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This pedigree is for research purposes only. As confidence in the information increases it will be repeated in a different form (common genealogical form) called a summary pedigree - which is much easier to read and follow. The information contained herein is based on the best information currently available in the Lloyd Manley Genealogical Archive (LMGA), an archive of over 10,000 printed pages of primary sources, published indexing information, and other material. As that information is updated frequently, I strongly recommend that you check this pedigree for changes as the LMGA increases in size and content. To understand the rationale for this pedigree, you can copy and paste terms from this pedigree into the index and search it for all occurrences. The rationale should then be clear.


Progenitors nomen nescio of John Manley I expired with least issue:


JM1A: John Manley I poss. John S. Manley I

            earliest definitive hit: 1676 at MD

            earliest possible hit: 1658 MD (deed records)


            17 November, 1664 with Thomas Manley at MD[1]

            b. on [1610, 1658]

                        possibly at Europe

            exp. [15 June 1686, 30 January 1687] pimR

            located: in capacity of Clerk of the Court, St. Mary’s co., MD 1676 - 1679

            located: removal from St. Mary’s co., MD to Westmoreland co., VA documented

                        on about 1679.

            located: Westmoreland co., VA

m. RT3A Restitute Whitson Steele-Manley rt III

on abt. August, 1680 but before 27 July, 1681

(approx. time of removal from MD and resignation as Clerk of the Court)

at Westmoreland co., VA;

b. on (27 July 1660, 28 February 1671) pimL

                        with pfp on (27 July 1672, +inf.)

{using 8 month/12 year pregnancy/progeny rule}

exp. [30 January 1688, 29 February 1688]

daughter of:

RT2A: Restitute Hallowes Whitson rt II

b. on [02 March 1640, 27 April 1660)

{using 8 month/12 year pregnancy/progeny rule}

with pfp on [02 March 1652, +inf.)

at Northumberland co., VA

daughter of:

RT1A Restitute Tue Hallowes rt I


John Hallowes, Senior

(Major John Hallowes, Senior, esquire - John Hallowes I)


exp. After 20 July, 1655

b. on (08 June 1612, 08 June 1613]

previously of Rachedale co., Palatine of Lancaster, England

located at: resided at St. Mary's co., MD on 02 June, 1639

m1. RT1A Restitute Tue Hallowes rt I

on 02 June, 1639

                        at: jurisdiction of Provincial Court, MD

                        b. at probably Europe

m2. Elizabeth ? Sturman-Hallowes

b. on [20 July 1631, 20 July 1630)

exp. after 20 July, 1655

m1. John Sturman

issue: John Sturman

b. 1650 at MD

exp. 1723

at Westmoreland co., VA


                                    John Whitson (John Whitson II)

                                                expired probably intestate sine prole


m. John Whitson I (John Whitston - John Whetsone)

expired before 28 July, 1670

{VA planter with land grants adjoining John Hallowes, Senior.}

                        m. before 28 July, 1670

siblings (of RT2A Restitute Hallowes Whitson rt II):

                                                RT2B: John Hallowes, Junior (John Hallowes II)



exp. intestate sine prole

m1. TS2A Matthew Steele

On or about 06 December, 1674

{ceremony performed by Minister John Waugh and declared

“contrary to law” probably b/c she was too young}

{s/o TS1A Thomas Steele of VA and legatee same}

exp. before 27 July, 1681.


TS3A Thomas Steele[2]

exp. intestate sine prole on [1691, 26 May 1703) pimR

{using 10 month max pregnancy rule}

“just before” age of 21 years

m2. JM1A John Manley I same

issue (of JM1A John Manley I and RT3A Restitute Whitson Steele-Manley rt III)

JM2A: William Manley

            b. on [15 June 1686, 30 June 1686] pimR

exp. [30 May 1716, 26 November 1716]

                                    m. PH3A Penelope Higgins[3] before 27 October, 1709

b. before 27 October, 1697

Hearsay: born on 1685 at Westmoreland co., VA

with pfp on [30 May 1666, 20 Nov 1734] pimR

{max 50 year fecundity rule and last known birth}

exp. after 1727

daughter of:

