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Levi Conn and Martha Melinda Flannery Conn were from elliott co. ky

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Conn family bath county kentucky

this is is my great grand parents Levi Conn and Martha Melinda Flannery Conn and their ten children, the young man sitting at far left is my father charles conn jr and my papa emil conn is fourth from left . Lee and martha are from elliott co ky i don't know how they came to be in bath county but thats where they made their home and raised their family,a place called mud lick ky, close to cave run lake, but the lake did not exsist back then. Levi was the son of hansford conn and go's back to josiah, and jesse wilson conn. martha was the daughter of reece bowling flannery and martha dickerson of elliott co. ky. they have so many decendants still in bath co and around the world it would be next to impossible to find them all. most of the children played music mostly guitar. fiddle and banjo they inherited this from levi and martha, lee played fiddle and martha played fiddle and banjo, it'also been passed on to their ggg grand children.I have placed a photo of grand children from way back then on this page. I was very lucky to know my great grand parents for about eighteen years.Dad told me that levi made a living doing blacksmith work,tradin horses and among other things. i remember i was about 12 years old i was coming from salt lick on my pony, i was on mudlick rd when levi and a freind stopped and levi wanted to buy the pony i think i got 14 dollars an a wrist watch ,levi did not get around to good he was about 80 yr. old, after we made the trade it brought new life into him he jumped in and out of that truck like a young man, the next time i seen him and the pony he had made a harness for the pony and was breaking him to plow the garden.I called him papa conn it's hard to refer to him as levi ,his wife martha malinda flannery conn was blind the last 20 years of her life i also called here mamaw conn for the simple reason my dads parents were mamaw and papaw. levi took good care of her and since she could'nt go to church they brought the church to her every thursday night they had church at their house they would start out with prayer and bible study, and if someone did not know the meaning of a bible verse, mamaw would always have the answer. then they would play and sing them o songs her oldest son oscar played banjo his son Randolph played mandolin carrie mcarty on guitar and sugar foot robinson played fiddle there was more just cant think of them all, people came from all around i can still see them walking up the road with a bible in their hand .and all the kids running an playing out side up into the night catching lighting bugs and doing what kids do, and i can still remember the frogs croaking and the sound of the little air planes,that levi whittled out and nailed to tree's and fences post, you could hear the propellers spinning if there was a breeze blowing. levi whittled a lot you could smell the cedar shavings ,they were all around. now that truly was the good o days, thats probably why so many of their grandchildren and ggg grand children played some kind of music it was in their blood as the o say"in go's PS if anyone has any info about the family or jesse wilson conn 's parents you can send it by email or put in comment box, jesse wilson came from scott co virginia to elliott co ky.

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