jan 75
Collins Hannah 19-Feb 9 Months
Lankester Robert This man Committed suicide by cutting his throat 30-Apr 48
Lankester George 20-Aug 3
Mallett Laura 03-Jan 1
Dawson Maria 04-Jan 8
Pitt Hannah 25-Mar 76
Ashwell Elizabeth 13-Apr 53
Carr Mary Ann 22-Apr 21
Collins Ann 16-May 42
Forsdike John St Clements Ipswich 06-Jul 11
Cook Maria 09-Sep 14
Brown James 02-Dec 21
Pooley Mary Walton Suffolk 03-Feb 89
Lewis Francis 02-Mar 92
Warner Sarah 10-Jul 38
Cook Rebecca 10-Nov 64
Hockley Cathrine 11-Jan 1 1/2
Knights David 24-May 24
Jennings James 27-May 10
Finney George Nacton Work house 24-Aug 65
Warner John 27-Aug 77
Hughs Mary Ann St Peters Ipswich 01-Sep 16 Months
Smith Emily Hasketon 14-Sep 1
Glanfield Gemmima 27-Sep 49
Smith Emma Hasketon 06-Jan 31
Plant Henry 20-Jan 69
Cowie Ellen 14-Feb 18 Months
Emmerson John 14-Mar 85
Warner Daniel 28-Apr 7 Weeks
Lewis Sarah St Clements Ipswich 06-May 84
Todd Lucy 16-May 5 Months
Todd Samuel 25-Jul 8 Months
Jolly James 03-Oct 88
Sparrow Lyall Ward 10-Oct 62
Cockle Mary Ann Walton Suffolk 04-Dec 79
Lankester Lucy Died from suffocation in a flour bin 24-Aug 20
Hubbard Ruth 11-Sep Infant
Horn Maria 19-Oct 40
Collins Arthur 06-Nov 3
Cobbold Sarah 06-Jan 69
Glanfield Stephen 13-Jan 82
Cobbold George 10-Mar 73
Cooper Thomas 18-Mar 79
Jennings Mary 10-Apr 58
Hockley Henry 11-Apr 78
Mayes Elijah 10-Jun 8 Months
?a??ley Emily 09-Nov 32
Jennings Elizabeth 20-Jan 87
Dawson William 20-May 30
Sampson Hannah 16-Jul 20
Glanfield Mary Ann 18-Sep 16 Months
Hockley James 03-Dec 46
Cowey Henry 19-Jan 20 Months
Gorham Susan 23-Apr 81
Turtle Rebecca 06-Jul 60
Florey Charlotte 02-Oct 56
Blyth John 04-Dec 67
Gorham Eliza 15-Mar 4 Months
Williams John 28-Apr 88
Lillistone 10-May 19
Collins Eliza 25-Jun Infant
Knights Mary Ann 28-Jun 6
Glanfield Mary 30-Jun 60
Girt William 12-Aug 47
Newman Ann Harwich 16-Aug 62
Deacon John 20-Aug 16
Collins Walter 20-Sep 6 Months
Finch George 22-Sep 2 Months
Warner Mary 24-Oct 84
Jennings Charles 12-Nov 8
Chenery Harriott 20-Nov 19
Cook Hannah 07-Jan 67
Alexander Alfred 31-Jan 17 Months
Dawson John 02-Mar 76
Mayes Martha 02-Mar 79
Collins Walter 03-Mar 19
King Ellen 14-Apr 6
Finch Mary 14-Apr 20 Months
Last Henrietta 19-Apr 19
Finch Sarah 01-May 4
Redg???? William 14-May 76
Self Eliza Woodbridge 29-Sep 25
Gert George 18-Nov 5
Hughs Maria 08-Jan 37
Skeet Simon 16-Jan 85
Cook Kate 06-Jul 1 year 7 months
Ramsey Martha 20-Aug 9 Months
Knights Sarah 19-Sep 71
Alexander Harriott 14-Jan 8 Months
Gorham Harriott Stratton 13-Feb 45
Glanfield Thomas 05-Mar 55
Whymark Abigail 01-Apr 84
Knights William 04-Apr 11 Months
Sherman Samuel 15-Apr 79
Downing Mary 28-Jun 9 Days
Cook William 05-Sep 73
