Anthony, Saar, Patrick, Davidson

Ancestors of Karla Jo Saar

Note: Much of the information beyond Generation 6 is based on other people's research and has not been proven by me. In some cases, the names may be "best guess." Anyone who can add or correct information is encouraged to contact me at [email protected] .  Also, many thanks to Kevin Patrick , Maxine Lancaster and Alpha J. Bourn for their patient assistance and for allowing me to use  their photographs.

For each generation after Karla double the number for the father and add one for the mother. Except for No. 1, the even numbers are always male and the odd numbers are always female. A name within quotation marks is the name the person was known by, often a middle name, but sometimes a nickname.

1. Karla Jo Saar is the daughter of 2. Ronald Bruce Saar and 3. Dorothy Ann Davidson.

Generation No. 2

2. Ronald Bruce Saar is the son of 4. Carl Edgar Saar and 5. Garnet Veradene Anthony. He married 3. Dorothy Ann Davidson; buried at Kahoka Cemetery, Clark County, Missouri. An iron worker, he died as a result of a fall from the Great River suspension bridge under construction in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa. He also operated the Lee County Dragway for 20 years and was a member of the Iowa National Guard.
3. Dorothy Ann Davidson is the daughter of 6. Erwin Clifford "Milo" Davidson and 3. Dorothy Madelin Patrick. She married Ronald Bruce Saar.

Dottie Davidson Saar
Photo by Connie Street

Generation No. 3

4. Carl Edgar Saar, born July 30, 1909  near Wyaconda, Washington Township, Clark County, Missouri; died November 4, 1986 in Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa. He was the son of 8. Henry Saar and 9. Lillian "Lilly" Whitehead. He married 5. Garnet Veradene Anthony on February 28, 1935. They lived in Keokuk, Iowa and had four children: Jerrold Carl, Ronald Bruce, Gayle Henry and Linda Sue. Carl was a mechanic.

5. Garnet Veradene Anthony is the daughter of 10. Samuel Anthony and 11. Helen Pollard. Garnet worked as a sales clerk for Montgomery Ward. She and Carl were members of St. Paul United Church of Christ in Keokuk.

6. Erwin Clifford "Milo" Davidson, born December 1, 1914 in Wyaconda, Clark County, Missouri; died November 22, 1940 in Ferris, Illinois; buried at Black Oak Cemetery north of Granger, Missouri. He was the son of 12. Leonard "Earl" Davidson and 13. Lola Sample. He married 7. Dorothy Madelin Patrick. Dorothy and Milo moved to Ferris, Illinois from Marshall, Missouri in the spring of 1940. Milo was working as a farmhand with J.E. Atkins. Dorothy's brother was injured in an automobile accident on November 22, 1940. She was visiting him in Sweet Springs, Missouri when Milo was unloading corn from a wagon and he suddenly became ill and collapsed with severe pain, according to his obituary. His obituary says he died of apoplexy. His death certificate gives his cause of death as cerebral hemorrhage. His daughter was told he died of sun stroke. Milo died without knowing his wife was pregnant with Dorothy Ann Davidson.

7. Dorothy Madelin Patrick, born December 19, 1919 in Wyaconda, Clark County, Missouri; died June 26, 1951 in LaHarpe, Hancock County, Illinois; buried Black Oak Cemetery, north of Granger, Missouri. She was the daughter of 6. James William Patrick, Jr. and 7. Daisy Mae Lawson. After Milo's death, Dorothy married Milo's brother Corwin Hollis Davidson. They lived in Media, Henderson County, Illinois and had a son, Hollis Earl "Butch" Davidson. By 1951, Dorothy and Corwin had moved to Rariton, Illinois. She died of bronchial asthma at the Mary Davier Hospital in LaHarpe, Illinois. Photo of Dorothy Patrick at right printed with permission of Kevin Patrick.

Generation No. 4

8. Henry Saar, born June 5, 1876 in Donnellson, Lee County, Iowa; died April 28, 1973 in Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa. He is buried at the Blattner Cemetery, north of Wyaconda, Missouri. He was the son of 16. Michael Saar and 17. Mary "Elizabeth" Faeth. He married 9. Lillian "Lilly" Whitehead January 23, 1902 in Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri. In the 1910 Clark County, Missouri census, Henry and Lillian had two children: Ena Mae, 3, and Carl Edgar, 9 months.  Daughter Lida Florence was bonr in 1913. Henry was a grain and livestock farmer. He and Lilly lived near Kahoka, Missouri.

9. Lillian "Lilly" Whitehead, born November 9, 1876 in Wyaconda, Clark County, Missouri; died July 12, 1944 in Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa. She is buried at the Blattner Cemetery, north of Wyaconda, Missouri. She was the daughter of 18. James W. Whitehead and 19. Caroline "Carrie" Blattner.

