Virginia Werntz
Images of Virginia (Ginny) Britt Werntz

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Pregnant with Frank

With Frank, 2 weeks old

Pregnant with Frank

Holding Frank

Washing Dishes

Sitting on bed, holding Frank

May 1971, with Frank in Carriage

Frank's Christening - 3 photos

Mom & Dad at Frank's Christening

Ginny & Frank at Frank Juniors Christening

Mom at Frank's Christening

Halloween 1971

Grandma & Grandpa Werntz, Mom & Dad, and Frank

Feeding Stacy

Grandpa Werntz with Frank & Stacy

Frank's Birthday

Christmas 1972

Christmas 1972

At Trolley Musuem, 1973

2 Photos of Ginny

2 Photos at Catskill Game Farm

With Famiily Friends Gretchen Zonas, Joan Monroe and Carroll Baker (Ginny on left, in pigtails)

Ginny with Stacey and Frank

Kissing Frank

With Frank at park and on Train

Franks "Big Catch" from Fishing

At the clothesline

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