Rushbrook Thomas Kirton Suffolk 30-Nov 59
Sampson Thomas 03-Apr 23
Gorham William 23-May 11 Days
Jennings William 31-May 30
Last Mary 31-May 3
Jennings Eliza 07-Aug 62
Collins Emma 22-Sep 6 Months
Hockley Ann Nacton Work house 20-Oct 84
Cooper Mary 13-Nov 84
Gort George 01-Jul 2
Gorham Sarah 28-Aug 77
Warner John 02-Dec 58
Brown Jonathan 10-Jan 45
Gort Agnes 21-Mar 2
Bloomfield Mary 26-Mar 77
Gorham Emma 11-Apr 14
Brown Ann Nacton Work house 23-May 74
Cook Maria 04-Jun 41
Mayes James 22-Aug 14
Riches Rebecca 18-Oct 85
Dawson Amy 13-Dec 84
Newman Cathrine 03-Feb 31
Fenn Simon 24-Apr 69
Glanfield Henry 06-May 19
Cowie Alice 12-May 6 Months
Durrant John Melton Asylum 02-Sep 61
Cook Thomas 04-Sep 6 Months
Warner William 18-Sep 1 year 5 Months
Williams John 15-Dec 60
Hayward Edward 15-Jul 51
Dixon George 19-Jul 34
Gort John 25-Aug 1 Year
Youngs Mary Ann 04-Jan 25
Glanfield Stephen 07-Apr 32
Gorham Stephen 19-May 26
Fenn Hannah 15-Sep 53
Cook Martha 19-Sep 63
Warner Alice 14-Feb 15 Months
Forsdike Robert 16-Feb 22 Months
Cobbold Henry 12-Apr 59
Durrant Lucy Kirton 01-Apr 67
Blyth Mary St Matthews Ipswich 15-Apr 84
Day Elizabeth Walton Suffolk 31-Oct 76
Head John 14-Feb 93
Gorham Sarah 17-Mar 26
Finch Mary 22-Mar 60
Glanfield Ann 09-Apr 67
Mallett John 23-May 62
Friend Herbert 24-Jul 3
Finch John 12-Aug 69
Gort William 06-Oct 13 Months
Glanfield Ann 06-Dec 89
Redg???? Mary Ann 04-Feb 55
Cooper Harriott 07-Feb 77
Alexander Harriott 16-Feb 1 Year
Gorham Charles 21-Feb 9 Weeks
Jennings John 10-Mar 14 Months
Payne John 02-Apr 80
Last William 24-Apr 81
Marshall Susannah 03-Aug 61
Head Mary 24-Sep 79
Jennings Emma 12-Oct 41
Newman John 12-Oct 53
Warner William 26-Oct 65
Cook William 25-Feb 16 Weeks
Cook Wallace 07-Mar 16 Months
Williams Rebecca 12-Apr 88 Years
Collins John 15-Apr 86
Williams William Felixstowe 10-May 56
Murrells Alice 27-May 19 Months
Last George 03-Jun 10 Months
Brown James 12-Jul 10 Years
Noble John 14-Oct 78
Noble Elizabeth 07-Nov 83
Clements Helen 31-Jan 2 Years
Founger Isaac 19-Apr 5 Years
Alexander John 18-Aug 75
Founger Walter 29-Sep 3 Years
Flory William 09-Nov 82
Sampson Thomas 10-Nov 66
Churchyard Frederick Trimley St Mary 12-Jan 3
Lambert Ada 19-Jan 1 year 8 months
Playford Florance 18-Feb 22 Months
Jennings Charles Trimley St Mary 02-Mar 11 Years
Cook James 13-Mar 75
Ashwell James 01-May 85
Ashwell William Shotley 01-May 57
Jennings Kate Trimley St Mary 15-Jun 4
Mallett John 01-Aug 27
Collins John 13-Aug 57
Jennings James 11-Sep 79
Alexander Sarah 23-Nov 1 Year
Mayes Harry 30-Nov 2 Years
Lillistone Edgar 03-Dec 32
Forsdike Matilda 14-Dec 1 3/4 years
Knights Edward 30-Dec 25
Brown Lucy 01-Feb 8 Months
Lankester William 05-Feb 38 Years