10. Samuel Anthony, born November 30, 1870 in Croton, Van Buren Twp., Lee County, Iowa; died March 5, 1933 at his home three miles east of Farmington, Van Buren County, Iowa; buried at the Farmington Cemetery. His will was probated in Keokuk, Lee County. He was the son of 20. William Anthony and 21. Mary E. Frye. Sam married Emma Davis ca 1905 and had children James Edward and Edna May (Bowers). He and Emma might have been divorced. At age 38, Sam married 11. Helen Pollard, 16, on August 9, 1909. In 1910, Sam and Helen were living in Van Buren Twp., Lee County, Iowa, with Sam's mother and stepfather, Mary and Frank Waste (1827-1914, a Civil War vet), in their home. Children of Sam and Helen Pollard Anthony were Arminta Mabel, Sylvia Elynne, Garnet Veradine and Garland Bruce. (Pvt. Garland Anthony was killed in action April 8, 1943 during World War II. He is buried next to his parents.)

11. Helen M. Pollard was born August  30, 1892; died April 27, 1967; buried at Farmington Cemetery, Van Buren County, Iowa. She was the daughter of 22. Thomas C. Pollard and Marguerite "Maggie" Ricker. In 1920, Thomas and Maggie were neighbors to Sam and Helen Pollard Anthony in Van Buren Twp., Lee County, Iowa.

12. Leonard "Earl" Davidson, born November 7, 1887; died 1920; buried Black Oak Cemetery near Granger, Scotland County, Missouri. He was the son of 24. Corwin Marion Davidson and 25. Alice Berthena Irwin. He married 13. Lola Sample ca.1908. They had children Alice, Erwin Clifford, Corwin Hollis and two other sons.

13. Lola Sample was the daughter of 26. John S. Sample and 27. Frances "Fannie" Mills.

14. James Will Patrick was born January 4, 1883 at Deer Ridge, Reddish Twp., Lewis County, Missouri; died August 4, 1957 in Carthage Memorial Hospital, Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois; buried at Deer Ridge Cemetery, Lewis County, Missouri. He was the son of  28. James William Patrick and 29. Margaret "Maggie" Bourn (often seen as Bowen). He married 15. Daisy Mae Lawson August 29, 1904 in Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri. James and Daisy had William Girden (1905-1989), Oval Edward (1907-1972), Leota Frances (1909-1969), Floyd H. (1914-1969), Wanita Geraldine, Dorothy Madlin (1919-1951) and son Willard D. (1925-1926). The 1920 census gives the last three children's surnames as Lawson - apparently the enumerator confused the names when he changed pages. James and Margaret also had a daughter, Alice, buried at Deer Ridge Cemetery. In 1920, they lived next door to Daisy's mother, Elzira Lawson, and were four houses from George Blattner.

Jim Will and Daisy Lawson Patrick in front. Their children standing, from left: Floyd Patrick, Wanita Patrick, Leota Patrick, Dorothy Patrick, William Girden Patrick, and Oval Patrick.

15. Daisy Mae Lawson, born June 16, 1881 in Lewis  or Scotland County, Missouri; died December 19, 1957 in St. Francis Hospital at Macomb, Illinois; buried at Deer Ridge Cemetery, Lewis County, Missouri. She was the daughter of 30. William Lawson and 31. Elzira "Ella" Gardner.

Jim Will and Daisy Lawson Patrick
Photo printed with permission of Kevin Patrick

Generation No. 5

16. Michael Saar, born July 17, 1838 in Ellerstadt, Koneighreich, Bavaria; died September 4, 1912; buried Evangelical Cemetery north of Donnellson, Lee County, Iowa. He was the son of 32. Johann "Martin" Saar and 33. Anne "Marguerite" Weilbruner. He married 17. Mary "Elizabeth" Faeth March 11, 1869 at Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa. In the 1870 Lee County census, Michael's mother Margaret, 70, was in the home listed as a housekeeper. Children listed were Peter, 2 months; Martin, 8,  George, 4, William, 3, and Martin, 15. Michael farmed near Donnellson, Iowa, then in Clark County, Missouri. The 1880 Lee County Census says Michael and Elizabeth were both born in Rhinebaur, Germany.

17. Mary "Elizabeth" Faeth, born December 16, 1848 in Bavaria; died 1943; buried Evangelical Cemetery north of Donnellson, Lee County, Iowa. She is believed to be the daughter of Johann "Jacob" Faeth and Magdalena Reis, but this has not been proven. She came to the United States about 1856. She was a charter member of St. Paul Evangelical Church and Ladies Aid Society in Donnellson.

