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Alfred Compton

Aquilla Compton's Line - Alfred Compton, grandson of Aquilla Compton. He was born 27 May 1791 in Orange County, North Carolina & died 9 October 1846 in Graham, Alamance County, North Carolina.

My line comes down on Alfred's son, Freeman Walker Compton born 15 January 1824 in Orange County, North Carolina

Carol Ann Vian Bennett


Aquilla Compton

Aquilla Compton born 1724 (Prob. Maryland), Married 1760, Frederick co. Maryland, to Elizabeth (father William Sierra, mother Elizabeth Lee but adopted by stepfather William Norris) Norris, moved to Orange Co., North Carolina abt. 1771, died Orange Co., North Carolina 1805.

Roy Lynn Compton


Aquilla Compton

Aquilla Compton line.  His aunt Lottie wrote Descendants of Aquilla and Elizabeth Norris Compton by Lottie Compton McDowell, 1979

Elmer Compton

Frances Compton

Frances Compton born 1814 to John Compton and Polly Wallace in Tazwell, Virginia.

Sandi Ratliff" <>

James Compton

James Compton (Rev War) of Russell Co. VA. (b. ca 1750).  James enlisted in Anapolis, MD. Probable father of Larkin Compton.

John Compton (

Garrett Compton

Garrett Compton b. 1801 of Veteran, NY, (son of Stephen Compton b. 1769).  Garrett married Anna VALLEAU

Lorraine Latta (

Harriet Compton

Harriet Compton B. June 02, 1846, NY D. July 10, 1915, Cuba, Allegany Co., NY. Married to Henry Haines b. September 03, 1838, NY d. November 03, 1895, Cuba, Allegany Co., NY.



Clarence Haines


Mahlon H. Haines b. 1862


Addison Haines B abt 1866


Helen (Nellie) Haines b. September 11, 1868

Darla Cooper (

Hezekiah Compton

Researching Hezekiah Compton (1750-1821) married to Jane Fields (1770-?)

Sherry Huggins (

Horndon (Herndon?) Compton

Horndon (Herndon?) Compton, b. abt 1820 in VA (One census says NC) d. 16 Mar 1894 in Lawrence Co., KY
Father: Possibly Hiram Compton, b. abt 1800 in Russell/Tazewell Co. VA
Hiram d. 12 May 1874, Lawrence Co., KY

Connie Chancellor

John Compton
bulletJohn Compton of Roxbury born abt 1605 England
bulletWilliam Compton of Woodbridge N.J. born about 1630.
bulletJohn Compton born about 1669 Woodbridge N.J.
bulletDavid Compton born about 1701 Woodbridge N.J.
bulletJacob Compton born about 1732 N.J.
bulletJames Compton born about 1773 N.J.
bulletRichmond Compton born about 1813 N.J.
bulletJohn Compton born 1844 Pike County, Pa.
bulletRobert Drake Compton born 1876 Tobyhanna, Monroe County, Pa.
bulletGeorge Howard Compton born 1903 Waycross, Georgia.
Bob Compton (

John Compton III

Descendants of John Compton III & Mary Rebecca Wallace/Wallis,

Parents of Benjamin Wallace Compton of Tazewell Co, VA 1821 - 1893, who married Margaret Ann Cecil.

Margureitte Ratliff -WV (

James Compton


James Compton, born January 21,1770 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., Vermont. He married Clarissa Cleaveland February 17, 1793 in Delhi, Delaware Co., New York. He died February 9, 1836 in Leicester, Livingston Co., New York.


James' parents were John Compton and Helena Shearer. I have no dates for them. John was born in New Jersey and Helena in Holland. Their other children were Priscilla, Hugh, Hanah, Rachael, Samuel, Helena, Polly, John, and Abram.

Linda Lipp

James Compton

Researching James COMPTON. b 1847, Clifton, Bristol, UK.  2nd marriage to Emma Greasley from Leicestershire.  Father possibly James Glass Compton from Wiltshire. 

"Suzie Woodward" <>

Suzie (from Orkney)

James Emerson Compton

I am researching James Emerson Compton, son of Norris and Tamson Kemp Compton, son of Aquilla Compton.

 Marilyn Platt


James M. Compton

James M. Compton Born 1810
Residence: Laurens
County SC
Married: Nancy Poole in 1833
Children: Thomas Henry, Robert James, William Berry, Charles Orr, Marcus
Milton, Eliza Jane and Cornelia Emaline.
Died: Dec 1895, Bingen, Hempstead County Arkansas
Possible lineage: unknown

Charles Compton
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Lincoln, AL   35096
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Jeremiah Compton Sr.


