chap14               THE NEW JERSEY HARRIS FAMILY

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and Geulie Elma GREGG was born 1 Nov 1820 in Richland County,
Ohio. He married Susanah E. PRATT 27 April 1845. They resided in
Logan County, Ohio until the fall of 1856 when they removed
to Cedar County, Iowa where he followed farming until August
9, 1862 when he enlisted in Company G, Thirty-Fifth Regiment
Iowa Infantry. He was in the siege of Vicksburg through the
whole siege, served his country for three years, and was
honorably discharged, 6 July 1865.

              Ten thousands of patriot freemen,
               Went forth at the beat of the drum,
              To rescue our dear bleeding country,
               Or fall ere the task was done.

              Those true men will ne'er be forgotten;
               Their memory still cherished will be,
              As long as the flag of the Union,
               Waves o'er the land of the free.

              Their names on the proud roll of honor,
                Emblazoned in beauty shall shine,
              Through all the bright glad future ages,
                Entwined with a glory divine.

              We ne'er can forget how they suffered,
                How patiently hardships were borne,
              How bravely they met every danger.
                And brought back our banners untorn.

Mr. Harris, in the fall of 1865, removed from Cedar to Benton
County, Iowa, where he resided until 1878, when he removed to
Lompoc, Santa Barbara County, California. Jonathan and
Susanah had no issue.

ELIZA ANN HARRIS, daughter of William HARRIS and Geulia E.
GREGG was born in Richland County, Ohio 5 Nov 1822. She
married Benjamin S. SCOTT 6 May 1847. They had six children.
After their marriage they settled in Zanesville, Ohio, where
they resided until January 7, 1886 when Mr. Scott met with an
accident which caused his death on 8 Jan 1886. He was elected
Mayor of Zanesville, and was justice of the peace. He was the
son of Joshua SCOTT and Elizabeth STANTON, and was born in
Belmont County, Ohio 14 Jan 1821.

                      THE HARRIS FAMILY

In 1864 he enlisted in Company E, Thirty-eighth Regiment Ohio
Volunteers. The regiment rendezvoused at Bellefontaine, May
2, from there to Camp Chase on the 11th, where the regiment
was reorganised as the One Hundred and thirty-second, under
command of Colonel Joel Hines; Company E was constituted
Company I, commanded by Captain K.B. Porter. They left Camp
Chase, May 22, for Washington City, arriving there the 25th
camped on Arlington Heights, remained there until June 11,
when they were ordered to Bermuda, on James River, where they
remained until August 12, when the regiment broke camp and
proceeded homeward; was mustered out of service at Columbus,
Ohio, September 10, 1864. Their children were:

1. Amelia L. Scott  (twin)      b.  3 Mar 1848
m. Abraham HULSIZER 8 May 1872

2. Lewellyn Scott   (twin)      b.  3 Mar 1848
m. Cecilia HENDRICKSON 12 May 1872

3. Sarah E. Scott               b. 17 Apr 1852

4. Callie H. Scott    (twin)    b. 27 Jan 1857

5. James Elmer Scott  (twin)    b. 27 Jan 1857 d. in infancy

6. Edwin M. Scott               b. 24 Nov 1862

AMELIA L. SCOTT, daughter of Benjamin SCOTT and Eliza A.
HARRIS was born 3 Mar 1848 in Logan County. She married
Abraham HULSIZER 8 May 1872 by whom she has three children.
Abraham was born in New Jersey in 1834 and came to Logan
County when a young man. He enlisted in the Tenth Ohio
Battery, and was at the Battle of Shiloh, on April 5, 1862.
He was taken prisoner near Inka and sent to Florence,
Alabama. He was exchanged and sent home within a few weeks.
He again joined the battery which was attached to General
Thomas' command. He was at the Battle of Nashville, Tennessee
and at the end of three years service was mustered out at
Louisville, Kentucky, in 1864. At the time of his discharge
he held the position of Quartermaster Sergeant. They lived in
Zanesville, Logan County, Ohio.

