Cathy Werntz
Images of Cathy Werntz Tomko

Cathy in all her cuteness, July 1979

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Christmas 1978

Cathy in Uncle Walt's Chair, 1979

Cathy's Birthday, 1979

Cathy at backyard party

Cathy - in background Lynette, Aunt Linda and Frankie

Cathy with sister, Stacy 1979

Cathy on couch

Cathy - Easter Egg Hunting 1979

Cathy & Stacy in the Playroom

Cathy, Stacy and Frank Werntz, December 1979

Cathy & Michelle Boresen, Halloween 1979

Michelle Boresen, Frank Werntz,
Ralph Garofano, and Cathy Werntz, October 1979

Cathy & Stacy on their 1st Holy Communion, May 1979

Strike a Pose!
Lynette Boresen Frank holding Cathy, Stacy with hand on hip,
and Michelle Boresen kneeling in front, 1979

Slip Sliding Away
Cathy, Stacy (the ham in the middle) and Michelle Boresen, 1979

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