Hilma Petterson Larson

Hilma Petterson Larson

Hilma Pettersen was the daughter of Oscar and Maria Petterson of Sweden. She was born on March 28, 1875 in Gotland, Sweden. She came to America circa 1898.

Hilma married Lawrence Larson, who was from Werenland, Sweden. Lawrence was a fireman. Hilma was a homemaker. They had 6 children(click here to see family photo) Elsa, Edna, Ruth, Harry,Raymond and Ivar Lawrence LarsonFrom Ivar's birth record it appears that Hilma may have had a 7th child that was either stillborn or died at an early age.

Two of the daughters married. Elsa married a man named Knudsen, and Ruth married named Gunarson.

Lawrence predeceased Hilma. Hilma died on May 27, 1939 according to her death certificate at the age of 46 of arteriosclerotic heart disease. She is buried in Hamden Plains Cemetery, in Hamden, Connecticut.

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