Newman John 22-Mar 79
Gorham Ellen 25-Apr 2
Jennings Charles 15-Jul 2
Cresswell Mary Ann 03-Oct 5 Months
Gould Jane 24-Oct 29 Years
Knights Samuel 21-Jan 65
Ellis Harriott 06-Feb 82
Gorham Emma 13-Apr 19
Churchman Horace 17-Jun 16 Months
Gorham Alice 31-Jul 2 Weeks
Knights Eliza 11-Aug 32
Knights Sidney Trimley St Mary 13-Jan 5 Years
Redg???? Hannah 10-Feb 81
Cresswell William 11-Feb 2 Months
Lankester Walter 13-Feb 12 Years
Lankester George 24-Feb 3
Murrells Frederick 07-Aug 1 year 11 Months
Cook Henretta 14-Nov 27 Years
Lankester John 29-Nov 75
Finbow Helen 08-Dec 7 Months
Chenery Harriott 10-Dec 8 Months
Rushbrook Alice 05-Mar 3 Years
Morsley Horace 21-Apr 14 Months
Warner Mary Ann Trimley St Mary 17-May 66 Years
Gorham Sarah Ann 14-Jun 37
Cook Sarah 03-Aug 13
Rushbrook Isaac 12-Aug 40
Gorham Sarah 03-Oct 62
Brown Emma 02-Mar 9 Months
Forsdike Alice 19-Jul 13 Months
Warner Lucy 15-Sep 70
Murrells Frances 17-Sep 2 1/2 Years
Chenery John 21-Sep 44
Fenn Mary 27-Sep 82
Rushbrook Elizabeth 16-Oct 78
Jennings Ambrose 02-Nov 80
Lee David 02-Nov 49
Cowie David 19-Dec 56
Gould William 08-Jan 8 Years
Warner Martha 28-Feb 70
Last Mary Ann 02-Apr 50
Foulger John 09-Apr 31
Durrant Charles 15-Jul 4 Months
Godfrey John 25-Jul 7 Months
Forsdike Matilda 23-Aug 20 Months
Rushbrook Alfred 06-Sep 52 Years
Morsley William 05-Jan 15 Months
Lillistone Ellen Foghall 24-Jan 7 Months
Shinger Lucy 03-Feb 4 Years
Gorham Frederick 04-Feb 15 Months
Alexander Ann 05-Feb 82
Pettitt Frederick 07-Feb 8 Months
Newman Mary 27-Feb 84
Forsdike Alfred 27-Feb 11 Months
Murrells William 21-Mar 76
Williams Sarah Ipswich 10-May 73
Collins Hannah 21-May 55
Alexander Rebecca 22-Oct 46
Rushbrook Jeremiah 06-Dec 84
Mayes Emily 06-Jan 10 Months
Gorham Esther 17-Feb 7 Years
Farnley Peggy 13-Apr 86
Sharman Rebecca 02-Jun 79
Collins James 22-Jun 68
Gorham Margaret 29-Jun 21
Gorham Walker 13-Sep 4
Last Albert 19-Oct 45
Jennings Cathrine 24-Nov 33
Gorham Harry 02-Dec 2
Last Maria 03-Dec 47
Dawson Elizabeth 10-Dec 2
Palmer Thomas Justice of the peace 14-Dec 60
Forsdike Horace Trimley St Mary 02-Feb Infant
Brown Burton 18-Feb 79
Pettitt James 08-Mar Infant
Clements Florance 10-Jun 6
Riches George 09-Jul 72
Gosling Maria Corroners Order 27-Aug 75
Lillistone John Levington 16-Sep 77
Kerry Herbert Trimley St Mary 26-Nov 19 Months
Warner William Felixstowe 26-Dec 73
Mayes Emma 03-Feb 69
Glanfield Robert 10-Oct 84
Gorham Mary Ann 17-Oct 50
Warner William 30-Oct 77
Monks Mary Trimley St Mary 24-Dec 72
Davey Violet 23-Jan 8 Months
Seagon William 07-Feb 63
Skeat George 13-Feb 10 Months
Cobbold Horace Capel Hall 08-Mar 66
Forsdike Alice Lower Street 15-Mar 2 Years
