1.  William Wilsher, b. 1809 in Gt Baddow Essex, census 1871 in Writtle Essex.  He married Sarah, b. 1806 in Colchester Essex.


            2.       i      Harry Wilsher b. 1843.

            3.       ii     Joseph Alfred Wilsher b. 1850.

                      iii     Thomas Wilsher, b. 1844 in Danbury.

            4.       iv    William Wilsher b. 1836.

                      v     Maria Wilsher, b. 1845 in Danbury Essex.

                      vi    Susan Wilsher, b. 1840 in Danbury Essex.


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2.  Harry Wilsher, b. 1843 in Danbury, d. before 1891.  He married Eliza, married abt 1861, b. 1843 in Writtle Essex.  Eliza:   1891 census living at Wood Street Chelmsford.


            5.       i      Ada Wilsher b. 1873.

                      ii     William H Wilsher, b. 1862 in Writtle Essex.

                      iii     Maria Wilsher, b. 1863 in Chelmsford Essex.

            6.       iv    Elizabeth Wilsher b. 1865.

                      v     John F Wilsher, b. 1867 in Springfield Essex.

            7.       vi    Edward T Wilsher b. 1870.

                      vii    Maryan M Wilsher, b. 1870 in Chelmsford.

            8.       viii   Charles Wilsher b. 1877.


3.  Joseph Alfred Wilsher, b. 1850 in Danbury.  He married Mary Ann Susan, married abt 1868, b. 1850 in Gt Easton Essex.


                      i      William James Wilsher, b. 1869 in Chelmsford.

                      ii     Herbert Arthur Wilsher, b. 1877 in Chelmsford Essex.

                      iii     Flora Charlotte Wilsher, b. 1879 in Laindon Common Essex.

                      iv    Alfred Charles Wilsher, b. 1875 in Kiverton Park Yorkshire.


4.  William Wilsher, b. 1836 in Danbury, census 1871 in Hulls Lane Sandon Essex.  1871 Living at Hulls Lane Sandon


     1881 Living at Road to Gallywood Chelmsford. He married Elizabeth, married abt 1856 in Sandon Essex, b. 1836 in Sandon Essex.


                      i      Charlotte Wilsher, b. 1869 in Sandon Essex.

                      ii     David Wilsher, b. 1867 in Sandon Essex.

                      iii     Elizabeth Wilsher, b. 1860 in Sandon Essex.

                      iv    Ellen Wilsher, b. 1863 in Sandon Essex.

                      v     Kate Wilsher, b. 1865 in Sandon Essex.

                      vi    William Wilsher, b. 1857 in Sandon Essex.

                      vii    Walter W Wilsher, b. 1877 in Writtle Essex.

                      viii   Annie Wilsher, b. 1874 in Little Baddow Essex.


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5.  Ada Wilsher, b. 1873 in Springfield.  1891 Domestic servant at Park Farm Romford

     . She married Arthur J Harvey, married abt 1896, b. 1879 in Laindon, (son of James Harvey and Lucy Miles). Arthur: 1901 census


     Living at 1 Back of 31 Moulsham Street Chelmsford


     Occupation = Bricklayers Labourer.


                      i      Walter Harvey, b. ABT 1901 in Chelmsford.

                      ii     Harry George Harvey, b. ABT 1902 in Chelmsford.

                      iii     Sidney George Harvey, b. 23 Jun 1903 in Chelmsford, d. 1974 in Writtle.  He married Elsie May Smith, married 17 June 1928 in Writtle, (daughter of Arthur Smith and Matilda Chaplin) d. 21 Jan 84 in Writtle, b. 3 May 1910 in Newney Green.

                      iv    Percy Cyrel Harvey, b. ABT 1904 in Chelmsford.  He married Ethel Croft, married Jan 1934, b. in Averley Essex.

                      v     Eric Gordon Harvey, b. ABT 1906 in Chelmsford.  He married Doris White, married July 1939 in Chelmford.

                      vi    Arthur Richard Harvey, b. 1901 in Chelmsford.

                      vii    Alice Harvey, b. 1897 in Chelmsford.  n/a Meg.

                      viii   Charles Richard Harvey, b. 1898 in Chelmsford.  n/a Dordy.


6.  Elizabeth Wilsher, b. 1865 in Gt Baddow.  She married James Morella, married abt 1884 in Chelmsford.


                      i      Sarah Morella, b. 1884 in Chelmsford Essex.

                      ii     Alice Morella, b. 1886 in Chelmsford Essex.

                      iii     Ada Morella, b. 1888 in Chelmsford Essex.


7.  Edward T Wilsher, b. 1870 in Chelmsford Essex.  He married Ellen, married abt 1895 in Chelmsford, b. 1867 in Chelmsford.


                      i      Lillie Wilsher, b. 1896 in Chelmsford.


8.  Charles Wilsher, b. 1877 in Chelmsford Essex, census 1891 in Wood St Chelmsford.  He married Alice Sparks, married 1896 in Chelmsford.


                      i      May Wilsher, b. 1898 in Chelmsford.