1.  Joseph Woodhouse, b. 1807 in Kelling Norfolk, d. 1892 in Durham.  He married Hannah Dunnet, married 12 Oct 1828 in Kelling Norfolk, b. 1807 in Claxton Suffolk, d. 1879 in Kelling Norfolk.


            2.       i      Robert Woodhouse b. 1840.

                      ii     James Woodhouse, b. 1829 in Kelling Norfolk, census 1841 in not on the 1851 census.

            3.       iii     Joseph Woodhouse b. 1830.

            4.       iv    William Woodhouse b. 1833.

            5.       v     Margaret Woodhouse b. 1835.

                      vi    John Woodhouse, b. 1837 in Kelling Norfolk, census 1841 to 1861 in not on the 1871 census.

                      vii    Mary Woodhouse, b. 1839 in Kelling Norfolk, census in not on 1861 census.

            6.       viii   Elizabeth Woodhouse b. 1843.

                      ix    Hannah Woodhouse, b. 1846 in Kelling Norfolk.

            7.       x     Jeremiah Woodhouse b. 1848.

                      xi    Maria Woodhouse, b. 1850 in Kelling Norfolk.


Second Generation


2.  Robert Woodhouse, b. 1840 in Kelling Norfolk.  He married Elizabeth, married 12 Jan 1860 in Hembsy Norflok, b. 1844 in Holt Norfolk.


            8.       i      Sarah Ann Agnes Woodhouse b. 1879. Photo of Sarah Ann

                      ii     Robert Woodhouse, b. 1867 in Holt Norfolk.

                      iii     John J Woodhouse, b. 1870 in Holt Norfolk.

                      iv    Frederick C Woodhouse, b. 1872 in Holt Norfolk.

                      v     Walter J Woodhouse, b. 1874 in Holt Norfolk.

                      vi    Hannah E Woodhouse, b. 1876 in Holt Norfolk.

                      vii    Mariah G Woodhouse, b. 1881 in Holt Norfolk.

                      viii   Gertrude Woodhouse, b. 1882 in Holt Norfolk.

                      ix    John J Woodhouse.

                      x     William Woodhouse, b. 1863 in Holt Norfolk.


3.  Joseph Woodhouse, b. 1830 in Kelling Norfolk.  He married Elizabeth Bridges, married 1852 in Norfolk, b. 1826 in Salthouse Norfolk, d. 1897 in Tynemouth.


                      i      William Woodhouse, b. 1854 in Salthouse Norfolk.

                      ii     James Woodhouse, b. 1856 in Salthouse Norfolk.

                      iii     Robert Woodhouse, b. 1858 in Salthouse Norfolk.

                      iv    Louisa Woodhouse, b. 1865 in Salthouse Norfolk.  She married George Atkinson, married 1900 in Tynemouth, b. 1863 in Walker Northumberland, occupation 1901 Coal Miner.


4.  William Woodhouse, b. 1833 in Kelling Norfolk.  He married Elizabeth Strike, married 1851 in Norfolk, b. 1831 in Briston Norfolk.


                      i      James Woodhouse, b. 1852 in Kelling Norfolk.

                      ii     Walter Woodhouse, b. 1854 in Kelling Norfolk.

                      iii     Robert Woodhouse, b. 1856 in Kelling Norfolk.

                      iv    Emma Woodhouse, b. 1858 in Kelling Norfolk.

                      v     Mary Ann Woodhouse, b. 1864 in Kelling Norfolk.

                      vi    William Woodhouse, b. 1866 in Kelling Norfolk.

                      vii    Francis Woodhouse, b. 1869 in Kelling Norfolk.

                      viii   Herbert Woodhouse, b. 1873 in Kelling Norfolk.