Gosling John Walton Suffolk 17-May 75
Gorham Edward 16-Aug 56
Mallett Rebecca 19-Aug 73
Last Ann Grimston Hall 05-Nov 82
Warner William 19-Nov 53
Cresswell William 07-Dec 80
Newman Elizabeth 11-Dec 77
Morsley Charles 17-Jan 2
Founger Robert 18-Jan 23
Smith Hannah 22-Feb 88
Last Percy Trimley St Mary 27-Feb 3 Months
Collins Barnabas 27-Feb 71
Smith Thomas Trimley St Mary 22-Mar 86
L???ett Charles 16-Apr 10 Months
Knights Mary 27-Jun 21 Months
Glanfield Sarah Corroners Order 03-Dec 73
Gorham William Trimley St Mary 11-Jan 79
Giles John 14-Jan 67
Markham Arthur no date 3 Months
K??????? Maggie 25-Feb 8 Months
Lummis Henry 22-Apr 12 Years
Jennings Robert 22-Jan 85
Cresswell Martha 02-Mar 73
Rouse Florance 23-May 4 Months
Knights Sarah Trimley St Mary 07-Jun 41 Years
Kerry Grace Trimley St Mary 17-Aug 8 Months
Rushbrook Emily 18-Aug 8 Years
Knights Anna 01-Sep 75
Young Mabel 19-Sep 16 Months
Young Eleanor 25-Sep 3 Years
Morsley Rose 09-Nov 5 Months
Gorham Susannah 21-Dec 69 Years
Redgrave William 18-Jan 71
Cobbold Louisa Lowestoft 12-Apr 80
Gorham George 25-Jun 72
Warner Eliza 07-Sep 82
Brown Lucy 31-Jan 83
Warner Daniel 24-Feb 77
Skeet John 15-Mar 6 Months
Dawson Alice Trimley St Mary 27-Mar 35 Years
Pooley John 10-Apr 74
Nicholls Floe 31-May 14
Ellis Hannah 20-Aug 66
Newman Eric Trimley St Mary 02-Sep 2 Months
Lillistone Wilhelmina 19-Oct 77
Moyes James 06-Nov 73
Gorham Harry 23-Jan 10 Months
Collins Charlotte 04-Feb 78
Knights Florance 13-Apr 1 year 9 months
Cook Mary Ann 25-Apr 75
Gorham Cathrine Nacton  02-May 74
Seagon Thomas Melton  02-May 36
Lankester Mary Ann 20-Jul 83
Moyes George 05-Oct 3 Days
Moyes William 27-Nov 2 Years
King William 28-Nov 84
Sharman Anthony 26-Dec 86
Forsdike Eliza 23-Jan 47
Forsdike Alice 10-Feb 16
Collins Henry 20-Feb 7
Scott Harry 20-Mar 16 Days
Scott Lily 24-Mar 24 Days
Dawson Deborah 23-Apr 73
Jennings Eleanor 26-Apr 77
Jennings George 16-Jun 31
Gorham Stephen 22-Aug 76
Mayes Jeremiah 27-Oct 80
Lillistone George 23-Nov 84
Chenery Agnes 21-Jan 2 Months
Thurston Thomas 30-Mar 1 Day
Office Amelia 20-Apr 16 Years
Williams Mary Ann Keymer 11-May 76
Jacob Mary 24-May 57
Jennings Mary Ann 16-Jun 54
Leggett Jeremiah 26-Jul 73
Skeet Charles 11-Aug 77
Newman Elsie 23-Sep 7 Months
Lauea???? John 21-Dec 63
Thurston George 06-Jan 1 Hour
Knights James 08-Jan 76 Years
Barham Walter 15-Jan 8 Months
Pooley Emma 26-Mar 74 Years
Cowie Emma 19-Apr 68
Giles Isaac 26-May 71
Warner Isaac 24-Aug 82
Rushbrook Ellen 14-Oct 35
Knights Emma 15-Nov 70
Last Sarah 15-Dec 64
Glanfield James 06-Jan 86
Warner Alice 12-Jan 7 Years
Churchyard William Kirton 24-Mar 87
Newman Harry 27-Mar 15 Months
Alexander John 31-Mar 57
Crawford Alice 14-Apr 20