(aka Boteler)

Origin of the Surname Butler

This family derive their origin from the old Counts of Briony or Biony, in Normandy, a descendant of whom, Herveius Fitz Walter, accompanied the Conqueror into England. His son, Theobold, went with Henry II. into Ireland, where, having greatly assisted in the reduction of the kingdom, he was rewarded with large possessions there, and made it the place of his residence. The king afterward conferred on him the office of chief Butler of Ireland, whence his descendants, the Earls of Ormond and others, took the surname of De Boteler or Butler.

The Butler Crest shown above is for decoration only.  There is no implacation that this is our family Crest, or  family

Descendants of Edward BUTLER
As Compiled by Jane A. Schwarz Combs

Generation No. 1

1. *EDWARD BUTLER   was born 15 July 1640 in St. Nicholas, Rochester,Kent Co., England, and died 1717 in Calvert Co., MD (age76).  He married *UNKNOWN ?1669.

Children of *EDWARD BUTLER and *UNKNOWN BUTLER) are:
2. i. *HENRY BUTLER, d. 1713, Prince George Co., MD.
 v. EDWARD (2) BUTLER, b. 1670; m. ANNE LINGAN, 1690.

Generation No. 2

2. *HENRY3 BUTLER (*EDWARD2, died 1713 in Prince George Co., MD.  He married *CATHERINE LINGAN 1685 in Prince George Co., MD, daughter of *GEORGE LINGAN.

 i. HENRY (2)4 BUTLER, b. 1689, Prince George Co., MD; d. 1764, (age75).
 ii. CHARLES BUTLER, b. 1692, Prince George Co., MD.
3. iii. *THOMAS (1) BUTLER, b. 1692, Prince George Co., MD; d. 1742, Queen Anne Co.,MD          (age50).
 iv. EDWARD BUTLER, b. 1695, Prince George Co., MD.
 v. ALICE BUTLER, b. 1698, Prince George Co., MD; d. 1726, (age 28); m. CHARLES DRUERY, 1719, Prince George Co., MD.

Generation No. 3

3. *THOMAS (1)4 BUTLER (*HENRY3, *EDWARD) was born 1692 in Prince George Co., MD, and died 1742 in Queen Anne Co.,MD (age50).  He married *ANN MARSHALL 1710 in queen Anne Co.,MD.  She was born in MD.

Children of *THOMAS BUTLER and *ANN MARSHALL are:
4. i. *THOMAS5 BUTLER, b. 1712, Queen Anne Co.,MD; d. 1764, Frederick Co., VA (age 52).
 ii. JASPER BUTLER, b. 1715, Prince George Co., MD.
 iii. JANE BUTLER, b. 1718, Prince George Co., MD; m. JOHN RUTH, 1738, prince George Co., MD.
 iv. ROBERT BUTLER, b. 1721, Queen Anne Co.,MD.
 v. ANNE BUTLER, b. 1724, Prince George Co., MD; m. JOHN ROGERS, 17 June 1744, Queen Anne Co.,MD.
 vi. JAMES BUTLER, b. 1727, Prince George Co., MD.

Generation No. 4

4. *THOMAS5 BUTLER (*THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2,) was born 1712 in Queen Anne Co.,MD, and died 1764 in Frederick Co., VA  (age52).  He married *ELIZABETH OR JANE CHEW 27 October 1733 in Queen Anne Co.,MD.  She was born in Frederick Co., VA.

 i. MARY6 BUTLER, b. 1734, Queen Anne Co.,MD; m. JOHN TIPTON, 1753, queen Anne Co.,MD.
 ii. JOSEPH BUTLER, b. 1740, Queen Anne Co.,MD; m. ELIZABETH (?) BUTLER, 1763, Queen Anne Co.,MD.
 iii. CATHERINE BUTLER, b. 1742, Queen Anne Co.,MD; m. REVEREND REV. WILLIAM RENEAU, 27 May 1760, Queen Anne Co.,MD.
5. iv. *THOMAS BUTLER, b. 06 May 1747, Frederick Co., VA.
 v. JAMES BUTLER, b. 1757, Queen Anne Co.,MD.

