Descendants of *John ISBELL

As compiled by
Jane A. Schwarz Combs

Generation No. 1

1.  *JOHN1 ISBELL  He married *UNKNOWN.

Children of *JOHN ISBELL and *UNKNOWN are:
2. i. *WILLIAM2 ISBELL, d. Aft. 1720.

Generation No. 2

2. *WILLIAM2 ISBELL (*JOHN1) died Aft. 1720.  He married *UNKNOWN.

3. i. *HENRY3 ISBELL, b. 1700, VA ?.

Generation No. 3

3. *HENRY3 ISBELL (*WILLIAM2, *JOHN1) was born 1700 in VA ?.  He married *HANNAH COX Bet. 1719 - 1720, daughter of *JAMES COX and *ELIZABETH PLEASANTS.

Children of *HENRY ISBELL and *HANNAH COX are:
 i. WILLIAM B. (LLL)4 ISBELL, b. Abt. 1720, Goochland, VA; d. 10 October 1807, Goochland, VA; m. ANNA DILLARD, 05 March 1734/35, Goochland, VA; b. 1722, Goochland, VA; d. 1827, Goochland, VA.
4. ii. JAMES B. ISBELL, b. 1720, Charlotte (Albemarle) VA; d. 02 November 1780, Wilkes Co., NC.
5. iii. *ZACHARIAH ISBELL, b. 1722, VA ?; d. Abt. 1780, Watauga Settlement, NC.
 iv. CHRISTOPHER ISBELL, b. Abt. 1818, Albemarle, VA; d. Aft. 1800, Surry, NC.
 v. BENJAMIN ISBELL, b. Abt. 1719.
 vi. JOHN ISBELL, b. Abt. 1723.
 vii. HENRY (JR.) ISBELL, b. Abt. 1724, England; d. 1790, Halifax C., VA; m. HANNAH ?, Abt. 1741, Albemarle Co., VA.

Generation No. 4

4.  JAMES B.4 ISBELL (*HENRY3, *WILLIAM2, *JOHN1) was born 1720 in Charlotte (Albemarle) VA, and died 02 November 1780 in Wilkes Co., NC.  He married FRANCES THOMPKINS LIVINGSTON 1746 in Albemarle Co., VA.  She was born 1727 in England, and died 02 January 1784 in Wilkes Co., NC.

6. i. LIVINGSTON5 ISBELL, b. 17 November 1751, Albemarle, VA; d. Bef. 25 October 1785, Wilkes, NC.
7. ii. THOMAS ISBELL, b. 27 June 1753, Albemarle, VA; d. 27 October 1819, Wilkes, NC.

5. *ZACHARIAH4 ISBELL (*HENRY3, *WILLIAM2, *JOHN1) was born 1722 in VA ?, and died Abt. 1780 in Watauga Settlement, NC.  He married *ELIZABETH CALLAWAY, daughter of *THOMAS CALLAWAY and *? WOODSON.
Hon. Zachariah Isbell
circa 1722-1788
thought to be buried at Cherokee Cteek Baptist Church Cemetery, Hwy 81, south of Jonesboro, TN, near Cherokee Creek.

 iv. LOUISA ISBELL, b. 21 November 1743, SC; d. 16 April 1808, Washington Co., TN; m. JOHN CARR, 1756, Charleston, SC; b. 10 January 1736/37; d. 11 June 1818.
 v. SUSAN ISBELL, b. Abt. 1744; m. ROBERT MARLEY WHITE; b. Abt. 1742.
 vi. JASON ISBELL, b. Abt. 1746; m. POLLY ?; b. 1760, VA; d. 1840, Jackson Co., AL.
 vii. DAVID (OR DANIEL) ISBELL, b. Abt. 1748.
8. viii. *ZACHARIAH (JR.) ISBELL, b. 1750, Bedford, VA; d. Sevier,TN.
 ix. HANNAH ISBELL, b. 1760, Jackson Co., AL; d. Jackson Co., AL; m. (1) SAMUEL WILLIAMS; b. 1730, North Hampton, NC; d. 1788, Nolichucky River; m. (2) TAYLOR JAMES, Green, TN.

Generation No. 5

6.  LIVINGSTON5 ISBELL (JAMES B.4, *HENRY3, *WILLIAM2, *JOHN1) was born 17 November 1751 in Albemarle, VA, and died Bef. 25 October 1785 in Wilkes, NC.  He married NANCY "ANN" MARTIN Bet. 1771 - 1774, daughter of JOSEPH MARTIN and SUSANNAH CHILES.

 i. SUSANNAH CHILES6 ISBELL, b. 21 January 1773; d. Scott, KY; m. THOMAS BARLOW, 28 January 1794, Wilkes, NC.
 iii. MARY "POLLY" ISBELL, b. 1776; m. JAMES T. BROWN, 25 March 1797, Wilkes, NC.
10. iv. NANCY MARTIN ISBELL, b. Bet. 1778 - 1780.

