1.  William Bateman.  He married Mary Potter, married 2 Feb 1790, b. 1769 in Chappel, (daughter of Samuel Potter and Mary) d. 1796 in Chappel, buried: 10 Jan 1796 in Chappel.


            2.       i      Mary Bateman.

                      ii     Samuel Bateman, b. 1790 in Chappel, d. 1792 in Chappel, buried: 2 SEPT 1792 in Chappel.

                      iii     Samuel Bateman, b. 1792 in Chappel.

                      iv    Hannah Bateman.  She married John Rutledge, married 11 Oct 1786 in Chappel, b. in Gt Tey.

                      v     William Bateman.


Second Generation


2.  Mary Bateman.  She married William Smith, married 13 May 1813 in Wakes Colne, b. 1785, d. 1840 in Wakes Colne, buried: 2 Feb 1840 in Wakes Colne.  Mary died 1859 in Mount Bures, buried: 6 MARCH 1859 in Wakes Colne.


            3.       i      James (Joseph) Smith b. 1815.

                      ii     Mary Smith, b. 1816 in Mount Bures.  She married (1) James Whybrow, married 1845 in Wakes Colne, (son of William Whybrow). She married (2) Thomas Walsh, married 3 May 1857 in Wakes Colne.

            4.       iii     William Smith b. 1821.

            5.       iv    John Smith b. 1828.

            6.       v     Phillip Smith b. 1834.

                      vi    Harriot Smith, b. 1835 in Mount Bures.


Third Generation


3.  James (Joseph) Smith, b. 1815 in Mount Bures.  He married Elizabeth, married ABT 1849, b. 1829 in White Colne, d. 1891 in Wakes Colne, buried: 1891 in White Colne.  James died 1888 in Wakes Colne, buried: 1888 in Wakes Colne.


                      i      John Smith, b. 1849 in Wakes Colne, d. 1863 in Wakes Colne, buried: 1863 in Wakes Colne.

                      ii     Sarah Smith, b. 1853 in Wakes Colne.

                      iii     Walter Smith, b. 1872 in Wakes Colne.


4.  William Smith, b. 1821 in Mount Bures.  He married Jemima Patten, married 7 Nov 1843 in Wakes Colne, (daughter of William Patten and Sarah Honeyball). William died 1877 in Wakes Colne.


                      i      Rhoda Smith, b. 1860 in Wakes Colne.  She married Henry Chaplin, married 25 Dec 1883 in Wakes Colne, (son of Alfred Chaplin and Caroline Bartholmew).

            7.       ii     Elijah Smith b. 1861.

                      iii     Emily Smith, b. 1864 in Wakes Colne.  She married Eli Sibley, married 8 Nov 1884 in Wakes Colne, b. 1860 in Feering, (son of Epharam Sibley).


5.  John Smith, b. 1828 in Mount Bures.  He married Sarah, married ABT 1860, b. 1833 in Chavening Kent.


            8.       i      Charles B Smith b. 1861.

                      ii     Mary A Smith, b. 1863 in Great Tey.

                      iii     Henry James Smith, b. 1865 in Great Tey.

                      iv    John Edwin Smith, b. 1866 in Great Tey.

                      v     Albert Smith, b. 1870 in Great Tey.

                      vi    Harriett Jessie Smith, b. 1872 in Great Tey.


6.  Phillip Smith, b. 1834 in Mount Bures.  He married Mary Ann Clampin, married 27 Nov 1857 in Mount Bures, b. 1838 in Mount Bures, (daughter of Thomas Clampin and Mary Ann Bland). Phillip died 1878 in Mount Bures.


                      i      Edward Smith, b. 1859 in Mount Bures.

                      ii     Alice Smith, b. 1860 in Mount Bures, d. 1860 in Mount Bures, buried: 1860 in Mount Bures.

            9.       iii     Harry Smith b. 1863.

                      iv    Frank Smith, b. 1864 in Mount Bures.

                      v     Kate Smith, b. 1869 in Mount Bures.

                      vi    Ellen Smith, b. 1871 in Mount Bures.

                      vii    Emily Jane Smith, b. 1873 in Mount Bures, d. 1874 in Mount Bures, buried: 1874 in Mount Bures.

            10.     viii   Arthur Smith b. 1873.

                      ix    Ada Smith, b. 1876 in Mount Bures.


Fourth Generation


7.  Elijah Smith, b. 1861 in Wakes Colne.  He married Caroline Chaplin, married 25 Dec 1889 in Wakes Colne, b. 1865 in Wakes Colne, (daughter of Alfred Chaplin and Caroline Bartholmew).


                      i      Annie M Smith, b. 1892 in Wakes Colne.

                      ii     Edith C Smith, b. 1893 in Wakes Colne.

                      iii     Alice K Smith, b. 1894 in Wakes Colne.

                      iv    Minnie I Smith, b. 1898 in Wakes Colne.

                      v     Frederick E Smith, b. 1900 in Wakes Colne.


8.  Charles B Smith, b. 1861 in Peldon.  He married Ellen, married ABT 1883 in Great Tey, b. 1862 in Great Tey.


                      i      Percy Smith, b. 1884 in Wakes Colne.

                      ii     Arthur Smith, b. 1888 in Wakes Colne.

                      iii     Cecil Smith, b. 1892 in Wakes Colne.

                      iv    John Smith, b. 1896 in Wakes Colne.


9.  Harry Smith, b. 1863 in Mount Bures.  He married Mary W, married ABT 1886.


                      i      Harry E Smith, b. 1887 in Wakes Colne.

                      ii     William G A Smith, b. 1891 in Wakes Colne.


10.  Arthur Smith, b. 1873 in Mount Bures Essex.  He married Matilda Chaplin, b. 1879 in Mount Bures, (daughter of Albert Chaplin and Rhoda Walsh) d. 1942 in Writtle, buried: 10 Aug 1942 in Writtle.  Arthur died 1952 in Writtle, buried: 25 Aug 1952 in Writtle.


                      i      Edith Ada Smith, b. 1900 in Mount Bures.

            11.     ii     Elsie May Smith b. 3 May 1910.


Fifth Generation


11.  Elsie May Smith, b. 3 May 1910 in Writtle.  She married Sidney George Harvey, married 27 JUNE 1928 in Writtle, b. 23 JUNE 1903 in Chelmsford, (son of Arthur J Harvey and Ada Wilsher) d. 21 Oct 1974 in Writtle.  Elsie died 21 Jan 1984 in Writtle.