Generation No. 5

5. *THOMAS6 BUTLER (*THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2) was born 06 May 1747 in Frederick Co., VA.  He married *REBECCA DAUGHTERY 1772 in Frederick Co., VA.  She was born in Frederick Co., VA.

 i. SARAH7 BUTLER, b. 1772, Frederick Co., VA; m. (?) BIRD.
6. ii. *ELIJAH BUTLER, b. 1773, VA; d. 1814, Oglethoupe Co.,  GA            (age 41).
 iii. ELIZABETH BUTLER, b. 1774, Frederick Co., VA; m. ? HARTON (H/O ELIZABETH BUTLER), 1794.
 iv. MARY BUTLER, b. 1775, Frederick Co., VA; m. (1) THOMAS LEWIS, 1795; m. (2) WILLIAM PRICE, 09 July 1807.
 v. JONATHAN BUTLER, b. 04 December 1776, Monogahelia Co.,  West  VA; d. 1851, Marshall Co., OH         (age74); m. SARAH MORGAN, 16 August 1805, Monogahelia Co.,  West VA.
 vi. PRISCILLA BUTLER, b. 1777; m. STEPHEN MORGAN, 16 August 1806, Monogahelia Co.,  West  VA.
 vii. RACHEL BUTLER, b. 1778, Monogahelia Co.,  West  VA; m. (?) BEATY, 1798, Monogahelia Co.,  West  VA.
 viii. REBECCA BUTLER, b. 1779, Monogahelia Co.,  West  VA; m. PETER CASEY, 24 August 1804, Monogahelia Co., West VA.
 ix. THOMAS BUTLER, b. 10 August 1783, Monogahelia Co.,  West  VA; m. REBECCA MORGAN, 1803.

Generation No. 6

6.  *ELIJAH7 BUTLER (*THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2) was born 1773 in VA, and died 1814 in Oglethoupe Co.,  GA            (age 41).  He married *CATHERINE WATTS 26 January 1798 in Culpepper Co., VA, daughter of *FREDERICK WATTS and *ELIZABETH KABLER/CABLER.  She was born 1777 in Culpepper Co., VA.

7. i. FREDERICK WATTS8 BUTLER, b. Abt. 1799, Culpepper Co., VA; d. 02 December 1856, Oglethorpe Co., GA           (age 56).
 ii. ELIZABETH BUTLER, b. 1803, Oglethorpe Co., GA; m. BAILEY H. MEADOWS, 17 August 1837, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
 iii. DAUGHTER BUTLER, b. 1805, Oglethorpe Co., GA; m. THOMAS ARNIS, SR, 1825, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
8. iv. *WILLIAM BUTLER, b. 1809, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. 1875, Clarke Co., GA          (age 67).
 v. NANCY BUTLER, b. 1810, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. 13 February 1862, Oglethorpe Co., GA           (age51); m. (1) EDWARD BROOKS, 04 December 1832, Oglethorpe Co., GA; m. (2) ALFRED BROOKS, 29 January 1848, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
9. vi. JESSE E. BUTLER, b. 1814, Clark Co., GA; d. 04 December 1891, Clark Co., GA          (age 77).

Generation No. 7

7.  FREDERICK WATTS8 BUTLER (*ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2, *PEETER1) was born Abt. 1799 in Culpepper Co., VA, and died 02 December 1856 in Oglethorpe Co., GA           (age 56).  He married AMY MARTIN 24 October 1827 in Oglethorpe Co., GA, daughter of ELIJAH MARTIN and MARY VAN DE BERG.

 iii. WILLIAM MOSELEY BUTLER, b. 20 December 1837; d. 10 May 1903, Atlanta, GA; m. FRANCES KENNEBREW, 01 July 1877, Oglethorpe Co., GA; b. 07 April 1847, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. 02 October 1927, Atlanta, GA.

