Useful Genetic Genealogy

While the Y-DNA test is only for males and tests just the one Y-Chromosome passed to you by your father, the Family Finder test looks for inherited matching DNA to be found on the remaining 44 non-sex chromosomes and is good for males and females so it tests for all family lines.

While the Y-DNA test gives a result which is evaluating the same Y-DNA passed from father to each son starting from the beginning, the Family Finder testing is looking for matches in a highly variable combination of genes and is effective back for 6-8 generations.

So, what we do is basically use the

Y-DNA to make sure we are fishing in the right pond,

use the

Family Finder to identify and name each fish in the pond

and then we use the usual genealogy process known as

paper trail genealogy to find documenting evidence of each family line


It is always a work in progress but now and then we can take stock in what we have found and what it means.

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