Laswell and Others 2016

Paula Swiger Church Ron Yates

While hunting out cousins in 2005, in a good way using genealogy tools, Paula Swiger-Church and Ron Yates discovered two nice things. The found they were 2nd cousins and they live only a short distance from one another. This has been followed up with helpful tips from one another about genealogy and two face-to-face visits sharing photos and family stories. Family stories provides a rich layer of understanding about family and how life unfolds and the photos provide new insight and create new images of how we think of our ancestors.

In 2016, Paula found herself in possession of a new batch of photos passed on by a kind relative. Like many such piles of marked and unmarked photos it provides a chance to do a deep dive into how folks are related, what they were doing, how they courted one another and otherwise spent their time on planet earth. Please take a copy of any photo as desired.

Albert Winfield Cox

And, more related to the Laswell, Cox, Barbee and allied families.

Olivet College Graduation 1929

Emma Eva Clingman writing to David Sherman Laswell June 24, 1888 from Pleasant Hope, MO

Emma Eva Clingman writing to David Sherman Laswell July 8, 1888 from Pleasant Hope, MO

20 year old Emma Eva Clingman writing to 19 year old David Sherman Laswell April 14, 1889 from Galesburg, IL

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