8. *WILLIAM8 BUTLER (*ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2) was born 1809 in Oglethorpe Co., GA, and died 1875 in Clarke Co., GA          (age 67).  He married *NANCY CRAWFORD Abt. 1830 in Clarke Co., GA.  She was born 1813 in GA, and died in GA.

11. i. *WILLIAM J.9 BUTLER, b. 14 July 1832, ? Clark Co. GA; d. GA..
 ii. JACK BUTLER, b. 1834, Clarke Co., GA.
 iii. ELIJAH BUTLER, b. 1835, Clarke Co., GA.
12. iv. JAMES PATRICK BUTLER, b. 01 August 1837, Clarke Co., GA; d. 24 April 1883, Oconee Co., GA           (age 45).
 v. AMANDA BUTLER, b. 1838, Clark Co., GA.
 vi. THOMAS BUTLER, b. 1840, Clarke Co., GA.
 vii. MARTHA J. BUTLER, b. 1841, Clarke Co., GA; m. WILLIAM BRADBURY, 1861, Clarke Co., GA.
 viii. MARY SUSAN BUTLER, b. 1843, Clark Co., GA; m. ANTOIN MICHAEL, 26 May 1872, Clark Co., GA.
 ix. BENJAMIN J. BUTLER, b. 1844, Clarke Co.,  GA.
 x. SARAH F. BUTLER, b. 1845, GA; m. ABIDIAH STEPHENS, 1867, Clark Co., GA.
 xi. LUCY BUTLER, b. 1847, Clarke Co., GA.
 xii. DOCTOR A.H. BUTLER, b. 1848, Clarke Co., GA.
 xiii. HENRY M. BUTLER, b. 1851, GA.
 xiv. DAVID P. BUTLER, b. 1852, GA.
 xv. ELIZA C. BUTLER, b. 1854, GA.

9.  JESSE E.8 BUTLER (*ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3EdwARD2) was born 1814 in Clark Co., GA, and died 04 December 1891 in Clark Co., GA          (age 77).  He married (1) NANCY TYE MAXEY 20 January 1834 in Clark Co., GA, daughter of JOSIAH MAXEY and ELIZABETH TYE.  She was born Abt. 1818 in Clarke Co., GA, and died April 1860.  He married (2) ALMEDIA KLUTTS JONES 17 July 1864 in Clark Co., GA, daughter of JACOB KLUTTS and MILDRED WEAVER.  She was born 1830.

Children of JESSE BUTLER and NANCY MAXEY are:
 i. ELIJAH M.9 BUTLER, b. 1834; d. 1862; m. MARY JANE PONDER, 14 November 1861, Walton Co., GA.
 ii. JOSIAH T. BUTLER, b. 1835; d. 1860.
 iii. JESSE M. BUTLER, b. 1837, GA; d. 25 June 1862.
 iv. CATHERINE ELIZABETH BUTLER, b. 16 February 1840, GA; d. 28 June 1922; m. GEORGE W. MALCOLM, 06 December 1860, Clarke Co., GA; b. 17 September 1837; d. 21 May 1918.
 v. DOCTOR R. BUTLER, b. 1841, GA; d. VA      CSA.
 vi. NANCY ANN M. BUTLER, b. 1843, GA; m. ZEDAKIAH J. HARDMAN, 13 September 1866, Clarke Co., GA.
13. vii. SARAH J. "AUNT SHUG" BUTLER, b. March 1845, GA; d. 1927, Oconee Co., GA.
14. viii. FREDERICK J. W. BUTLER, b. 1847, GA; d. 15 September 1902.
 ix. JOSEPH A. BUTLER, b. 27 July 1849, GA; d. 19 May 1874; m. SUSAN "SUSIE" AMERICA MALCOLM, 22 December 1869, Clarke Co., GA; b. 27 March 1852; d. 26 February 1942.
 x. MARTHA ANN TELLULAH BUTLER, b. 1853, GA; m. MATTHEW H. JONES, 20 October 1870, Clarke Co., GA.
 xi. SUSAN H. BUTLER, b. 1855, GA; m. ANTOINE MICHAEL, 26 May 1872, Clarke Co., GA.
 xii. WILLIAM L. BUTLER, b. 1857, GA.
 xiii. MARY FRANCES BUTLER, b. 21 December 1858, GA; d. 05 May 1909; m. GORDON N. LOVERN, 26 November 1876, Oconee Co., GA; b. 15 January 1849; d. 05 November 1925.

