Juilus Brookhart

Julius Brookhart

Early records containing the name Julius Brookhart indicate there might have been more than one immigrant by that name. It is unclear which one is our ancestor. In early records the surname is spelled variously Brockhart, Bruckhard, Bruckhart, Borkart, Bruker, and Brungart.

Julius Brookhart, possibly the son of Christian and Johanne Brookhart, died 1793. There is a J. Jacob Bruker on an 1852 passenger list of The Patience in which Christian and Johanne Brockhart are listed. He could be our Julius.

Julius married Anna Margaretha Unknown. It is believed that this Julius is our ancestor.

Julius and older brother John Michael purchased land together in 1763 and Julius was naturalized that year. John died in 1774.

Julius served briefly in the American Revolution. About 1776, he moved to Manchester Twp., York County, Pennsylvania. Julius and son Abraham owned 1,200 acres of land together in 1781 in Manchester Twp., York County, Pennsylvania, according to tax lists.

Julius' will was written in "High German" and was witnessed by Isaac Brennaman, Balthazer Kohler and Peter Schultz.

Eight children were named in Julius Bruckhard's will written April 17, 1793:

i. David Brookhart, born ca 1755.

ii. Abraham Brookhart, born ca 1757 in Pennsylvania; died May 10, 1832 in Hockingport, Athens County, Ohio. He married Mary Magdalen Kohler Sept. 3, 1780 at: the First Reformed Church, York, Pennsylvania

iii. Daniel Brookhart.

iv. Elizabeth Brookhart. She married Jacob Marty.

v. Katerina Brookhart. She married Michael Miller.

vi. Barbara Brookhart. She married Ludwig Treiber.

vii. Heinrich Brookhart. His son Daniel  (1791-1855) is buried at the Cranston Cemetery (also known as Oak Grove and Jeans), Muscatine County, Iowa.

viii. Maria Brookhart.