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By clicking on the large image to your left you will be able to review all videos that are available in this collection. A collection is also called a channel which is to say that all selections within the collection relate to one theme or person in this case. In short you are turning your attention to the Yatesville History and Genealogy YouTube Channel.

The information and links below can take you to specific videos within the Collection-Channel. Either way to access the videos is fine as once you get to YouTube you will be able to select view all videos. The videos are displayed in different ways at times such as last uploaded or most frequent viewings. You may notice the name "Mrhospman"; that is the username I have used for years on my Google Account. If you are given an option to review all of Mrhospman's videos, the answer is yes.

Jim Yates 8 MM Memories is brought to you in 5 videos. James Robert Yates originally of Metcalf, IL was a budding photographer using 8 MM technology. He didn't pursue film making but we now have the family memories he did record. Enjoy!

Ruth Landers had her 90th Birthday 2007 and her grandsons produced this loving tribute to her: it includes some very good Yates historical photos.

In 1990 Luella Carpenter Yates and her daughter Pat Parker visited her son Ron Yates and his wife Jean in Laguna Niguel, CA; a good time was had by all and special memories were built. These 3 videos are musical montages; the full length video will be uploaded later.

In the fall of 1966 "My Buddy" and I entered our promised Hospital Corpsman School in San Diego, California. It was a wonderful experience; we were sailors, young, had a steady paycheck and had time off known as liberty. The downside of course was this was during the Vietnam Era so there must have been no less than 250,000 sailors, young, had a steady paycheck and had time off known as liberty walking up and down the streets of San Diego.

At some point during our school "My Buddy" and our other classmates were brought together and informed of a new operating procedure starting with our class. We were special. The normal procedure after graduation was to be assigned to a medical facility which would enable us to practice our new skills as Hospital Corpsman. We had read in the Navy "Book of Jobs" that Hospital Corpsman could choose to volunteer to serve in the Fleet Marine Force. Now we were hearing for the first time that after graduation we would proceed to our next school assignment to give us "Field Medical Skills". Just so we would be clear they also explained that 6-9 months after that school we would be joining our new Marine friends. In the three videos here I present you just a view of the experience I had with the 2/7th Marines from November 1967 until November 1968.

My father-in-law James Price Fondren is my personal hero; he had some high times and you can read and see those elsewhere on Yatesville. He is my hero because he was a loving caring man with many doubts who lived his life as best he could and was a good citizen to all. I miss him today as much as I did holding his hand as a died. The five videos in this section document the antics of the family leading up to and including the night of Jimmie Fondren and his sweet wife Pearle Clements Fondren 50th anniversary. All five are music montages so they are pretty entertaining.

In 1990 Jean and Ron Yates lived in Laguna Niguel, CA where they had the opportunity to host several family oriented events. Jean's sister Catherine and her youngest son Todd also resided with us for a while during their transition to the area. These three videos are music montages; the videos themselves are important as it documents some happy times together but is also some of the last images we have of Jim Robertson who was soon to die in a tragic early death in 1998. They are then in this regard priceless memories.

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