Melissa Streeter
Melissa Streeter

Parents: unknown
Children: Robert Cole
and Louise Cole
and Caroline Cole

Melissa was born in 1860 either in
Gouverneur, NY or in Fullerville.
She had a brother, Almin (spelling?)
who got burnt on a hearth
when he was only 2 or 3 years old.
This left him difigured for life
Almin lived in Fullerville, NY
She also had a sister, Rachael
who married George Bacon

Melissa told her granddaughter,
Virginia Leak (Soderman)
that she had 7 uncles, all over 6 ft tall
who went into the war
(Civil War that is!)

She met and married Mr. Johnson
(still researching his name)
circa 1885
Together, they had two (2) children:
Robert and Louise.

In 1886, Melissa and Mr. Johnson were
in Loraine, Wisconsin
This is where their son, Robert, was born.
They also had a daughters,
Louise Cole.

It is unknown if Mr. Johnson died,
or if they divorced,
but Melissa later married Frank Cole.
They had a daughter, Caroline Cole circa 1895.

Melissa had a home in Gouverneur, NY
on Scotch Settlement Road
Frank's father, (believed to be Jay Frank Cole,
but undocumented at this time)
owned a mine and a large farm in the area.
The mine was of fools gold, or pyrite and talc
It was used during WWI

Melissa died in the 1940's in
Hamden, Connecticut
and is buried at
Evergreen Cemetery, in New Haven, Connecticut

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