1. Hattie F. Hulsizer           b.  8 Apr 1874

2. Flossie S. Hulsizer          b. 18 May 1878

3. Mary Alice Hulsizer          b. 18 Sep 1880

                      THE HARRIS FAMILY

LEWELLYN SCOTT, son of Benjamin SCOTT and Eliza A. HARRIS was
born 3 Mar 1848 in Logan County, Ohio. He married Cecilia
HENDRICKSON 12 May 1872 by whom he had four children.  Mr.
Scott is a tinsmith by occupation. They lived in Belle-
fontaine, Ohio.

1. Leutie Inez Scott            b.  5 Mar 1873

2. Ferdinand A. Scott  (twin)   b. 23 Dec 1876

3. Frederick S. Scott  (twin)   b. 23 Dec 1876 d. in infancy

4. Thomas Harris Scott          b. 26 Feb 1878 d.  9 Apr 1880

TACY G. HARRIS, daughter of William HARRIS and Geulie E.
GREGG was born 23 June 1825 in Richland County, Ohio.
She married Thomas WALLACE 14 Oct 1843 in Logan County.
They had eight children. In 1856 the family moved to Union
County, Iowa. Tacy was injured by a runaway team and never
fully recovered. She died 25 November 1884. Mr. Wallace was a
farmer by profession and lived near Afton, Union County, IA

1. Katherine Wallace            b. 14 Oct 1843
m. James S. CLARK 3 Aug 1865

2. Geulie E. Wallace            b.  5 Jan 1846
m. Alonzo F. NICHOLDS

3. Joseph A. Wallace            b. 15 Sep 1847
m. Eliza HERR

4. Susan E. Wallace             b. 21 Apr 1850
m. George HERR

5. Elizabeth E. Wallace         b.             d. at two yrs

6. Sarah Isabell Wallace        b. 26 Jly 1855

7. Eva Wallace                  b.

8. William Wallace              b.              d. at 12 yrs

                      THE HARRIS FAMILY


                 By her sister, E.J. Richards

           A dear sister, wife, mother, and friend
             Has left us and gone home to rest;
           Her sickness and sufferings are at an end,
             Her trials are all over and past.

           Oh! how unexpected the messenger came,
             To call her from work to reward;
           Many years she has trusted in Jesus' name,
             And now gone to dwell with her Lord.

           We followed her down to the river's brink
             Oh! how cold and chill;
           We watched her as she began to sink,
             'Til her heart was cold and still.

           By an eye of faith we looked away,
             To that home so divinely fair;
           Let us live by faith while here we stay
             Then go to meet her there.

           What a grand reunion there will be
             When we shall all meet above,
           From every care and sorrow free,
             And dwell with those we love.

           When we shall see the smiling face
             Of Him who died to save,
           Who opened up the way of life
             And triumphed o'er the grave.

                      THE HARRIS FAMILY

KATHERINE WALLACE, daughter of Thomas WALLACE and Tacy G.
HARRIS was born 14 Oct 1825 in Logan County, Ohio. She
married James S. CLARK 3 Aug 1865. Mr. Clark was a farmer and
lived near Afton, Union County, Iowa. They had six children.

1. Albertis T. Clark            b.  7 Oct 1866

2. Theodore F. Clark            b. 25 Aug 1872

3. Effie May Clark              b. 29 Sep 1874 d.  6 Oct 1874

4. Tacy Eva Clark               b.  5 Feb 1877

5. Eunice Bell Clark            b. 18 Jly 1879

6. Susan Melvina Clark          b. 28 Jan 1883 d.  5 Feb 1883

GEULIE ELMA WALLACE, daughter of Thomas WALLACE and Tacy G.
HARRIS was born 5 Jan 1846 in Logan County, Ohio. She
married Alonzo F. NICHOLDS 23 Aug 1866 by whom she had nine
children. Mr. Nicholds is a carpenter by trade and they lived
near Creston, Union County, Iowa.