 xiv. ALMEDIE9 BUTLER, b. Abt. 1865; m. ANDREW J. COOK, 29 December 1881, Oconee Co., GA.
 xv. JACOB M. BUTLER, b. 01 December 1866; d. 23 September 1904; m. MAUDE E. WHITEHEAD; b. 25 October 1876; d. 28 December 1911.
 xvi. MILLIE M. BUTLER, b. 14 November 1868; d. 23 December 1945; m. FRANCIS B. BROWN, 12 February 1888, Oconee Co., GA; b. 04 April 1849; d. 03 July 1923.

Generation No. 8



11. *WILLIAM J.9 BUTLER (*WILLIAM8, *ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2) was born 14 July 1832 in ? Clark Co. GA, and died in GA..  He married *MELISSA JANE SORROW 21 August 1853 in Madison Co. GA, daughter of *JESSE M. SORROW and *SARAH “Sallie” JOHNSON.  She was born 09 August 1828 in Madison Co.GA, and died in GA.

 i. NANCY J.10 BUTLER, b. 1854, GA.
 ii. SARAH N. (OR F) BUTLER, b. 1855, GA; m. JOSEPH LANDRUM, 25 July 1878, Oconee Co. GA.
 iii. CATHERINE M. BUTLER, b. 1858, GA.
 iv. WILLIAM T. BUTLER, b. 15 October 1859, GA; d. 27 December 1942, Oconee Co. GA; m. SARAH M. ARTHUR, 21 February 1885, Oconee Co. GA.
15. v. *HATTIE M. BUTLER, b. 23 January 1862, ? Clark Co, GA; d. 12 November 1944, Waco (McLennan) TX.
 vi. MARY ANN BUTLER, b. 1865, GA; m. NATHANIEL D. HUNTER, 25 December 1882, Oconee Co. GA.
 vii. FANNIE H. BUTLER, b. 1867, GA; m. THOMAS ERWIN, 26 December 1882.

12.  JAMES PATRICK9 BUTLER (*WILLIAM8, *ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2, ) was born 01 August 1837 in Clarke Co., GA, and died 24 April 1883 in Oconee Co., GA           (age 45).  He married ELLENDER AUSTIN 16 January 1859 in Walton Co., GA, daughter of JOHN AUSTIN and ELLENDER AUSTIN).  She was born 05 May 1838 in Jackson Co., GA, and died 16 December 1915 in Oconee Co., GA           (age 77).

16. i. JANE B.10 BUTLER, b. 30 May 1860, Walton Co., GA; d. 12 June 1929, Oconee Co., GA           (age 69).
17. ii. NANCY ELIZABETH (BETTY) BUTLER, b. 01 July 1862, Walton Co., GA; d. 18 July 1951, Oconee Co., GA           (age 89).
 iii. TALULAH (LULA) BUTLER, b. 20 July 1865; d. 05 June 1910, Oconee Co., GA.
18. iv. MARTHA (MATTIE) BUTLER, b. 20 September 1868, Walton Co., GA; d. 07 March 1937, Oconee Co., GA           (age 68).
19. v. JAMES ROBERT (BOB) BUTLER, b. 13 June 1871, Walton Co., GA; d. 30 March 1943, Oconee Co., GA           (AGE 67).
20. vi. JOHN PATRICK BUTLER, b. 18 May 1874, Walton Co., GA; d. 22 May 1939, Newton Co., GA   (age 65 ).
21. vii. HENRY THOMAS BUTLER, b. 11 August 1877, Walton Co., GA; d. 29 August 1938, Oconee Co., GA           ( age 61).
22. viii. EALER FRANCES BUTLER, b. 23 September 1880, Walton Co., GA; d. 13 September 1965, Fulton Co., GA   (age84).