7. THOMAS5 ISBELL (JAMES B.4, *HENRY3, *WILLIAM2, *JOHN1) was born 27 June 1753 in Albemarle, VA, and died 27 October 1819 in Wilkes, NC.  He married DISCRETION HOWARD 18 December 1781 in Wilkes, NC, daughter of BENJAMIN HOWARD and PRUDENCE SATER.  She was born 29 February 1764, and died 1848.
 i. PRUDENCE6 ISBELL, b. 05 September 1783; m. AMBROSE CARLTON, 21 November 1805, Wilkes, NC.
11. ii. BENJAMIN ISBELL, b. 19 October 1785, NC; d. 23 July 1870, Mt. Harmony (McMinn) TN.
 iii. JOHN ISBELL, b. 11 February 1788; d. Abt. 1824.
12. iv. FRANCES ISBELL, b. 02 July 1791; d. 23 October 1871.
13. v. LIVINGSTON ISBELL, b. 15 April 1794.
14. vi. ELIZABETH ISBELL, b. 18 November 1796; d. 19 July 1884.
15. vii. THOMAS ISBELL, b. 29 January 1800.
16. viii. MARY ISBELL, b. 21 December 1803; d. 06 January 1891.
17. ix. JAMES ISBELL, b. 12 September 1806.

8. *ZACHARIAH (JR.)5 ISBELL (*ZACHARIAH4, *HENRY3, *WILLIAM2, *JOHN1) was born 1750 in Bedford, VA, and died in Sevier,TN.  He married *POLLY MILLER 1775 in VA ?.  She was born Abt. 1760 in VA, and died Abt. 1840 in Shelby? AL?.

 ii. JASON L. ISBELL, b. Abt. 1779.
 iii. LEVI ISBELL, b. 1770, NC; d. Aft. 1850, Jackson Co., AL; m. SARAH JANE ?; b. Abt. 1775, NC; d. Aft. 1850, Jackson Co., AL.
18. iv. *WILLIAM ZACHARIAH ISBELL, b. 1771, Fort Watauga, NC ?; d. Bef. 1830, DeKalb Co., AL  in Decatur?.
19. v. JOHN MILLER ISBELL, b. 1777, SC; d. 25 August 1853, Monroe, TN.

Generation No. 6

18. *WILLIAM ZACHARIAH6 ISBELL (*ZACHARIAH (JR.)5, *ZACHARIAH4, *HENRY3, *WILLIAM2, *JOHN1) was born 1771 in Fort Watauga, NC ?, and died Bef. 1830 in DeKalb Co., AL  in Decatur?.  He married *SARAH RICHARDSON 1797.  She was born Abt. 1764.

 i. HANNAH7 ISBELL, b. 1793, TN; d. AL (Mississippi Territory); m. TIMOTHY MARCHAND.
 ii. JAMIMAH (JENEMIA) ISBELL, b. Abt. 1818, AL; d. Abt. 1850, AL; m. JOHN SUMMERS; b. Abt. 1816.
 iii. JOHN WILLIAM ISBELL, b. 1789, TN; d. August 1873, Jackson Co., AL; m. SARAH RODEN/RODDEN, 19 September 1816; b. Abt. 1791.
26. iv. JAMES ISBELL, b. 05 October 1791, TN; d. 04 June 1844, Jackson Co., AL   (Mississippi Territory).
27. v. *LEVI (REV.) ISBELL, b. 14 November 1797, Sevier Co., TN; d. 01 November 1876, DeKalb Co., AL.
 vi. MILLER ISBELL, b. 1800, TN; d. 1887, Franklin Co., AL; m. ANN E. MORRIS, 1863, Jackson Co., AL; b. Abt. 1802.
 vii. ELIZABETH ISBELL, b. 1804, TN; d. Bef. 1892; m. MATTHEW SAMUEL SUMMERS.
 viii. ZACHARIAH L. (REV.) ISBELL, b. 20 February 1814, TN  or  AL?; d. 12 October 1890, AL; m. (1) ELIZABETH N. WALLACE, 15 October 1841; b. 22 November 1825; d. 30 March 1849; m. (2) AMELIA MOORE, 12 November 1852; b. Abt. 1825.
 ix. NANCY MARGARET ISBELL, b. 20 February 1814, AL; d. Abt. 1847, Chickasaw Co., MS; m. JOHN BAKER.
 x. REBECCA ISBELL, b. 1816, Franklin Co., AL  or TN; d. Bef. 1892, AL; m. MADISON M. BRUTON.
 xi. WILLIAM ISBELL, b. 1818, AL; m. MAY ?.

Generation No. 7

27. *LEVI (REV.)7 ISBELL(*WILLIAM ZACHARIAH6, *ZACHARIAH (JR.)5, *ZACHARIAH4, *HENRY3, *WILLIAM2, *JOHN1) was born 14 November 1797 in Sevier Co., TN, and died 01 November 1876 in DeKalb Co., AL.  He married *SARAH "SALLIE" H.BIRDWELL 03 August 1816 in Madison Co., AL, daughter of *JOHN BIRDWELL and *MARY ALLEN.  She was born 14 February 1799 in Sullivan Co., TN, and died 18 August 1876 in DeKalb Co., AL.