18. James W. Whitehead, born February 22, 1840 in Campbell County, Kentucky; died December 1, 1936 near Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri; buried at Blattner Cemetery near Wyaconda, Missouri. He was the son of 36. William Whitehead and 37. Emmeline "Emma" Greenwell. He married 19. Caroline "Carrie" Blattner October 24, 1867 in Scotland County, Missouri. He grew up and attended school in Ohio, then became an engineer on the steamboats plying the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. He worked on a hospital ship on the Mississippi during the Civil War, according to "A History of Clark County, Missouri" by Hazel Bledsoe Smith. James settled in Clark County in 1867 and built a two-room log home overlooking the Wyaconda River bottoms north of Wyaconda. In later years, James and Carrie lived in a two-story house and when each child married, the newlyweds lived in the old log house until they established their own homes. 

The James Whitehead home in Clark County, Missouri.

19. Caroline "Carrie" Blattner, born March 19, 1848 in Xenia, Greene County, Ohio; died February 28, 1912 in Clark County, Missouri; buried at the Blattner Cemetery, north of Wyaconda, Missouri. She was the daughter of 38. Henry Blattner and 39. Eleanore or Elora "Lora" Miller. Carrie was a member of the Wyaconda Baptist church.

20. William Anthony, born ca 1844 in Ohio; died November 28, 1875 in Lee County. William was the son of 40. John Anthony. He married 21. Mary E. Frye Cade, a widow, about 1865. He may have served in the Civil War. A William Anthony of Croton mustered into Comapny A, 1st Battalion October 17, 1862. William and Mary had at least three children: Harriet "Hattie" who married Benjamin Kepler, Lucy Bell and Samuel, all born in Iowa. They were also raising the five daughters of Mary and Harry Cade. In 1870, they were living near Croton, Van Buren Twp., Lee County, Iowa. M.E. Anthony is listed as a landowner in Van Buren Twp., Lee County in 1874. It is unknown where William is buried.

21. Mary E. Frye, born January 15, 1836 in Ohio; died November 2, 1922 in Lee County, Iowa; buried at Croton Cemetery, Van Buren Twp., Lee County. She was the daughter of 42. Lewis Frye and 43. Anna/Annis Davis. Mary married (1) on Aug. 17, 1854 in Van Buren County, Iowa, to Henry "Harry Kade," born ca. 1832. In 1860 they were living in or near Bonaparte, Harrisburg Twp., Van Buren County, Iowa. Harry had come to Iowa from Ohio in 1854. Their daughters, listed in the 1860 census were Catharine, 5, Anna, 3, and Adeline, 1. Harry Cade, a Corporal in Co. C, 25th Iowa Infantry, was killed "before Atlanta" July 22, 1864 during the Civil War.  The Athens Messenger of September 1, 1864: "He lived a brave man and a true soldier and died a soldier's death amid the din of battle with his face to the foe." In the 1870 census, five of Mary's daughters had the surname Cade: Katherine, Ellen, Louisa, Alvira, and Emma, all born in Iowa. Mary married (2) William Anthony in 1865 and later married (3) Francis "Frank" Waste, a Civil War veteran. Frank is buried at Croton Cemetery next to Mary. In the 1880 Lee County census, Emma Waste, 7, was in the home of the widowed Mary Anthony, 44, along with her children. Three houses from Mary was Frank Waste, 53, and his son George Waste, 14, in the home of  G.R. Crow. Also living nearby was a Stephen Fry, 42, possibly Mary's brother.

22. Thomas Cook Pollard was born ca 1859 in Iowa; died 1932; buried Croton Cemetery, Van Buren Twp., Lee County, Iowa. He might have been the son of 44. Thomas Pollard and 45. Mary Catherine (possibly) Cadwallader. Thomas C. married (1) Flora May Chamberlain. They had one son, Charles in 1889. Thomas married (2) Marguerite "Maggie" Ricker ca 1891. In 1900, Thomas C. and Maggie were living in Des Moines Twp., Lee County, Iowa. In 1910 and 1920, Thomas C. and and wife Marguerite were living near Croton, Van Buren Twp., Lee County, Iowa. They had children Helen M., Anna M., Lester C., William, and Earl. When Thomas C. was 10 years old, he was living in the home of William and Mary Dove in Clark County, Missouri. A later census indicates that William Dove was an uncle to Thomas, but not sure how the relationship fits in.

23. Marguerite "Maggie" B. Ricker was born 1860 in New Jersey; died 1936; buried at Croton Cemetery, Van Buren Twp., Lee County, Iowa.  Her parents were born in Bavaria.

