Family Archives of Sherry Boresen Sullivan

Like branches on a tree, may we grow in different directions,
yet our roots remain as one.

Welcome to my family archives.
I hope you find a link between
your family and mine.
There are now over 10,000 people listed in our family tree!

Some of our family names include:
Allen, Altvatter, Andersen, Anderson, Appleby, Ashmore, Bailey, Balsamo, Baker, Begley, Bergwall,
Bigelow, Bilka, Birdsall, Bombriant, Booth, Boresen, Bower, Brady, Brignola, Britt, Buckingham, Buckley, Burgess, Burham, Calhoun, Capasso, Caricchio, Carney, Casella,
Churchill, Civitelli, Clare, Cole, Culver, Cyrus, D'Ario, D'Errico, Drexel, Evans,
Fabricius, Ferguson, Freeman, Garofano, Gorham, Hager, Hansen, Harrington, Hawk, Heagnow, Hebert, Hendry, Henry, Hershkowitz, Herlufsen, Hill, Hildebrandt, Hutchinson,
Jahobsen, Johannessen, Johnson, Jones, Kenna, Kern, Kesilewski, Kreutzer, Kustew,
Lafond, Langer, Larkins, Larson, Latella, Leak, Leichman, Lein, Lennon, Lewis, Lorensen,
Mackin, Maloney, Malsen, Malm, Martino, Mayer, McGillis, Menchetti, Moeller, Monroe, Murphy, Neal, Neupert, Newbold, Numbers,O'Brien, Olessen, Pall, Palmeri, Paradise, Passerello, Peck,
Peluso, Popp, Raindl, Reese, Reid, Reynholdsen, Ricci, Riggio,Rockefeller, Rose, Rosen, Rudolph, Rust, Ryan, Sakariasen, Santee, Scheer, Schrok, Schwartz, Shuman, Shipman,
Silas, Simms, Sisson, Smith, Strand, Streeter, Stucker, Sullivan, Swarbrick,
Taylor, Tomko, Toner, Topper, Tursio, Tyrol, Van Fleet, Vasil, Viers,
Waters, West, Werntz, Weyant, Wizorek, White, Wrightington, Zahn, and Zurger.

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Pioneers of Wiregrass County, written by Folks Huxord - An index to changes/additions?

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