PH2B: John Higgins

            m. hearsay PH1A: Penelope Hull

                        d/o Augustus Hull and Anne Sturman Hull

exp. on [26 May 1711, 26 September 1711] pieR

{10 month max pregnancy rule and inventory}

at Westmoreland co., VA


            PH3A: Penelope Higgins Manley[4] same

                        nephew: Augustine Elliott

PH3B: Sabella Higgins

            born before 26 March 1713


m. John Elliot (AKA Captain John Elliot)

exp. on (08 December 1750,

14 June 1751]

son of John Elliot[6]

least issue:

Augustine Elliot[7]

exp. [11 June 1750, 12 September 1750]

                                                                                    PH3C: Augustine Higgins, esquire

                                                                                                born before 26 March 1700

                                                                                                exp. before 26 April, 1721

                                                                                                m1. Christine ? Higgins

                                                                                                m2. Ann Turley West-Higgins

born on (16 November 1700, 16 November 1704]

                                                                        exp. after 26 April, 1721


Stafford co., VA later became Fairfax co., VA

                                                                        m1. nomen nescio West


                                                                                                W1A: Hugh West (established by will)

born before 16 November 1716

                                                                        cousin: WM1C John Manley wmI

                                                                                    located: Fairfax co., VA

                                                                        m2. PH3C Augustine Higgins same

                                                                        m3. Thomas Barnes before 26 April, 1721

                                                                                                located: Fairfax co., VA

                                                                                                issue (of Augustine Higgins and Christine ? Higgins):

                        PH4A: Penelope Higgins

                                    mother: Christine Higgins

                                    father PH3C Augustine Higgins, esquire same

b. on (26 March 1712, 26 March 1713]

exp. on 26 March, 1732

at Westmoreland co.,VA

interred at Yeocomico Church

m. Daniel McCarty II[8]

            exp. on [29 March 1724, 09 June 1724]

(AKA Captain Daniel McCarty)

of Cople Parish,

Westmoreland co., VA


Daniel McCarty III

exp. poss. intestate sine prole


                                                m1. JM2A William Manley same

                                                m2. AR1A Andrew Russell on [30 May 1716, 31 March 1725]

                                                            exp. [13 April 1727, 31 May 1727]

located at: Broad Run at Potomac River Prince William co., VA.

issue (of Andrew Russell and

PH2A Penelope Higgins Manley-Russell):

                                    AR2A: Francis Russell

                                    AR2B: Anthony Russell

                                                half-brother: WM1C John Manley wmI

{called “brother” in will of WM1C John Manley wmI}



exp. On [02 January 1779, 08 March 1779]


least issue:

AR3A: Andrew Russell

AR3B: Francis Russell

AR3C: Pamelia Russell

(Milly Russell -

Melia Russell)

AR3D: Penelope Russell

issue (of JM2A William Manley and PH3A Penelope Higgins Manley):

WM1A: Penelope Manley I[9]

            aunt: PH3B Sabella Higgins Elliot

            uncle: Augustine Higgins

                                                            b. on [15 June 1698, 01 September 1717] pimR

located at: Richmond co., VA

m. Richard Barnes

            m1. Frances Ingo

            m2. WM1A Penelope Manley same

exp. on 30 September, 1760

at Richmond co., VA


                                                                                    Thomas Barnes

gentleman (s/o Frances Ingo)

m. Ann Turley West-Higgins-Barnes

before 26 April, 1721

                                                                                    Catherine Barnes AKA Caty Barnes

                                                                                                exp. c. 1750

                                                                                    Mary Barnes

m. Captain Younger Kelsick

on: m. c. 1752

                                                                                    Rebecca Barnes

                                                                                                m. Jonathan Beckwith

on: 27 May 1753

                                                                                    Eleanor Barnes

                                                                                                m. John Morton Jordan


                                                                                                on: c. 1752

                                                                                    Sarah Barnes

                                                                                                m. Gerard Hooe, gentleman

                                                                                                on: 09 January, 1761

                                                                                    Elizabeth Barnes

                                                                                                m. John Alexander, gentleman

                                                                                                on: 1761

located at:

Loudon co., VA

                                                WM1B: Jemima Manley

b. on [15 June 1698, 01 September 1717] pimR

disposition and status unknown

poss. m. James Stout

before 08 August, 1754

at Hunterdon co., NJ

while residing at Hopewell, Hunterdon co., NJ.

