1.  Jeffery Walsh.  He married Judith.


            2.       i      James Walsh b. 1812.

                      ii     Hariott Walsh, b. 1817 in Wakes Colne.

                      iii     Jeffery Walsh, b. 1805.

                      iv    Judith Walsh, b. 1806.

                      v     Thomas Walsh, b. 1812 in Wakes Colne.


Second Generation


2.  James Walsh, b. 1812 in Wakes Colne.  He married Kezia, b. 1813 in White Colne, buried: 28 Dec 1901 in Mount Bures.  James died PRE 1901.

     1881 Census of England   


    Birth Year <1812>

    Birthplace Wakes Colne, Essex, England

    Age 69

    Occupation Ag Lab

    Marital Status M <Married>

    Head of Household James WALSH

    Dwelling Bures Road

    Census Place Wakes Colne, Essex, England

    Family History Library Film 1341434

    Public Records Office Reference RG11

    Piece / Folio 1799 / 131

    Page Number 9



            3.       i      Keziah Walsh b. 1841.


Third Generation


3.  Keziah Walsh, b. 1841 in Wakes Colne.  She married Edward Clampin, married 5 Oct 1862 in Wakes Colne, b. 1840 in Wakes Colne, (son of Thomas Clampin and Mary Ann Bland).


                      i      Frank Clampin, b. 1865 in Mount Bures.

                      ii     Clara Clampin, b. 1867 in Mount Bures.

                      iii     Eliza Clampin, b. 1869 in Mount Bures.

                      iv    Alfred Clampin, b. 1873 in Mount Bures.  He married Dorothy Hazlehurst, married ? in ?, b. 1874 in Home Lancs.

                      v     Arthur Clampin, b. 1875 in Mount Bures.

                      vi    Kate Clampin, b. 1877 in Mount Bures.

                      vii    Margaret Clampin, b. 1880 in Mount Bures.

                      viii   Wilfred Clampin, b. 1883 in Mount Bures.

            4.       ix    Clara Eliza Clampin.


Fourth Generation


4.  Clara Eliza Clampin.  She married Thomas Clampin, married ABT 1896 in Mount Bures, b. 1872 in Mount Bures, (son of John Clampin and Eliza) d. 1948 in Mount Bures, buried: 29 JUNE 1948 in Mount Bures.


                      i      Jack Clampin, b. 1897 in Mount Bures.

                      ii     Kate Clampin, b. 1900 in Mount Bures.