13.  SARAH J. "AUNT SHUG"9 BUTLER (JESSE E.8, *ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2, *PEETER1) was born March 1845 in GA, and died 1927 in Oconee Co., GA.  She married BARNABAS "BARNEY" A. MAXEY, son of JESSE MAXEY and ANNA EASON.  He was born 11 September 1839 in Oglethorpe Co., GA, and died 05 September 1929 in Oconee Co., GA.

23. i. CORA10 D.MAXEY, b. 24 March 1873; d. 29 March 1933.
24. ii. DAISY ANNA MARIE MAXEY, b. 18 March 1895; d. 28 December 1967.

14.  FREDERICK J. W.9 BUTLER (JESSE E.8, *ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2, *PEETER1) was born 1847 in GA, and died 15 September 1902.  He married MAHALA L. JONES 28 December 1876 in Oconee Co., GA.

25. i. JESSE ELIJAH10 BUTLER, b. 29 November 1877; d. 13 January 1932.

Generation No. 9

15.  *HATTIE M.10 BUTLER (*WILLIAM J.9, *WILLIAM8, *ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2, *PEETER1) was born 23 January 1862 in ? Clark Co, GA, and died 12 November 1944 in Waco (McLennan) TX.  She married (1) *THOMAS (TOM) ARTHUR 22 April 1879 in ? Clark Co. GA, son of *THOMAS ARTHUR and *MARY WRIGHT.  He was born 21 June 1857 in Oglethorpe Co., GA, and died Abt. 1911 in Brady (Coleman) TX.  She married (2) JAMES W. PATTERSON 17 September 1905 in Waco (McLennan) TX.

Children of *HATTIE BUTLER and *THOMAS ARTHUR are:
 i. FANNIE ESTELLE11 ARTHUR, b. 16 September 1882, Watkinsville (Oconee) GA; d. 23 December 1957, Waco (McLennan) TX; m. (1) UNK BROWN; m. (2) THOMAS J. (EMANUA?)L LERA; m. (3) RICHARD GUESS VAUGHAN, 25 March 1941, Waco (McLennan) TX; b. 23 August 1858; d. 01 March 1949, Waco (McLennan) TX.
26. ii. CLAUDIA ADEL ARTHUR, b. 24 December 1884, Watkinsville (Oconee) GA; d. Corona (Riverside) CA.
27. iii. OTIS WHITE ARTHUR, b. 01 March 1887, Athens (Clarke) GA; d. 18 March 1957, Lubbock (Lubbock) TX.
 iv. WILLIAM THOMAS ARTHUR, b. 04 January 1889, Watkinsville (Oconee) GA; d. 11 July 1892, Watkinsville (Oconee) GA.
28. v. HAMPTON CHESTER ARTHUR, b. 18 March 1889, Athens (Clarke) GA; d. 29 August 1973, Dallas (Dallas) TX.
29. vi. HOWARD BUTLER ARTHUR, b. 1893, Athens  (Clarke) GA; d. 22 July 1940, Dallas (Dallas) TX.
30. vii. *SUSAN JANE ARTHUR, b. 12 April 1897, GA.; d. 23 July 1969, Waco (McLennan) TX.

16.  JANE B.10 BUTLER (JAMES PATRICK9, *WILLIAM8, *ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2, *PEETER1) was born 30 May 1860 in Walton Co., GA, and died 12 June 1929 in Oconee Co., GA           (age 69).  She married HIRAM (BUD) WHITEHEAD 19 March 1890 in Walton Co., GA.

