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Andersen, Elna - more info Andersen, Julius - more info

Andersen, Karen Ellen ****** Bailey, Ellen J.- more info

Boresen, Jens E.- more info Boresen, Sina - more info

Cole, Harriet Drexel - more info

Cole, Robert - more info

Cole, Frank - more info

Drexel, Harriet Josephine - more info

Fabricius, Theodor - more info

Fabricius, Walter - more info

Larson, Ivar - more info

Petterson, Hilma - more info

Streeter, Melissa - more info

ON-LINE PHOTO IMAGES ONLY (story pages to follow someday...)
Allen, Linda (1983) - photo only
Civitelli, Sisters of Arthur
Grant, Donna D'Errico Maloney - holding Frank Werntz
Hutchinson, Virginia Allen Appleby
Hansen, Gertina Herlufsen
Herlufsen, Mother of Gertina Herlufsen, maiden name Kustew also with her sister?
Larson Daughters, Linda, Karen, Susan and Cindy in 1965

Moeller - note this may not be the correct spelling of the surname
Moeller, Bjorn, with his mother Nora Hansen Moeller 1948 in New Haven, CT
Moeller, Bjorn, with his wife Gladys
Moeller, Nora Hansen July 1947 with son Bjorn and niece Karen Andersen at Briarcliff Manor in New York
Moeller, Nora Hansen July 1947 with niece Karen Andersen in New Haven, Connecticut
Moeller, Nora Hansen July 1947 with son Bjorn, niece Karen Andersen, and brother Nelson Hansen at Briarcliff Manor in New York
Moeller, Nora Hansen July 1947 with son Bjorn in New Haven, Connecticut

Tomko, Frank (see also Werntz)
Tomko, Stacy (see also Werntz)
Tomko, Cathy (see also Werntz) Werntz, Frank "Red"- About 10 Photos in the collection

Werntz, Virginia Britt - About 30 Photos in the collection

Werntz/Tomko Children - Frank, Stacy and Cathy

Wrightington - Raymond, Billy and Joey