I'm researching the line of Jeremiah Compton Sr. (1775 - 1849?) of Russell Co. VA.


He was not in the 1850 Census for VA. He and his second wife, Courtney, disappeared after they sold the family farm to Jeremiah Compton Jr. in 1848. Jeremiah could have died but Courtney was gone as well. She didn't show up until 1860 living with her son John Yates in Buchanan Co.


I have not been able to identify all of Jeremiah Sr.'s children.


He had 9 kids. 3 of which I can positively id. Richard J. Compton, Bartemous Compton, Jeremiah Jr.


There were 5 girls. One of which I believe was Priscilla, who married John Yates and had 4 kids by him. (Jeremiah Yates, Phoebe, Sam, Joe)


There was also another boy that was 15-20 in 1840 but disappeared by 1850.


I tend to believe that James Compton who married Emily, was a son of (Revolutionary) James, or he was a son of Thomas Compton.


No one knows who Jeremiah Sr.'s first wife was. I believe she died in the early 1840s.


Since the first marriage book was stolen much of that information will never be found.

Chris Compton


John Compton, Jr. 

John Compton, Jr.
Born abt 1794
Laurens County SC
Married Martha "Mattie" Sloan
Children: Roseanna, Jemima Ray, Robert James, Elizabeth, John, Mary S.,
William T., Martha Jane and Lewis Duvall.
Died: Feb 1837
Possible lineage: S/O John Compton and Amy Duvall of Laurens
County  SC

Charles Compton
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John Compton II

1John Compton II

+Elinor McGuire

2Hiram Compton, b. 1800 VA; d. 1874 Lawrence Co., KY.

+Jenny Shannon, b. 1801,; d. abt. 1830 VA.

3Layne Compton, b. 1821; d. 1895 Lwce Co., KY.

+Mary McDowell, b. 1825; d. 1854 of TB.

4Wilson (Wm)Perry Compton, b. Aug 1852; d.

1930. +Mary Louanna Wolfe, b. 1858; d. 1934.

5Wm. Perry Compton, Jr., b. 1886; d. 1967.

+Gladys O. Daugherty, b. 1910; d. 1971.

6Billy James Compton, b. 1927; d. 1992.

+Irene- living.

7Sandi-- Me!

any connections?

Have a wonderful summer!

Sandi Mayo


John Compton I am from the John Compton of Maryland, 1630ca-1718, immigrant. His wife was Mary Clark. I have quite a good bit on him. Some seem to think he might descend from a John and wife Susannah of Mass. but I have spent hundreds of hours in both the Hall of Records/Archives of Annapolis and the Historical Society Libr. in Baltimore and never seen anything that could tie the families together.

Would welcome any PROOF and DOCUMENTATION of this information.

I am from John's son Mathew and his wife Susannah Briscoe. I have all the children of everyone from John the immigrant to Maryland down for several generations with a great deal of documentation. 



Larkin Compton

Larkin Compton of Guilford, NC (b.1796 NC, enumerated in 1820 Guilford census). Married in Guilford NC in 1818, moved to Orange Co. IN by 1830

John L. Compton

Luke Crumpton Luke Crumpton/Compton, Sr., b. abt 1760, David Compton, b. bet 1800-1810 in South Carolina, William Christopher C Compton, b. Jul 1825 in South Carolina, James Alexander Compton, b. Oct 1855 in Calhoun/Benton Co., AL d. Oct 1940 in Cherokee Co., TX Linda Risinger

Mary S. Compton.

 All I know of her is that she married my GGrandfather John Hannah Tedford on 12 May 1869, believed in Hamilton County, IL. Either she died or they were divorced before 1875 because that is when John married Frances Henrietta Mitchell.

Donna Keller


Mathew Compton

Mathew Compton married in Milton Lilbourn, Wiltshire in 1743 to Lucy Sheaperd. Any Comptons in Wiltshire before 1750.

Annette Compton Clark <>

Matthew Compton

My Comptons are from Charles County, Maryland. My line begins in 1671 in Charles County, MD, migrated to Anne Arundel County, MD and then to Baltimore City, MD:


Matthew Compton m: Susannah Briscoe


Matthew Compton, Jr. m: Rachel Howard


William Compton m: Susannah Wilson Briscoe


Rev. John Wilson Compton m: Susanne Smoot


William J.W. Compton m: Caroline Jacob


Edward Vernon Compton m: Mary Julia Carr


Julia Compton m: George Eugene Power


Alice E. Power m: George F. Sauer


Evelyn - me

No living male Comptons.