 i. TOBY11 WHITEHEAD, b. 26 December 1890; m. LAVADA FITZPATRICK, 1917, Oconee Co., GA.
 ii. LURIE ELIZABETH WHITEHEAD, b. 08 June 1892, Oconee Co., GA; d. 26 March 1977, Oconee Co., GA     (age84); m. (1) HORACE WRIGHT (?) (H/O LURIE E. WHITEHEAD); m. (2) JOE SANDERS, 05 January 1911, Clayton Co., GA.
 iii. HOPI WHITEHEAD, b. 21 October 1893; d. 24 February 1983, Oconee Co., GA         (age 89); m. GEORGE LEE YOUNG, 02 January 1916, Oconee Co., GA.
 iv. JIMMY LEWIS WHITEHEAD, b. 02 September 1895, Oconee Co., GA; d. 21 September 1953, Oconee Co., GA           (age58); m. RUBY CROSS GARRISON.
 v. SIMMION SHAW WHITEHEAD, b. 24 August 1897, Oconee Co., GA; d. 04 July 1968, Oconee Co., GA         (age 70); m. MAUDE THURMAN.
 vi. HIRAM DEWEY WHITEHEAD, b. 08 September 1899, Oconee Co., GA; d. 19 May 1974, Oconee Co., GA           (age 74); m. BESSIE DILLARD.
 vii. SUSIE ODELL WHITEHEAD, b. 16 December 1901, Oconee Co., GA; d. 31 January 1986, Oconee Co., GA           (age 84); m. ERNEST HARRISON.
 viii. JOHN HENRY WHITEHEAD, b. 05 September 1904, Oconee Co., GA; d. 09 March 1960, (age 55); m. RUBY STEVENS.

17.  NANCY ELIZABETH (BETTY)10 BUTLER (JAMES PATRICK9, *WILLIAM8, *ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2, *PEETER1) was born 01 July 1862 in Walton Co., GA, and died 18 July 1951 in Oconee Co., GA           (age 89).  She married JOHN THOMAS OGLETREE 26 February 1886 in Walton Co., GA.

 i. CARMEN11 OGLETREE, b. 12 August 1889, Walton Co., GA; d. 30 July 1974, Oconee Co., GA           (age 84)).
 ii. ANNIE ROONEY OGLETREE, b. 05 May 1892, Walton Co., GA; d. 02 June 1937, Oconee Co., GA           (age 45); m. UNK (H/O ANNIE ROONEY OGLETREE), 26 December 1911.
 iii. JOHN MOODY OGLETREE, b. 26 January 1895, Walton Co., GA; d. 07 December 1984, Orlando, FL  (age 89); m. (1) MABEL GORDON METSER; m. (2) LENA DEAN, 14 September 1924.
 iv. ELLEN R. OGLETREE, b. 07 November 1898, Walton Co., GA; d. 23 June 1985, Oconee Co., GA           (age 86); m. TIMOTHY LHEMOUTH MICHAEL, 27 August 1917, Oconee Co., GA.
 v. HENRY BUTLER OGLETREE, b. 19 August 1901, Walton Co., GA; d. 05 October 1984, Oconee Co., GA      (age 83).

18.  MARTHA (MATTIE)10 BUTLER (JAMES PATRICK9, *WILLIAM8, *ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2, *PEETER1) was born 20 September 1868 in Walton Co., GA, and died 07 March 1937 in Oconee Co., GA           (age 68).  She married JOHN WORTHAM 1888 in Walton Co., GA.

 ii. JIMMY WORTHAM, b. 23 July 1909, Walton Co., GA; d. 22 August 1976, (age 67); m. EFFIE CROSS.
 iii. HUBERT WORTHAM, b. 22 March 1910; d. 21 June 1988, (age 78); m. PEARL MALCOLM.