Children of *LEVI ISBELL and *SARAH BIRDWELL are:
 i. ELIZA ELIZABETH8 ISBELL, b. 1832, Jackson Co., AL; d. 1849, AL; m. LOUIS D. GAUTNEY.
 ii. JOHN BIRDWELL ISBELL, b. 14 February 1830, AL; d. 28 January 1904, Timpson (Shelby) TX.
 iii. LUCINDA ISBELL, b. 1832, Jackson Co., AL; d. 1849, AL.
34. iv. WILLIAM C. ISBELL, b. 1822, TN; d. 1863, Jackson Co., AL.
35. v. JAMES RICHARDSON (REV./ M.D.) ISBELL, b. 19 July 1824, Jackson  Co., AL; d. 05 September 1911, Etowah (Etowah) AL.
36. vi. MARY ANN ISBELL, b. 10 May 1825, AL; d. 13 July 1891, AL.
37. vii. ALLEN RICHARD ISBELL, b. 09 November 1827, AL; d. 31 December 1897, Rusk Co., TX..
38. viii. *MARTHA C. ISBELL, b. 1838, Section (Jackson) AL; d. DeKalb Co., AL.
39. ix. ELIJAH MILLER ISBELL, b. 27 February 1840, Jackson Co., AL; d. 10 June 1920, Asbury (Marshall) AL.
40. x. CHARLES LEVI ISBELL, b. 14 November 1843, Jackson Co., AL; d. 10 April 1913, Poplar Springs (Marshall) AL.
41. xi. WILLIAM ZACHARY ISBELL, b. 20 March 1852; d. 12 July 1897.
 xii. NANCY ISBELL, b. 1820, Franklin Co., TN; d. 14 February 1877, AL; m. WYATT LUCAS, 28 February 1835, Daviess Co., KY; b. Abt. 1818.

Generation No. 8

38. *MARTHA C.8 ISBELL (*LEVI (REV.)7, *WILLIAM ZACHARIAH6, *ZACHARIAH (JR.)5, *ZACHARIAH4, *HENRY3, *WILLIAM2, *JOHN1) was born 1838 in Section (Jackson) AL, and died in DeKalb Co., AL.  She married (1) *DAVID N.CULVER 31 January 1856 in Jackson Co., AL, son of *ANDREW CULVER and *MARTHA MCNEELEY.  He was born September 1832 in Section (Jackson) AL, and died 1916 in Morris Co., TX.

Children of *MARTHA ISBELL and *DAVID CULVER are:
75. i. LUCINDA ELIZABETH9 CULVER, b. March 1859, Jackson Co., AL; d. April 1932, Morris Co., TX.
76. ii. LEVI ELIJAH CULVER, b. November 1866, Jackson Co., AL.
77. iii. *SARA EMALINE9 CULVER, b. 1857, Jackson Co.,AL.
 iv. AMANDA M. CULVER, b. 1859, Jackson Co., AL.
78. v. LUCINDA "LOU ENDIE" ELIZABETH CULVER, b. March 1859, Jackson Co., AL.
79. vi. LEVI CULVER, b. November 1861.

Generation No. 9

77. *SARA EMALINE9 CULVER (*MARTHA C.8 ISBELL, *LEVI (REV.)7, *WILLIAM ZACHARIAH6, *ZACHARIAH (JR.)5, *ZACHARIAH4, *HENRY3, *WILLIAM2, *JOHN1) was born 1857 in Jackson Co.,AL.  She married *"LEE" T. REEVES in AL, son of *R. REEVES and *FRENCH?.  He was born 31 December 1857 in Jackson Co.,AL, and died 13 November 1929 in Cookville [Titus] TX (Source: Death rec. Bk.2/Pg.140 Titus Co.TX. File # 51 Cause listed as Sudden Death.).

Children of *SARA CULVER and *"LEE" REEVES are:
 ii. JIM REEVES, b. TX..
 iii. "JEP" REEVES, b. TX.; d. Tyler, TX..
 iv. ALAN REEVES, b. November 1877; m. ULAR ?; b. September 1880, AL.
 v. MATTIE REEVES, b. September 1878, Jackson Co., AL.
 vi. SIS REEVES, b. 1880, Jackson Co., AL.
 vii. *SARAH "SALLIE" LOUNDIA REEVES, b. 07 November 1883, AL.; d. 31 May 1949, Oroville [Butte] CA. (Source: Have copy death cert.  Cause of Death: Coronary Thrombosis/Arteriosclerotic); m. *HENRY CARTER REYNOLDS, 12 August 1900, Mt.Pleasant [Titus] TX. (Source: Mar. rec. Bk.1/Pg.345 Titus Co.TX. b. 14 November 1879, Jackson Co, AL; d. 10 December 1933, Fouke [Miller] AR..
 viii. JOHN REEVES, b. 01 June 1890, TX.; m. MAY ?; b. 07 May 1899.

Sources:  Tonda Thomas,  Jaunice York, HISTORY OF ALABAMA by Owens.  Alabama State Archives.


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