Evelyn Windhaus


Matthew Compton

Matthew Compton (abt 1752 - Oct 1821) and Theodosia Botetourt County, Virginia to Breckinridge County, Kentucky and beyond. Descendants of John F. Compton

Brenda Duckers

Melvin Otha Compton


Grandfather Melvin Otha Compton born 26 Sept 1875 Metcalfe County Kentucky married Lee Ann Thrasher born 27 December 1884 Clinton County Kentucky


Great Grandfather Lewis Compton born 1841 Kentucky died 1898 Cumberland County KY


Married Mary Susan Turner born Oct 1842 Cumberland County, KY died 1907 Cumberland Co...


On Lewis Compton's brothers death certificate it says Father William Compton mother Sallie Mills. census records say William and Sallie were born in Kentucky


Lewis Compton had two brothers P D Compton and Joseph Compton

Jeanne Compton Koopman


Stephen Compton

Stephen Compton b. 1769 of New Jersey and near Ithaca, New York (Son of David Compton b. abt. 1727 Middlesex, NJ).   Stephen married Anna VAN SICKLE

Lorraine Latta (

Stephen A.(Alexander?) COMPTON

Stephen A.(Alexander?) COMPTON, b. 1774 (S.C.?) Daughter says in 1880 census that he and his wife were from S.C.. Oral family history says they came from Maryland.

Stephen in MS as early as 1802-03 (documented). d. 1843, Jefferson County, MS.

Family given names: William, Richard, Maria, Adaline, Celia,Olivia, Elsey,Susanna

A.Ross Heinle "a&p heinle" <>

Stephen Compton

Stephen Compton b. 1833 of Horseheads, NY, (son of Garrett Compton).  Stephen married Julia Augusta GARRY.  Stephen was 1st Lieut. in 179th NY Vol.   Partner in Gardner & Compton's Furniture, Horseheads, NY.

Lorraine Latta (

Rev. Thomas Hoyle Compton Researching The Rev. Thomas Hoyle Compton, b Aug 8, 1827, Manchester, England and wife Emma Sarah Winzar, b May 16, 1836, England and families of their 17 children.
  1. Emma Elizabeth Compton, b April 17, 1857
  2. Margaret Susan Mary Compton, b June 04, 1858
  3. Walter Joseph Compton, b January 19, 1860
  4. Alice Lucy Compton, b September 15, 1862
  5. Isabel Katherine Compton, b March 1863
  6. Leonard William Compton, b August 17, 1864
  7. Theodora Compton, b February 16, 1866
  8. Arthur Michael Compton, b September 12, 1867
  9. Francis John Bruce Compton, b February 18, 1869
  10. Agnes Winifred Compton, b November 29, 1870
  11. Edward Denison Compton, b April 11, 1872
  12. Edith Eleanor Mary Compton, b August 31, 1873
  13. Charles Christopher Compton, b January 13, 1875
  14. Philip Henry Compton, b June 14, 1876
  15. Maurice Winzar Compton, b August 03, 1877
  16. George Gabriel Compton, b February 05, 1879
  17. Violet Helen Mary Compton, b May 13, 1882
Alan L. Compton

William Compton

William Compton born ca1720 VA; lived Lunenburg & Halifax Co's., VA. Died 1774 Pittsylvania Co., VA.

Mary Hayes (

William Compton

William Compton, b. VA December 1767, D. 1846, Nashville, TN parents possibly William Compton and Charity Leiper Compton 

Clark Compton

Zachariah COMPTON


Zachariah COMPTON, who appears in Mercer Co., Ky., as early as the 1789 Tax List. His will dated 25 June 1804 was probated at the Garrard Co., Ky., Nov. Ct. 1804 (Will Book A, pp. 179-180).


Zachariah's wife was named Catherine ("Kitty"). His children mentioned in the will are Sally (m. William PETER); Heli/Heley; Elizabeth ("Betsy"), who married William ISON 23 June 1801 (this is my line); and Burrus (m. Anny DISMUKES 20 Nov 1805).


Although there are many theories concerning the parents of Zachariah, so far I have found no firm evidence to support any of them, nor have I found any connection to any other COMPTON family in Kentucky during that era. Naturally I'd love to.

Mary Smith" <>