1. Louis Henry Nicholds         b. 30 Jne 1867

2. Thomas Nicholds              b. 17 Sep 1869 d. 23 Sep 1870

3. Mildred Nicholds             b. 11 Sep 1873

4. Sadie Nicholds               b.  8 Aug 1876

5. Frankie Nicholds             b.  2 Feb 1878 d.    Aug 1878

6. Charles Nicholds             b. 22 Jly 1879

7. Bertha Nicholds              b.  8 Aug 1880

8. Eva May Nicholds             b. 27 Feb 1882 d.        1882

9. Mamie Maud Nicholds          b. 23 Jly 1884

was born 15 Sept 1847 in Logan County, Ohio. He married Eliza
HERR 19 Dec 1867 in Union County, Iowa. Mr. Wallace was a
farmer and lived in Iowa until 1883 when he went to Butler
County, Kansas. Six children were born to them.

                      THE HARRIS FAMILY

1. George Herbert Wallace       b. 27 Dec 1868

2. Josephine Gertrude Wallace   b.  7 Dec 1870

3. Raymond Walter Wallace       b. 28 Mar 1873

4. Thomas Andrew Wallace        b.  7 Dec 1875

5. William Wallace              b. 24 May 1878

6. Mabel Eva Wallace            b.  8 Feb 1882

SUSAN E. WALLACE, daughter of Thomas WALLACE and Tacy G.
HARRIS was born 21 April 1850 in Logan County, Ohio. She
married George HERR in Union County, Iowa 13 March 1867.
They had six children. Mr. Herr was a farmer and they resided
near Wilton Junction, Muscatine County, Iowa.

1. Arthur Herr                  b. 18 Mar 1868

2. Minnie Herr                  b. 23 Aug 1870

3. Jessie Herr                  b. 18 May 1873

4. Myrtle Herr                  b. 20 Aug 1875

5. Eva Herr                     b. 20 Aug 1878

6. Mary Herr                    b. 19 Oct 1880

SARAH ISABELL WALLACE, daughter of Thomas WALLACE and Tacy G.
HARRIS was born 26 July 1855 in Logan County, Ohio. She
married 17 Oct 1872 Austin HEALY in Union County, Iowa.
Mr. Healy was a photographer and they lived in Afton, Union
County, Iowa. They had five children.

1. Ethel Healy                  b.  8 May 1873

2. Leo Healy                    b. 23 Apr 1876 d.    Mar 1877

3. Royal W. Healy               b. 14 Jan 1878

4. Edna Healy                   b.  7 Aug 1881

5. Daisy Healy                  b. 24 Jly 1884

                      THE HARRIS FAMILY

ELMA JANE HARRIS, daughter of William HARRIS and Geulie E.
GREGG was born in Richland County, Ohio 20 July 1828. She
married Saul RICHARDS 2 Dec 1846 in Logan County, Ohio.  They
had five children. Mr. and Mrs. Harris resided in Logan
County, until 1860, when they emigrated to Cedar County,
Iowa. They lived there until 1870 when they removed to Afton,
Union County, Iowa. They were farmers.

1. Sarah Richards               b. 23 Mar 1848

2. Tacy W. Richards             b. 10 Nov 1849
m. John M. DUNCAN 9 Oct 1867

3. Mary Ellen Richards          b.  9 May 1853
m. Isaac STEWARD

4. Silas Preston Richards       b.  7 Apr 1855 d. 20 Mar 1867

5. Homer S. Richards            b.  9 Jly 1861

TACY W. RICHARDS, daughter of Saul RICHARDS and Elma J.
HARRIS was born 10 Nov 1849 in Logan County, Ohio. She
married John M.  DUNCAN in Union County, Iowa 9 Oct 1867.
They resided at Wilton Junction, Muscatine County, Iowa.
They had four children.

1. Hattie E. Duncan             b. 15 Aug 1868

2. Sarah Elnora Duncan          b. 30 Apr 1872

3. Emery Marcell Duncan         b. 19 Mar 1878

4. Eddie Warren Duncan          b. 26 Feb 1880

MARY ELLEN RICHARDS, daughter of Saul RICHARDS and Elma J.
HARRIS was born 9 May 1853 in Logan County, Ohio. She
married Isaac STEWARD 26 Feb 1880 in Union County, Iowa.
They had one child. They were farmers and lived near Afton,
Union County, Iowa.