                                                WM1C: John Manley wmI[10]

                                                            born on [15 June 1698, 26 June 1717] pimR

                                                            cousin: W1A Hugh West (through uncle Augustine Higgins)

half-brother: Anthony Russell (through mothers second m.)

exp. [13 June 1748, 28 March 1750] pieR

located: residing on 13 June, 1748

at Captain Obsorn’s District

OR Mr. Hugh West’s District both at

Fairfax co., VA

m. Sarah Harrison Triplett-Manley on [1720, 1744]

            exp. on [03 October 1785, 13 October 1785]

            m1. John Triplett on [1720, 1740]

                                                                        m2. WM1C John Manley wmI same


                                                                                    Sarah Hawley Harrison-Lewis

                                                                                    m1. William Harrison

                                                                                                exp. [1746, 1748]

                                                                                    m2. William Lewis [1746, 1768]

                                                                                                exp. on [1746, 1768]

                                                                        siblings: Sybil Harrison West

                                                                                                exp. 1786         

                                                                                                m. Hugh West[11] poss. W1A


                                                                                                            John West

                                                                                                            Sybil West

                                                                                                            Jemima West

                                                                                                            Sarah West

                                                                                                            nomen nescio West

                                                                                                                        b. on

[10 August 1766,

10 March 1768]

Mary Harrison Peak

(Mary Pike - Mary Peake).

m1. John Brown

m2. John Peak

(John Peake - John Pike)

                                                                                    William Harrison

m. Isabella Triplett

exp. 1750

least issue:

Susanna Harrison

Margaret Harrison

Sarah Harrison

Mary Harrison

                                                                                    George Harrison

m. Martha Price

exp. 1748[12]

nephew: John West

son of Hugh West


(of WM1C John Manley wmI and

Sarah Harrison Triplett-Manley):

WM2A: Penelope Manley II

b on [01 January 1714, 25 March 1752]

with pfp on [15 June 1746, d.]

m. Daniel French on [1720, 1773)

WM2B: Sarah Manley

b. on [01 January 1714, 25 March 1752]

with pfp on [15 June 1746, d.]

possibly m. Townsend Dade

WM2C: Harrison Manley

b. on [01 January 1714, 25 March 1752]

with pfp on [15 June 1746, d.]

exp.[08 December 1773, 15 September 1783] pieL

m. Margaret Barrey

poss m2. Sarah Triplett

WM2D: John Manley wm II[13]

b. on [15 June 1714, 13 June 1732] pN

{using 14 y/o minimum pfp rule}

with pfp on

[01 January 1728, 01 January 1804]

located: residing on 13 June, 1748

at Captain Obsorn’s District

OR Mr. Hugh West’s District both at

Fairfax co., VA {at least 16 y/o}

                                                                                    located: on 1761 and 1774 at Fairfax co., VA to extent

                                                                                                that rent roll for heirs John Manley existed.[14]

m. ?

WM2E: poss Jemima Manley

poss. m. James Stout

b. on b. on [01 January 1714, 08 August, 1754]

at Hunterdon co., NJ

while residing at Hopewell, Hunterdon co., NJ.

JM2B: John Manley II[15]

located: Fairfax co., VA

m. nomen nescio

born: on [15 February 1687, 30 November 1687] pN

{primogeniture to JM2A; 8/10 month min/max pregnancy rule;

expiration of JM1A}

at: Westmoreland co., VA

least issue (of John Manley II and wife nomen nescio):

            JM3A: John Manley III (inventory of 1734)

                        born: on (22 November 1713, 22 November 1734]

                        {not of age on 22 November, 1734; 20 y/o max}

                        at: patria nescio probably Fairfax co., VA

                                    possibly St. Mary’s co., MD

                        located: residing PGC, MD 1748

                                    poss. on [01 January 1749, 25 March 1749]

