Christine Colwell's Family


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Ancestors of Christine Louise MCDOWELL


240. Levi Malen LAMBERTSON

Some family members state that Levi and two of hisbrothers
sailed from Wales about 1755 from the United States and
locatedin Maryland. If this is correct Levi was only about four
years of age.There is some speculation on proving this. Levi's
father and hisgrandfather Abraham were both born in Maryland. It
may be that Samueland his family went to Wales for a visit about
1755, however there hasbeen no record found that would suggest
Levi served in the Maryland State Militia during the American
Revolutionary War. Revolutionary War as a Soldier #7 in the
third classion Capt. Benjamin Dennis's Company of ther Wicomico
Battalion, WorcestorCounty, Maryland Militia.

Note From his faher Samuel's will:
Secondly he gives and bequeaths to his son LEVI LAMBERTSON his
plantation whereon he then lived, containing fifty-three acres
of land with all the housing orchards, and privleges thereunto
belonging excepting his wife's widowhood excepted it that the
whole tract and privleges thereunto belonging and after his
wife's death to Levi and his heirs lawfully begotten by his
body. If LEVI should offer to sell to any once else but his
brothers to the land was to fall to Samuel's son SMITH and his
heirs and assigns forever.

244. John Orsemus STANLEY

He disappeared in 1808 en route to western New York.


BIOGRAPHY: John Flansburg was a coporal in the Albany County, New York
State Militia under Colonel Henry Quackenboos of the 3rd
Rensselaerswyck Fattalion. He was baptized June 26, 1763 at Old
Dutch Church, Albany, New York.

248. John DANIEL

Age at death : Unknown 62y 9m
In 1829 John and Lucy left Shelby County , Kentucky for Putnam County, Indiana . A wilderness area inhabited by Indians and wild animals. Lucy rode on horseback carrying their few belongings and John walked by her side.
The 1840 census of Indiana shows that John and his father Nathaniel had moved to Greene County, settling in Beech Creek Twp. In the fall of 1856 the family moved to Clarke County, Iowa.
62y 9m

249. Lucy HITE

Event: Age at death : Unknown 61y 3m 27d