1. Loretta Blanch Steward       b. 30 Aug 1881

                      THE HARRIS FAMILY

JAMES S. HARRIS, son of William HARRIS and Geulie E. GREGG
was born 22 Oct 1832 in Richland County, Ohio. When three
years of age his parents removed to Logan County, Ohio.  He
worked on the farm with his father until he was nineteen
years old. Then left home to learn the carpenter trade with
his brother-in-law, Joshua Scott. He left this and in the
spring of 1854, he went to Iowa. He married Susanna WATKINS,
daughter of Abram and Lydia WATKINS, of Cedar County, Iowa,
on 15 Oct 1857. They had five children.

James, at the breaking out of the War between the States,
enlisted 12 Aug 1862, in the Thirty-fifth Regiment of Iowa
Volunteers, and left the State for active service. James saw
action at Jackson, Mississippi, the Siege of Vicksburg,
Pleasant Hill on the Red river in Louisiana, Nashville,
Tennessee, Fort Spanish, and Fort Blakely on Mobile Bay.
After Lee surrendered, 10 August 1865, James was honorably
discharged from his country's service.

   He marched to the field and marched to the fight
   And fought for the glorious flag and his country's right
   And met the Southern hosts with fearless heart and true
   And showed them what Uncle Sam's loyal men could do.

James lived in Iowa until the spring of 1871, when he, and
his family, emigrated to Filmore County, Nebraska, where they
lived until the fall of 1878. They moved to California and
lived near Lompoc, Santa Barbara County, California."

1. William Pratt Harris         b. 16 Aug 1858
m. Ida DAVIS 26 Oct 1885

2. Cevilla Harris               b. 20 May 1860
m. James SLOAN 19 May 1881

3. John Whitaker Harris         b. 26 Jne 1867

4. O'Dell Harris                b. 20 Mar 1875

5. Carrie Harris                b. 22 Jne 1882

                      THE HARRIS FAMILY

"WILLIAM PRATT HARRIS, son of James S. HARRIS and Susanna
WATKINS was born 16 Aug 1858 in Cedar County, Iowa. He
married Ida DAVIS of Baker County, Oregon 26 Oct 1885. They
had one child name not known. They lived near Vale Po, Baker
County, Oregon.

CEVILLA HARRIS, daughter of James S. HARRIS and Susanna
WATKINS was born 20 May 1860 in Cedar County, Iowa. She
married James SLOAN in Lompoc, California 19 May 1881.
They had one son.

1. Harry SLOAN                  b.  4 Feb 1882

JAMES HARRIS, son of John HARRIS and Mary HAMILTON was born
22 Mar 1792 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. He went to
the State of Ohio, where some of his brothers had gone, and
married Mary LOGAN, in Richland County, Ohio 26 Dec 1816.
They settled in Bloomfield Township, Richland County, Ohio
where they farmed. James died at forty-two years of age 6 Jan
1834. He is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Richland
County. His wife Mary LOGAN was born 19 Mar 1792 and died 8
Mar 1864 in Eldora, Hardin County, Iowa at the home of her
son Abram Byram Harris. James and Mary had six children.

1. William Logan Harris         b.  4 Nov 1817
m. Nancy Ann ATWELL 9 Aug 1840

2. John Hamilton Harris         b. 19 Jly 1819 d.        1825

3. Sarah Ann Harris             b. 13 Aug 1821 d. in infancy

4. Abigail Harris               b. 23 Feb 1823
m. Joseph EDGINTON 26 Sept 1844

5. Elizabeth Harris             b.  6 May 1825 d. 23 Jly 1850

6. Abram Byram Harris           b.  7 Sep 1828
m. Eliza B. JAQUES 1 Feb 1849

was born 7 Sept 1828 in Richland County, Ohio. He married
Eliza B. JAQUES 1 Feb 1849. Before he was eighteen years old
he enlisted in Company A, Third Regiment of Ohio Volunteers,
on the 17th of June 1846, in the War between Mexico and the
United States.