                        located: PGC, MD on 04 January, 1763

                        located: PGC, MD on 27 May, 1776

                        located: PGC, MD 1783

                                                            m. Elizabeth ? Manley

poss. Elizabeth Simmond Manley[16]

                                    (Elizabeth Simmons - Elizabeth Simmonds -

Elizabeth Simmons Manley -

Elizabeth Simmonds Manley -

Elizabeth Symonds Manley)

known relatives:

            Jonathan Simmons

            Thomas Simmons

            John Simmons

            Edward Simmons

                                                            issue (of JM3A John Manley III and Elizabeth ? Manley):

                                                                        JM4A: Jonathan Manley II

                                                                                    exp. (07 August, 1820, 05 April 1824]

                                                                                    born on . (-inf., 10 April 1760]

                                                located: PGC, MD 1776

                                                located: PGC, MD 1778

                                                located: PGC, MD 1783

                                                located: Harrison co., WV

on [1787, 1803]

                                                located: Warren co., KY on [1805, 1820]

                                                m. Nancy ? Manley

poss. Nancy Blanks Manley[17]

known relatives:

                                    father James Blanks

                                                located: Charles City co., VA


                                                                                                                        Thomas Blanks

                                                                                                                        Mary Blanks

                                                                                                                        Henry Blanks

                                                                                                                        John Blanks

                                                                                                                        Jane Blanks

                                                                                                                        Betsey Blanks (Betsy Blanks)

One of her sisters m. Benjamin Warberton with issue:

                                                                                                                        Susanh Warberton (Susannah Warberton)

                                                                                                                        Nancy Warberton

before 01 January, 1777

                                                            exp. at:

Nashville, Davidson, co., TN

                                                poss. m2 on 18 January, 1827

at Davidson co., TN

Sterling H. Adams

(Sterling Adams)

but prob. Richard Manley’s

line instead

                                                least issue (see index for more info):

                                                            JM5A: John R. Manley

                                                                        partial issue:

                                                                        Elizabeth Manley Long

                                                            JM5B: Cornelius Manley

exp. testate

                                                            JM5C: Jonathan Manley III

                                                            JM5D: Gabriel G. Manley

                                                                        partial issue:

                                                                        John G. Manley

                                                                        Benjamin B. Manley

                                                            JM5E: Thomas Manley[18]

                                                            JM5F: William Manley[19]

                                    JM4B: Richard Manley[20]

                                                located: Spartanburg, co., SC 1800

                                                located: Lincoln co., NC 1803

                                                                                    located: Warren co., KY 1805

                                                located: Davidson co., TN 1830

                                                located: Williamson co., TN 1840

                                                m. Elizabeth ? Manley

                                                            exp. on [01 January 1833,

31 December 1833]

at: Williamson co., TN

                                                                                                born on [01 January 1771,

31 December 1771]

                                                born on (20 June, 1764, 20 June 1765]

                                                exp. 20 June, 1847

at Williamson co., TN

                                    JM4C: John Manley IV

                                                located: PGC, MD 1789

                                                located: PGC, MD 1795

                                                located: possibly Wood District,

Clarke co., IN

on: 07 August, 1820

                                                                                    m. Mary Shagnasha

                                                                                                on 22 Jul, 1786

at Prince George's co., MD

                                    JM4D: Thomas Manley

                                                            located: PGC, MD 1785

                                                            located: Warren co., KY 1820

                                                            m. Priscilla Ray on 15 January, 1785

                                                            Full trace unsuccessful


How do we know that the Jonathan Manley, Sr. of KY and the Jonathan Manley of Prince George’s co., MD are one and the same?

Well, we don’t for sure, but we have the frustrating situation where there is a lot of circumstantial evidence for this claim but no smoking gun. In any case, there are 4 lines of primary source evidence that substantiate this:


1.) Richard Manley resided at Warren co., KY on 1810 as did Jonathan Manley, Sr. of KY. Richard Manley resided within 5 miles of Obadiah Oliphant at Thickety Creek, Spartanburg co., SC at the same time. Richard Manley was legally enjoined to return land to the heirs of the rightful owner, Thomas Steele, in a legal writ in SC. Given how the land was inherited, this suggests a direct line descent from John Manley I.


