1.  William Cooke, b. ABT 1778.  He married Phebe Leader, married 26 Dec 1798 in Tibenham Norfolk.


                      i      Mary Cooke, b. 1799 in Tibenham Norfolk.

            2.       ii     James Chapman Alias Cooke b. 17 Dec 1800.

                      iii     John Cooke, b. 1806.


Second Generation


     James Chapman Alias Cooke, b. 17 Dec 1800 in Banham Norfolk.  He married Susan Carter, married 16 Aug 1829 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England, b. 1808 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. Source information for marriage cosford database.


1881 Household:


 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability

 Susan CHAPMAN   Head   W   Female   73   Lavenham, Suffolk, England       

 Emma CHAPMAN   Daur   U   Female   33   Norwich, Norfolk, England   Schoolmistress    


Source Information:

  Dwelling   18 William Street

  Census Place Heigham, Norfolk, England

  Family History Library Film   1341470

  Public Records Office Reference   RG11

  Piece / Folio   1951 / 76

  Page Number   15




                      i      John Chapman Alias Cooke, b. 1830 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England.

                      ii     Mary Chapman Alias Cooke, b. 1834 in Norwich.

            3.       iii     William Chapman Alias Cooke b. 1836.

            4.       iv    Sarah Chapman Alias Cooke b. 1841.

            5.       v     Susan Chapman Alias Cooke b. 1841.

                      vi    Emma Chapman Alias Cooke, b. 1848 in Norwich.

                      vii    Eliza Chapman Alias Cooke, b. 1848 in Norwich.


Third Generation


3.  William Chapman Alias Cooke, b. 1836 in Norwich.  He married Eleanor, married ABT 1869, b. 1847 in Ipswich Suffolk.


            6.       i      Herbert Cooke b. 1870.

                      ii     Willie E Cooke, b. 1873 in Norwich.

            7.       iii     Bertram P A Chapman b. 1880.


4.  Sarah Chapman Alias Cooke, b. 1841 in Hartfield Sussex.  She married Walter Barnes, married ABT 1865, b. 1837 in Blakeney Norfolk, (son of Stephen Barnes and Ann).


                      i      Edith Barnes, b. 1867 in Norwich.

                      ii     Mabel Barnes, b. 1873 in Norwich.

                      iii     Ethel Barnes, b. 1878 in Norwich.

                      iv    Arabella Barnes, b. 1880 in Norwich. Photo of Bertram during his WW1 Service


5.  Susan Chapman Alias Cooke, b. 1841 in Hartfield Sussex.  She married Farmer E Davy, married ABT 1870, b. 1843 in Carlton Road, Norfolk.


                      i      James W J Davy, b. 1871 in Lowestoft Suffolk.


Fourth Generation


6.  Herbert Cooke, b. 1870 in Norwich.  He married Priscilla Jane /, married abt 1880, b. 1877 in Ipswich Suffolk.


                      i      Millicent B Chapman, b. 1880 in Ipswich Suffolk.


7.  Bertram P A Chapman, b. 1880 in Norwich.  He married Sarah Ann Agnes Woodhouse, married AFT 1901, b. 1879 in Holt Norfolk, (daughter of Robert Woodhouse and Elizabeth Edmunds).


                      i      Frank Chapman.

                      ii     Reginald Chapman, d. FEB 1933 in Lowestoft Suffolk, buried: 18 Feb 1933 in Lowestoft Suffolk.

                      iii     Robert Chapman.

                      iv    Sophie Chapman.

                      v     Lilly Chapman.

                      vi    Agnes Chapman.

            8.       vii    Percy Arthur Chapman b. 1903.

                      viii   Millicent Chapman, b. 1915 in Lowestoft Suffolk, d. MAR 1916 in Lowestoft Suffolk.


Fifth Generation


8.  Percy Arthur Chapman, b. 1903 in Lowestoft Suffolk.  He married Kathleen Green, married 13 Aug 1927 in Lowestoft Suffolk, (daughter of Harry D. GREEN and Rose Jennings). Percy died 6TH DEC 1974 in Lowestoft Suffolk.


            9.       i      Derrick Percy Harry Chapman b. 28 Feb 1928. d 4 Mar 2003 in Chelmsford.

                      ii     Rodney Chapman, b. 1938 in Lowestoft, d. 21ST JAN 2002 in Leicester.