19.  JAMES ROBERT (BOB)10 BUTLER (JAMES PATRICK9, *WILLIAM8, *ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2, *PEETER1) was born 13 June 1871 in Walton Co., GA, and died 30 March 1943 in Oconee Co., GA           (AGE 67).  He married RHODA BELLE SAILORS 03 November 1895 in Oconee Co., GA.  She was born 1872, and died 09 December 1933.

 i. RALPH B.11 BUTLER, b. 1898, Oconee Co., GA; d. 1923, (age25); m. LENA FAUTE.
 ii. ROBERTJEFF BUTLER, b. 1903; d. 13 June 1924, Oconee Co., GA           (age 20); m. LENA F. ? (W/O ROBERT JEFF BUTLER).
 iii. REESE MAC BUTLER, b. 28 January 1905, Oconee Co., GA; d. 16 May 1947, Watkinsville (Oconee) GA           (age 42); m. INEZ THOMPSON; b. 09 December 1906; d. 13 November 1972, Watkinsville (Oconee) GA.
 iv. BOYCE L. BUTLER, b. 1908, Oconee Co., GA; d. 08 June 1945, Watkinsville (Oconee) GA           (age 36); m. LAWARE JACKSON, 09 June 1944, Oconee Co., GA.
 v. EDITH C. BUTLER, b. 02 August 1913, Oconee Co., GA; d. 01 October 1984, Gordon, GA.  (age71).
 vi. MILDRED J. BUTLER, b. 31 July 1915; m. B. F. (JR.) DUPREE, 19 January 1944.

20.  JOHN PATRICK10 BUTLER (JAMES PATRICK9, *WILLIAM8, *ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2, *PEETER1) was born 18 May 1874 in Walton Co., GA, and died 22 May 1939 in Newton Co., GA   (age 65 ).  He married (1) MAGGIE A. CARTER KENDRICK.    He married (2) ROZENA MEDLIN 17 April 1894 in Oconee Co., GA.

Children of JOHN BUTLER and ROZENA MEDLIN are:
 i. HORACE R.11 BUTLER, b. 01 December 1896, Oconee Co., GA; d. 23 May 1972, Newton Co., GA   (age 75 ); m. WILLIE BROWN, 05 March 1921, Oconee Co., GA.
 ii. TREVIS BUTLER, b. 28 June 1898, Oconee Co., GA; d. 11 August 1899, Oconee Co., GA           (age 1 yr ).
 iii. ALMARETTE BUTLER, b. 13 August 1899, Walton Co., GA; d. 21 November 1976, Newton Co., GA   (age 77); m. RUPERT WHITE.
 iv. MARY JANE BUTLER, b. 10 November 1901, Hall Co., GA; d. 13 February 1978, Newton Co., GA   (age 76); m. ERNEST STOWE.
 v. GEORGE LADOVIE BUTLER, b. 06 October 1904, Morgan Co., GA; m. ESSIE LILLA CARDING.
 vi. FRETTE G. BUTLER, b. 20 July 1906, Morgan Co., GA; d. 06 November 1933, Walton Co., GA        (age27); m. HOWARD LONG.
 vii. LOWELL M. BUTLER, b. 18 April 1908, Oconee Co., GA; d. 23 February 1964, Newton Co., GA   (age 55 ); m. RHONELL ARKEN.
 viii. THELMAR BUTLER, b. 04 November 1909, Oconee Co., GA           ( a  twin); d. 13 January 1910, Oconee Co., GA.
 ix. THURMAN BUTLER, b. 04 November 1909, Oconee Co., GA        (a twin); d. 27 January 1910, Oconee Co., GA.
 x. WILDA BUTLER, b. 10 September 1910, Oconee Co., GA          (a twin); m. WEYMAN DOROUGH DILLARD, 15 October 1932, Oconee Co., GA.
 xi. WILMA BUTLER, b. 10 September 1910, Oconee Co., GA           (a twin); d. 02 September 1992, Oconee Co., GA       (age 81 ).

21.  HENRY THOMAS10 BUTLER (JAMES PATRICK9, *WILLIAM8, *ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2, *PEETER1) was born 11 August 1877 in Walton Co., GA, and died 29 August 1938 in Oconee Co., GA           ( age 61).  He married (1) LOU EARNEST 1898.    He married (2) LENA HAYGOOD 1918.