2.) Thomas Manley was “nearest kin” to the Jonathan Manley of Prince George’s co., MD. Thomas Manley, with age range matching, resided at the same place as Jonathan Manley, Sr. of KY; i.e. Warren co., KY which is about 600 miles from MD, at the same time (about 1820).


3.) Jonathan Manley, Senior of KY purchased two Treasury Warrants for land granted in 1801 at Harrison co., WV in 1783, just 2 or 3 months following John Manley IIIs death. John Manley III of MD was “nearest kin” to the Jonathan Manley of MD. Jonathan Manley of MD falls off the records after this and re-appears in 1787 at Harrison co., WV.




a. John R. Manley’s known birth date matches within 1 year the known birth date of Jonathan Manley’s first male child who came of age in Harrison co., WV.


b. John Manley is tax liable in Harrison co., WV in 1799 while Jonathan Manley, Sr. is still there.


c. John Manley m. Elizabeth Weathers at Warren co., KY at the same time Jonathan Manley, Sr. was there.


The birth date of John R. Manley is known to be 11 September, 1778 and the USC recorded him as born in MD. If John R. Manley was born in MD in 1778 then his father Jonathan Manley, Sr. of Warren co., KY was, beyond most doubt, also there.


Ergo, the Jonathan Manley, Sr. of KY and the Jonathan Manley of Prince George’s co., MD are one and the same. Okay, maybe!


What evidence is lacking in the pedigree above?

Better evidence for John R. Manley’s paternity is advisable. The only other thing I am not positive about right now is whether or not the John Manley of Prince George’s co., MD who m. Elizabeth and the John Manley III of Fairfax co., VA are one and the same. Their geographic distance was only about 5 miles, but I feel that additional evidence would be advisable due to the frequency of that name. Even so, there were in 1734 a couple hundred colonists in that area surrounded by millions of acres of woods and Indians, so a John Manley double seems quite unlikely. I have accounted for all other John Manley’s in the area and to suppose that they are not the same person would leave one unaccounted for. Some ancillary details of related families not relevant to the Manley direct line may be off. The rest, I feel, is beyond most doubt.



to follow the reasoning of this pedigree, choose a term in the pedigree and copy and paste it into a search in the LMGA index. One should then be able to follow the rationale for the pedigree.



expire means to die

sine prole is latin for “without issue”

nomen nescio is a latin term that means “name unknown”.

‘testate’ is a type of legal status at the time of death. It means that the decedent had a will that was probated after death

‘intestate’ is type of legal status at the time of death. It means that the decedent did not have a will that could be probated after death; this type of death in most jurisdictions forced an inventory and account record to be recorded which detailed what the decedent owned and to whom it was to be given respectively.

‘issue’ is another type of legal status which refers to the fact that a decedents estate must be resolved with respect to direct blood descent natural heirs (children) alive at the time of death. Thus issue implies that the decedent had biological children.

legate is the legal term for ‘heir’. Legatee is the plural of legate. A legate can be anyone the decedent chooses; not necessarily a relative.


Explanation of notes:


pimR => probability p(x) monotonically increasing for all x element of R  lim as x -> +inf

[odds increase as we move to the right of the interval]

pimL => probability p(x) monotonically increasing for all x element of R  lim as x -> -inf

[odds increase as we move to the left of the interval]

pieL => probability p(x) exponentially increasing for all x element of R  lim as x -> -inf

[odds greatly ncrease as we move to the left of the interval]

pieR => probability p(x) exponentially increasing for all x element of R  lim as x -> -inf

[odds greatly increase as we move to the right of the interval]

pN => probability p(x) approximately normalized for all x element of R

[odds peak at the middle of the interval]

pAND => putative AND operator [two events taken together obviously require the conclusion]

dAND => deductive AND operator [two events taken together obviously imply the conclusion]

pfp => indicates the time interval for which there was potential for progeny


possibly means there was some evidence for the conclusion but the conclusion cannot be relied upon

probable means there was evidence for the conclusion that requires contrary evidence to discount

Neither qualifier means that the conclusion was beyond most doubt.


