First Generation

1. Edward1 SHIPMAN was born in Hull, Yorkshire, England circa 1620. Edward died September 15, 1697 in Saybrook, New Haven County, Connecticut at 77 years of age.(1)

He married twice. He married Elizabeth COMSTOCK January 1650/1 in Saybrook, Connecticut.(2) Elizabeth was born 1633 in Hull, Yorkshire, England. Elizabeth died July 1659 in Saybrook, Connecticut at 26 years of age.(3) He married Mary CHANDLER July 1, 1663 in Saybrook, Connecticut.(4) Mary was born circa 1630. Mary died August 30, 1704 in Saybrook, New Haven County, Connecticut at 74 years of age.

An article in the "AMERICAN GENEALOGIST, VOLUME 24, PAGES 53-54" presents evidence that Mary was that Mary (Chandler) Andrews who had been the wife of William Andrews, Jr. Citing the New Haven Colony Records, the article states that she was granted a divorce, with freedom to remarry, on October 16, 1661.

Edward Shipman's origins are not known. According to one account, he was the orphan child of a religious refugee who came to America in the care of George Fenwick. He arrived in about 1639 and settled in Saybrook, Connecticut. He became a Freeman about 1667, and by 1672 was a Townsman, the equivalent of a present day Councilman. He amassed sizeable landholdings during his lifetime. In addition to his other land acquisitions, he received 3000 acres under terms of the will of Indian Chief Joshua Uncas as well as 5 acres for his services in the Narragansett War.

Edward SHIPMAN and Elizabeth COMSTOCK had the following children:

child + 2 i. Elizabeth2 SHIPMAN was born May 1652.

child + 3 ii. Edward SHIPMAN was born February 1653/4.

child + 4 iii. William SHIPMAN was born June 1656.

Edward SHIPMAN and Mary CHANDLER had the following children:

child + 5 iv. John SHIPMAN was born April 5, 1664.

child + 6 v. Hannah SHIPMAN was born February 16, 1665/6.

child + 7 vi. Samuel SHIPMAN was born December 25, 1668.

child + 8 vii. Abigail SHIPMAN was born September 1, 1670.

child 9 viii. Jonathan SHIPMAN was born in Saybrook, New Haven County, Connecticut September 1674.(5)

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