Yates Reunion-1957, 1959 & 1960

American Legion Specialty Train

For years I nursed memory of attending a reunion, being amazed at that much fried chicken available in one sitting and riding something out of my dreams like a cross between a fire truck and train. I think I also remember either my Great Aunt Kate or Goldie sitting at the table. I remember riding this thing and just being amazed and laughing and being in the companionship of my cousins who I played with that day. I would lay odds that our Uncle Wilbur Yates may have been at the wheel that day.

I then grew up and the dream dimmed about riding the special truck-train. Then a few years ago while in Chrisman I found this photo on the wall of the American Legion and presto, I knew about the machine. Then in September 2009 I was able to reconnect with 3 distinct Yates family lines and was given access to the reunion sign-in sheets. And presto, I found those darn trouble making laughing out loud cousins: Leigh Ann Collier, Charlotte & Shirley Yates, Philip, Robert, Tim and John Yates, Richard Yates, Andrea & Debbie Yates, and Ron & Patty Yates.

Yates Reunion-1958
Yates Reunion-1959
Yates Reunion-1959
Yates Reunion-1960

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