Basic interval notation:

‘[‘ means left inclusive and ‘]’ means right inclusive

‘(‘ means left exclusive and ‘)’ means right exclusive

Commas separate the endpoints of the interval

Example 1: [26 November 1610, 03 December 1640] means the event occurred at some time between the 26th of November, 1610 and the 3rd of December, 1640; up to and including both given dates.

Example 2: (26 November 1610, 03 December 1640] means the event occurred at some time between the 26th of November, 1610 and the 3rd of December, 1640; excluding the 26th of November, 1610 but including the 3rd of December, 1640.


abbreviations and defintions:

USC   --    United States Census; the decennial census performed by the United States Government since 1790 inclusive.




Special thanks to Caroline Manley of Colorado Springs, CO who, to my knowledge, was the first to trace our line back to Gabriel G. Manley in the 1970s. Special thanks to Myra Claire Manley Watkins for documenting that line. Thanks to Virjean Bozarth for the hunch that the Jonathan Manley of MD and the Jonathan Manley of KY were one and the same; which is what sparked my fascination with this research. Thanks to all the researchers out there, on the internet and elsewhere, whose clues, sources and info have been invaluable.


[1] This was a large new-world land grant with William Cole (who was known to be associated with our John Manley I) that may fix the approximate time of John and Thomas Manleys arrival from overseas. A Cornelius Manley also appeared in MD at about this time but no connection to John Manley has yet been established. Immigration records on the U.S. side do not match our John Manley Is information, but records overseas may have the information. Alternatively, these persons may be another paternal generation and John Manley may have been born in the colonies. Either scenario is viable given the state of information right now. In the latter case, John Manley I would have most likely been the son of Thomas, John or Cornelius Manley.


[2] Some 100 years later Richard Manley of Spartanburg co., SC would find himself embroiled in a legal dispute over lands ‘seized’ by his ancestors from Thomas Steele. See LMGA.


[3] Penelope Higgins may be woman who was “woman servant” of Richard Sturman on [02 June 1691, 29 November 1691.


[4] Her nephew Augustine Elliot had no male heirs - thus she inherited fathers land.


[5] Close relation of Richard Barnes (Richard Barns) - husband of Sabella Higgins’ niece - of Richmond co., VA . On 14 December, 1750 Sabella gave land to Richard Barnes out of love and affection for HER daughters - rationale not clear as she did not appear to m. Richard Barnes. Unlikely that there were additional sisters of Sabella since inheritance passed directly from Penelope to sister Sabella, suggesting they were the only daughters or they were BOTH the oldest daughters. Augustine Higgins died early.


[6] John Elliot I exp. [09 January 1707, 31 March 1708] pimR

m. Sarah Foxall Elliot

least issue:

William Elliot

John Elliot II

Augustine Elliot

exp. [11 June 1750, 12 September 1750]

Betty Elliot

Mildred Elliot (AKA Millie Elliot)

Martha Elliot

[7] Recorded in will as nephew of Penelope Higgins. He

exp. before 1730.

[8] Was cousin of Humphrey Pope and son of s/o Daniel McCarty I


[9] Daughter of William Manley stated to have m. Richard Barnes


[10] A popular genealogy text (“The Flowering of the Maryland Palatinate”) claims that this John Manley was the son of John Manley II, however, the brother and cousin relations he indicates in his will prove the author wrong. Further, in order for John Manley II to be the SON of JM2A William Manley, and not his brother, the generations would be compressed to the extent that the average male in the line would be procreating before puberty.  In a nutshell, the author incorrectly assumed that WM1C John Manley was the son of JM2B John Manley. Rather, WM1C John Manley was the son of William Manley; as indicated by his will in two different familial relations he recorded - a brother and cousin. JM2A William Manley and JM2B were brothers.


