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John Hunt was born about 1730-35 in along the Gunpowder River near Baltimore, Harford County, Maryland. He died about 1808 in Fleming County, Kentucky.

Ruhama Shannon gives his birthdate as Aug. 13, 1730 St. Paul Parish, Baltimore County, Maryland. It is thought that he moved from Maryland to the vicinity of Overall Creek, Prince William County, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where he married Mary Overall in the late 1750s.

According to family tradition John Hunt fought in the American Revolution. There are records of several John Hunts in the war, but no proof that any one is our John Hunt. One source says he was a chaplain the 6th Virginia Regiment.

In 1783-84 in Shenandoah County, Virginia, a John Hunt was involved in several lawsuits in which he owed money to others. John Hunt, Jr., Reuben Hunt, and Basil Hunt were also mentioned.

In 1783, John Hunt is listed on Alexander Hite's tax list.

After the Revolutionary War, it is thought that John Hunt and his family  moved from Virginia to North Carolina. The records of North Carolina mention a John Hunt. In 1784 North Carolina could not protect its western lands from Indian raids so it ceded the land back to the federal government. It later reversed its decisionn, but in the meantime, people living in that western area formed a separate state called Franklin. By December 1787 John Hunt was in the Washington District of North Carolina (now Tennessee) where he, along with John Hunt, Jr. Basil and Reuben Hunt petitioned the General Assembly from the Western Country to set up the state of Franklin. The state governed itself for four years, but because of opposition from North Carolina it never became a formal state and in 1796 it became a part of Tennessee (Source: "History of the Lost State of Franklin" by Samuel Williams, p. 339).

By 1791, John Hunt was living in Bourbon County, Kentucky

An August 4, 1791 deed from Mason County, Kentucky, Book A, pages 119 and 142, John Hunt Sr. of Bourbon County, Kentucky

Family tradition says the Hunts eventually left Tennessee because of a lack of salt. John Hunt was listed on the 1790 Bourbon County, Kentucky census. According to a lawsuit filed by his heirs in 1810, John Hunt purchased 1,000 acres in Bourbon County, but the land was later discovered to be a part of a tract of land covered by Wright's Military Survey. In disgust, John Hunt then moved to Fleming Coumty, Kentucky. His heirs were seeking to recover losses from this fraud.

By Feb. 27, 1793, he had married Esther, thought to be his second wife.

He was listed in the May court, 1799 in Fleming County, Kentucky and in a newspaper article, dated July 11, 1974, he was listed as being an original settler of Fleming County.

In 1808 Fleming County, he was listed as deceased. Widow, Esther, sues for dower lands in Bourbon County. May mean that they m. there in the 1790's and she wasn't the mother of his children.

Shenandoah Co. VA order book, 1781-1784: p. 89 (Aug. 29, 1783)-Nathaniel Kelly plt vs. John Hunt, Sen. and John Hunt, Jr., deft-in case--this suit is dismissed.

p. 109 (Oct. 31, 1783)-Nathaniel Kelly plt vs. John Hunt Sr., deft-by attachment...This day came the plaintiff on the attachment...sheriff had attached 2 beds, 1 bed quilt, 1 sheet, 1 bedstead, 1 pillar, 1 coverlet, 1 bunk, 1 flat iron, 1 candlestick, 1 pewter plate, 3 spoons, 1 salt seller, 1 bason, 2 iron pots, etc....defendant failing to appear....plt. recover against deft. the sum of 20 pounds and his costs...ordered sheriff make sale of said attached effects....according to the law....

p. 120 (Dec. 15, 1783) Samuel Canby plt. vs John Hunt, Sen. Deft-in case--this day came the plaintiff by his attorney..John Roy undertook for defendent...deft. says he cannot gainsay the plt. action for 27 pounds, 13 shillings, and 6 pence...therefore plt. recover agst. deft. the same and his costs.

p. 136 (Mar. 27, 1784) Joseph Thompson pt. vs. John Hunt and Reuben Hunt, deft. In case--this day came the plaintiff by his attorney...the sheriff having returned on the capias not found....on motion of the plt. an alias capias is awarded agst. defendant....

p. 150 (Apr. 29, 1784) Joseph Thompson plt. vs. John Hunt and Reuben Hunt deft. In case---This day came the plaintiff by his attorney....Fergus Cron undertook for the deft...they shall satisfy and pay the condemnation of the court or render their bodies to prison..or said Fergus Cron will do it for them....

p. 155 (May 27, 1784) Joseph Thompson plt vs. John and Reuben Hunt deft, in case-this day came the parties by their attornies..deft. prays and has leave to imparle untill next court and then to plead....

John Hunt's second wife was named Esther. Bourbon Co. KY deed book 1, p. 23; Aug. 14, 1812. Esther Hunt, widow of John Hunt, Sr. deceased of Fleming Co. KY to Thomas Jones, Jr. Signed Esther Hunt, by John Hunt Jr. Attorney in fact. Also see Bourbon Co. KY deed book 1, p. 270, June 19, 1813 to William Kelly. He was married to Mary Overall before 1762 in Virginia.