                     THE HARRIS FAMILY

He went with his regiment to Matamoras, where he remained for
seven months; from there he went to Camargo, and from there
to Buena Vista. After he muster out of service, he and his
family lived in Ohio until 1851, when they removed to
Champaign County, Illinois, where they lived until 1856, when
they moved to Eldora, Hardin County, Iowa.

When the Civil War broke out, he enlisted in Company C, Sixth
Regiment Iowa Volunteers; was mustered into the United States
Service by Alexander Chambers, on the 17th of July, 1861. He
was chosen Captain of his company and was in the two days
fight at Shiloh or Pittsburg Landing, and the twenty-seven
days advance on Corinth, Mississippi. He left the service on
the 3rd of Feb 1863.

They resided in Eldora, Iowa until September 1876, when he
removed with his family to Denton County, Texas, where he
bought land and farmed. They had eight children.

1. Mary Elizabeth Harris        b. 16 Dec 1849 d. in infancy

2. William Logan Harris         b. 19 Oct 1852 d.        1853

3. Abigail Vanlua Harris        b. 14 Dec 1854 d. 30 Nov 1863

4. Florence Margaret Harris     b. 27 Sep 1857
m. John Sankston RICHARDS 1 Nov 1875

5. Mary Alice Harris            b. 26 Feb 1860
m. J.T. ALRED 29 Jan 1885

6. Abram Loyal Lincoln Harris   b. 13 Oct 1863

7. James Jaques Harris          b. 20 Mar 1866

8. Josephine Mignonett Harris   b.  3 Mar 1869

Eliza B.  JAQUES was born 27 Sept 1857 in Eldora, Iowa. She
married John Sankston RICHARDS 1 Nov 1875. They had four
children and lived in Denton County, Texas.

1. Nettie L. Richards           b.  4 Jly 1879

2. Edna Vera Richards           b. 12 May 1882

3. Maggie Bell Richards (twin)  b.  3 Sep 1884

4. Maud Alice Richards (twin)   b.  3 Sep 1884 d.        1884

                      THE HARRIS FAMILY

MARY ALICE HARRIS, daughter of Abram B. HARRIS and Eliza B.
JAQUES was born 26 Feb 1860 in Eldora, Iowa. She married
J.T. ALRED 29 Jan 1885. They had one child and lived near
Argyle, Denton County, Texas.

1. Walter Eugene Alred          b.  4 Nov 1885

LOGAN was born 4 Nov 1817 in Bloomfield Township, Richland
County, Ohio. He was sixteen years of age when his father died, 6
January 1834. He converted to Christianity, 10 June 1834, and
entered Norwalk Seminary as a student, and was licensed to preach
in the early part of 1837, and entered Michigan Conference ( a
part of which territory was then in Ohio) September 7, 1837.
He was pastor at Dover, Belleville, Amity, and Chesterville,
Ohio, and in 1844, at Delaware, Ohio. In 1845, was a tutor
in Ohio Wesleyan University and in 1848 went to be Principle
of Baldwin University, at Berea, Ohio.

In 1852, he was elected Professor of Chemistry and Natural
History, which position he held for eight years. He was
elected Bishop in 1872, at Brooklyn, and soon went on a tour
around the world. He received his degree of D.D. from
Alleghany College in 1856, and his LL. D. from Baldwin
University in 1870. Bishop Harris was an active abolit-
ionalist. In the time preceeding the Civil War, he took an
active part in the discussion, writing books, pamplets, etc.
on the subject.

In May 1873, Bishop Harris went around the world by way of
San Francisco eastward, and visited the mission stations in
Japan, China, India, Bulgaria, and Western Europe.
Picture/Woodcut Bishop William Logan Harris

William Logan Harris married Nancy Jane ATWELL, 9 Aug 1840,
and had three children. He died 2 September 1887.

1. Mary Celestina Harris

2. Hattie Augusta Harris

3. William Hamilton Harris
m. Grace Fancher NICOLL 1 Dec 1885

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