5.  Margaret Woodhouse, b. 1835 in Kelling Norfolk, d. 1899 in Norfolk, census 1881 in Norfolk.  She married Robert Abbs, married 1856 in Norfolk, b. 1835 in Aylmerton Norfolk, (son of Charles Abbs and Mary).


                      i      Robert Abbs, b. 1857 in Kelling Norfolk.

                      ii     Elizabeth Abbs, b. 1858 in Kelling Norfolk.

                      iii     Frank Abbs, b. 1860 in Kelling Norfolk.

                      iv    William Abbs, b. 1864 in Runton Norfolk.

                      v     Charles Abbs, b. 1869 in Runton Norfolk.

            9.       vi    Anna Abbs b. 1875.


6.  Elizabeth Woodhouse, b. 1843 in Kelling Norfolk.  She married Robert Chapman, married 1862 in Kelling Norfolk, b. 1837 in Kelling Norfolk, census 1881 in Hedworth Monkton and Jarrow,  Durham, census 1891.


                      i      Mary Ann Chapman, b. 1865 in Kelling Norfolk.

                      ii     Robert Chapman, b. 1867 in Kelling Norfolk.


7.  Jeremiah Woodhouse, b. 1848 in Kelling Norfolk.  He married Margaret, married 1872, b. 1854 in Scotland.


                      i      Joseph Woodhouse, b. 1873 in Jarrow Durham.

                      ii     William Woodhouse, b. 1877 in Jarrow Durham.

                      iii     James Woodhouse, b. 1879 in Jarrow Durham.

                      iv    Rosemary Woodhouse, b. 1880 in Jarrow Durham.

            10.     v     Connie Woodhouse b. 1881.

                      vi    Margaret Woodhouse, b. 1883 in Jarrow Durham, census 1901 in living with connie in Jarrow Durham.

                      vii    Hannah Woodhouse, b. 1886 in Jarrow Durham, census 1901 in living with connie in Jarrow Durham.


Third Generation


8.  Sarah Ann Agnes Woodhouse, b. 1879 in Holt Norfolk, d. 1940 in Lowestoft, buried 17 Oct 1940 in Kirkley Lowestoft.  She married Bertram P A Chapman, married 1901 in Norwich, b. 1880 in Norwich, (son of William Chapman Alias Cooke and Eleanor).


                      i      Frank Chapman.

                      ii     Reginald Chapman, d. FEB 1933 in Lowestoft Suffolk, buried 18 Feb 1933 in Lowestoft Suffolk.

                      iii     Robert Chapman.

                      iv    Sophie Chapman.

                      v     Lilly Chapman. 1915 Lowestoft

                      vi    Agnes Chapman.

                      vii    Millicent Chapman, b. 1915 in Lowestoft Suffolk, d. MAR 1916 in Lowestoft Suffolk.

            11.     viii   Percy Arthur Chapman b. 1903.


9.  Anna Abbs, b. 1875 in Runton Norfolk.  She married Charles Adams, married 1896 in Norfolk, b. 1833 in Kelling Norfolk.


                      i      Charles Adams, b. 1897 in East Runton Norfolk.

                      ii     Margaret Adams, b. 1898 in East Runton Norfolk.

                      iii     Annie Adams, b. 1900 in East Runton Norfolk.

                      iv    Elsie Adams, b. 1901 in East Runton Norfolk.


10.  Connie Woodhouse, b. 1881 in Jarrow Durham.  She married James Margham, married 1889 in Jarrow Durham, b. 1879 in Walker Northumberland.


                      i      James H Margham, b. 1900 in Jarrow Durham.


Fourth Generation


11.  Percy Arthur Chapman, b. 1903 in Lowestoft Suffolk, d. 1974 in Lowestoft Suffolk.  He married Kathleen Green, married 13 Aug 1927 in Lowestoft Suffolk, b. 23 July 1909 in 33 Stanford Street Lowestoft Suffolk, (daughter of Harry D. GREEN and Rose Jennings) d. 5 April 2004 in Norwich Norfolk.


                      i      Rodney Chapman, b. 1938 in 80 Long Road Lowestoft, d. 21 Jan 2002 in Leicester.

                      Ii    Derrick Percy Harry Chapman, b. 28  Feb 1928 in Lowestoft, d. 4 Mar 2003 in Chelmsford.