[11] This is probably WM1C John Manley wm1s cousin, but not how that relation is established. Here, from WM1C John Manley wm1s point of view, he might consider him a “brother-in-law”, but he would not conceivably be mistaken as a cousin by marrying his wife’s sister. However, if either JM2B John Manley II OR Augustine Higgins married Ann Turley, who we know had a son named Hugh West from a previous marriage, then, inasmuch as Hugh West was JM2B John Manley IIs or Augustine Higgins’ adopted son by marriage, WM1C John Manley wm1s first cousin was Hugh West, just as he says in his will. We have evidence now that it was in fact Augustine Higgins who appears to have married a woman named Ann. All other possible paths to a cousin relation between these two men have been eliminated.


[12] exp. 1748 with nephew John West (s/o Hugh West); nephew by sister Sybil Harrison


[13] This represents a special problem of identification. The generations of the William Manley paternal line would make it biologically possible for this to be JM3A John Manley III. This is supported by the fact that WM2D John Manley wmII was known to be of age by 1748 because he mustered with the militia in VA. There were 3 Potomac John Manleys alive at the crucial time around 1740 to 1750, crucial because it is the likely time that JM3A John Manley III would have removed from VA to MD, and can almost be accounted for at the same times in three different places. Thus it would seem that this cannot be JM3A John Manley III as he was recorded residing in Prince George’s co., MD while both the WM1C John Manley wmI and WM2D John Manley wmII were recorded residing in two separate districts of Fairfax co., VA at about the same time. The problem however, is that the two recordings didn’t occur at exactly the same time. The two Johns in VA were recorded at exactly the same time, on 13 June, 1748 at VA, but the other on [1748, 1749] at MD. That seems to suggest that they are two different John Manleys, but still allows for the possibility of the removal of one John Manley from the first location to the second in the time between the two datings in VA and MD. As for the two John Manleys in VA, both were residing in two different districts which was recorded on the same day; therefore, we can be relatively certain that these two men were WM2D John Manley wmII and WM1C John Manley wmI. Currently, we have no hits on John Manley at Prince George’s co., MD prior to 1748. After the death of WM1C John Manley we have no record of a John Manley in Fairfax co., save for the son of Harrison Manley, a younger fourth John Manley. Of interest is the fact that the elder WM1C John Manley of VA died about 1749. Did the younger WM2D John Manley of VA (his son) remove to MD right after his father died? We can’t be sure and this is a special problem of identification because even if the presumed JM3A John Manley III of MD stated his father to be John Manley, we have no way from that alone to know to which one he was referring, WM2D John Manley wmII or JM2B John Manley II.


The one John Manley of about the right age in St. Mary’s co., MD that existed was there in 1741, 1742 and on 06 December, 1753 and thus could not be the John Manley residing Prince George’s co., MD on [1748, 1783]. The same pattern appears for the John Manley of Cecil co., MD; appearing there on 1762, 1763 and 1764 when he expired at Cecil co., MD. Immigration records have not, so far, shown a John Manley arriving in the early 1700’s.


[14] This could have been for the heirs of his father, WM1C John Manley, but it seems more likely to have been set up for him since his fathers heirs were of age at his death about 1750. A rent roll or deed for “heirs” is usually set up at the time of death for minor children, something that does not appear to apply to WM1C John Manley but could very well apply to WM2D John Manley if he died before 1761. It is essential therefore that we find the evidence necessary to disentangle the identities of JM3A John Manley and WM2D John Manley.