Children of HENRY BUTLER and LOU EARNEST are:
 ii. FANNIE BUTLER, b. 17 April 1908, Oconee Co., GA; d. 07 November 1976, Oconee Co., GA           (age 68); m. W. D. HUFF.
 iii. SAMUEL H. BUTLER, b. 15 November 1910, Oconee Co., GA; d. 21 February 1982, Oconee Co., GA         (age 71); m. INEZ HOWINGTON VICKERY.
 iv. ASA JAMES BUTLER, b. 28 February 1913, Oconee Co., GA; d. 20 March 1975, (age 62).
 v. HUGH ALLEN BUTLER, b. 29 August 1919, Oconee Co., GA; d. 25 February 1986, Oconee Co., GA         (age 66); m. CHRISTEN HARRIS.

22.  EALER FRANCES10 BUTLER (JAMES PATRICK9, *WILLIAM8, *ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2, *PEETER1) was born 23 September 1880 in Walton Co., GA, and died 13 September 1965 in Fulton Co., GA   (age84).  She married CHARLES HENRY CRAWLEY 09 August 1900 in Walton Co., GA, son of BENJAMIN CRAWLEY and ROSA KENNEDY.  He was born 19 October 1878 in Morgan Co., GA, and died 03 February 1940 in Newton Co., GA   (age 61 ).

31. i. ANNIE LILA11 CRAWLEY, b. 27 May 1903, Walton Co., GA.
32. ii. GRACE LAVERDA CRAWLEY, b. 15 February 1907, Walton Co., GA; d. 24 November 1987, Newton Co., GA   (age 80 ).
33. iii. HUBERT LEWIS CRAWLEY, b. 02 April 1910, Walton Co., GA; d. 13 November 1970, Clarke Co., GA       (age60).
34. iv. HAROLD EDGAR CRAWLEY, b. 13 March 1913, Walton Co., GA; d. 12 April 1967, Newton Co., GA         (age 54).
35. v. JAMES DORSEY "PAT" CRAWLEY, b. 11 August 1915; d. 04 January 1989, LA           (age73).
36. vi. RACHEL LEONA CRAWLEY, b. 19 July 1918, Walton Co., GA.
 vii. BRANT LAMAR CRAWLEY, b. 06 February 1923, Walton Co., GA; d. 23 July 1974, Jasper Co., GA     (age51).

23.  CORA10 D.MAXEY (SARAH J. "AUNT SHUG"9 BUTLER, JESSE E.8, *ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2, *PEETER1) was born 24 March 1873, and died 29 March 1933.  She married JESSE ELIJAH BUTLER, son of FREDERICK BUTLER and MAHALA JONES.  He was born 29 November 1877, and died 13 January 1932.

Children of CORA D.MAXEY and JESSE BUTLER are:
37. i. JAMES EDWARD11 BUTLER, b. 12 June 1912; d. 07 July 1987.
38. iii. JESSE ARTHUR BUTLER, b. 23 September 1907; d. 1984.

24.  DAISY ANNA MARIE10 MAXEY (SARAH J. "AUNT SHUG"9 BUTLER, JESSE E.8, *ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2, *PEETER1) was born 18 March 1895, and died 28 December 1967.  She married JOSEPH HAMILTON DOWNS, son of EDWARD DOWNS and MARTHA ANDERSON.  He was born 27 December 1891, and died 11 April 1954.

Children of DAISY MAXEY and JOSEPH DOWNS are:
 i. MARION HAMILTON11 DOWNS, b. 04 August 1915; d. 22 May 1926.

25.  JESSE ELIJAH10 BUTLER (FREDERICK J. W.9, JESSE E.8, *ELIJAH7, *THOMAS6, *THOMAS5, *THOMAS (1)4, *HENRY3, *EDWARD2, *PEETER1) was born 29 November 1877, and died 13 January 1932.  He married CORA D.MAXEY, daughter of BARNABAS MAXEY and SARAH BUTLER.  She was born 24 March 1873, and died 29 March 1933.

                            Sources:  Jerry Crawley, Elizabeth Boteler, Kirk Arthur, Dan Sadberry, Personal knowledge
I need help finding the family of Nancy Crawford who was married to William Butler
and the family of Jane Chew who was married to Thomas Butler

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