[15] Known not to have any sisters. This means that ‘cousin’ relation to W1A Hugh West cannot be traced through any of his sisters - only through his one brother, John Manley II or Penelope Higgins’ brother Augustine Higgins. It deductively leaves us with the conclusion that this relation could only come by marriage; i.e. through John Manley IIs or Augustine Higgins’ wife - see other notes. But there’s something fishy about this guy. He lives very close to his supposed brother William Manley. We know JM1A John Manley was exceptionally wealthy and had a son named John, but something doesn’t look right. First, JM2B, even though primogeniture left William all the wealth, looks remarkably pedestrian, even obscure, from his inventory of 1734. The demographics, though we would expect some difference due to primogeniture, are too different. (but I note that there is a hint that the literate Jonathan Manley, Senior recently descended from wealth as VERY few planters were literate back then - losing literacy was easy but gaining it from a planters background was very unlikely). Also, he appears to have his first male child sometime after 1720. But by then he’s already 33 and was probably closer to 40 when he had his eldest male, JM3A John Manley. In the 1800’s this would cause little alarm, but in the early 1700’s this was very odd. Our earliest adult-life hit on JM1A John Manley’s son John Manley comes from 1712 to 1716 when he was recorded at St. Mary’s co., MD as the Clerk of the Land Office. Given that the job is similar to the job his father held in the same place, this looks to genuinely be him. But is there another generation between? Why would a Clerk of the Land Office move to Stafford/Fairfax co., VA near his brother and become a planter (farmer) - a lowering of social rank from educated gentry to planter was a huge step back then - marry so late and then die at the age of about 47. It seems more likely to me that there was yet another John Manley in between and that he was born at St. Mary’s co., MD. The Clerk of the Land Office may be the man who started the Manley line we later see in St. Mary’s co., MD. It all makes sense, but we have not one scintilla of evidence for it yet. This needs to be resolved. The target counties are Stafford (later broken out into Prince William and Fairfax) and St. Mary’s co., MD in the crucial time interval from 1710 to 1734. BTW, the earliest hit I have on John Manley in St. Mary’s co., MD after that was 1741. Thomas Manley first appeared at St. Mary’s co., MD on 1727 and on 1713 at Prince George’s co., MD. On 03 April, 1714 at St. Mary’s co., MD Cornelius Manley hit the scene. This Cornelius and Thomas are too early (of age) to be sons of the Clerk of the Land Office. I suspect that the Thomas and Cornelius appearing in the 1710’s are a different but related line (and not of the Cecil co. line). The Thomas Manley appearing 1727 could be the son of the Clerk of the Land Office. The Thomas Manley of St. Mary’s was a very successful planter and landowner. All the St. Mary’s Manleys were illiterate (save the Clerk of the Land Office) and some were significant landowners. They do not match Jonathan Manley’s demographic. But they were probably indirectly related. My instinct tells me that the Clerk of the Land Office had at least two sons, John and Thomas. Thomas stayed in St. Mary’s while John went to Stafford/Fairfax. John would later die there in 1734. His son, John Manley III (by this theory actually John Manley IV), a minor in 1734, left for Prince George’s co., MD when he came of age and fathered Jonathan Manley, Senior. The early Cornelius and Thomas were brothers of JM1A John Manley I and their line went to Cecil co., MD. We pick up a John Manley at Cecil co, MD dying there also in 1734. Their landownership, farmer literacy and accurate surname spellings are the giveaway to direct and close descent from the gentry generation of JM1A John Manley I. The Cecil co., MD Manleys were large-scale slave owners and a mulatto line of Manleys appeared in next-door New Castle co., DE during this time. Years later, appearing in the 1810 USC at New Castle co., DE, and by coincidence, was a mulatto Jonathan Manley. At that same time our Jonathan Manley appeared on the same census at KY.


[16] John Manley III witnessed the inventory of the estate of Jonathan Simmonds on 04 January, 1763. The administratrix was Elizabeth Simmonds (Elizabeth Manley’s mother?). The Simmons family and the Turleys and Wests have connections in Fairfax co., dating back to the early 1700’s. The similarity in given names in both families is curious (only Gabriel and Cornelius are missing…so far). A depth first search in PGC, MD on Simmons should be performed immediately. Up to now I have not even touched that surname. The Holy Grail to acquire is the will of Elizabeth Simmons Manley, if that was her name. Since he had an inventory, Jonathan Simmons probably expired intestate.


[17] This is the only direct hit I’ve found on Nancy Manley outside of her appearance in 1803 at Harrison co., WV.


[18] This issue not certain but is probable


[19] This issue not certain but is probable


[20] This issue is possible but not certain; Richard Manley may have been John Manley IIIs nephew. If so, Richard Manley’s father may have also been named Richard Manley. See index for their appearance in WV and Botetourt co., VA. Demographic differences between Richard Manley and Jonathan Manley do indicate this possibility.