24. Corwin Marvin/Marion Davidson, born November 7, 1840 in Springfield, Illinois; died July 23, 1908 near Granger, Scotland County, Missouri. Corwin was living in Lykins County, Kansas with John and Hannah Ayres in 1860. He served in the Civil War, enlisting in the 12th Kansas Infantry in August 1862. One of his thumbs was shot off during the war. He mustered out as a Corporal in 1865 with his residence listed as Paoli, Kansas. Corwin married 25. Alice Berthena Irwin December 23, 1869 in Scotland County, Missouri. In the 1870 Johnson Twp., Scotland County, Missouri census there were three teenage boys in the household: Alvin Fulk, and L and ? Hamrick. Next door were Alice's parents, David and Rebecca Irwin. (In 1880, Leonidas Hamrick and Alvin Fulk were living nearby.) Corwin and Alice were living in Johnson Twp., Scotland County in 1880 and had the following children: Laura Luella, 8, John  David, 6, Hester Rebecca, 2. Leonard Earl was born in 1887. They also had a child Dora Florence in 1870 who died in 1871. Baby Dora is buried  next to her parents at Black Oak Cemetery. The 1890 census of Civil War veterans shows Corwin suffering from dyspepsia and his address as Granger, Missouri. Alice's widowed father was living with the family in Thompson Twp., Scotland County, Missouri in the 1900 census. (The only Davidson I find in histories of  Sangamon County, Illinois is Samuel Davidson of  Morgan County, Tennessee: no mention of Corwin.) Son, John David (1874-1948) is buried at Black Oak Cemetery. There might have also been a son Harry D. Sample born May 8, 1885. Harry is buried at Black Oak Cemetery, but the death date is unreadable.

25. Alice Berthena Irwin, born May 12, 1850, probably Lewis County, Kentucky; died June 2, 1929 near Granger, Scotland County, Missouri; buried at Black Oak Cemetery near Granger next to her husband and her parents. She was the daughter of 50. David Irwin and 51. Rebecca Thomas.

26. John S. Sample born 1862 in Van Buren County, Iowa, died 1950 at Granger, Scotland County, Missouri; buried at Black Oak Cemetery. He was the son of 52. David Sample and 53. Margaret Robinson. In 1880, John was listed a servant in the home of Gilman White in Folker Twp., Clark County, Missouri. He married September 6, 1885 to 27. Frances "Fannie" Mills. They had children, Charles G., Frank C., Lola M., Merle, Chester, Richard "Dick", Fred and James "Ernest". They may have also adopted Edna Jane in 1908. In 1920 and 1930, they were living in Folker Twp., Clark County, Missouri.
27. Frances "Fannie" Mills was born ca 1865 in Pennsylvania, the daughter of  54. James Mills and Bridget Unknown. They were both born in Ireland. She is buried at Black Oak Cemetery.

Back row, left to right: Perle (Charles Sample's wife), John, Fannie, Lola Sample Davidson, Erline (Fred's wife), Merle Sample Rude; middle row: Frank, Dick, Charles, Chester, Fred; front row: Lois and Frankie (daughters of Charles), Jonala (daughter of Merle). Ernest is not pictured.
Photo courtesy of Maxine Lancaster

28. James Wesley Patrick, born December 14, 1849 in Ohio died of pneumonia January 21, 1903 at Deer Ridge, Lewis County, Missouri. Buried at Deer Ridge Cemetery, Lewis County, Missouri. An undated obituary from the LaBelle Star for a James Patrick says he died suddenly after "suffering with a swelling in his throat after catching a cold while putting up ice, but alarming symptoms did not arise until about 10 minutes before the end, when the swelling broke and he strangled to death." The obit is undated. It is assumed this obituary is for this James Patrick. There is a James Patrick, 20, working as a farm hand in Monticello, Lewis County, Missouri in the 1870 census. His place of birth is listed as Missouri. James married (1) Margaret "Maggie" Bourn  (1859-1888) and married (2) in 1890 Lillie May Lane Cumberland (1878-1931) daughter of William and Anna Bloom Lane. James and Margaret had James Will, Henry Sylvester, Minnie, Jimmie, and Charles Richard. (There is also a stone for Alice daughter of J.W. and Margaret Patrick in the Deer Ridge Cemetery. The dates are unreadable, she apparently died a child.) In the 1900 Reddish Twp., Lewis County, Missouri census, James, 50, is married to Lillie, 24, and the following children are listed: Jim Will, 17, Jennie Lea, 15, Charles, 12, Lottie May, 8, Melvin Wesley, 4, and Katie, 2. The last three were children of James Wesley and Lillie. James and Lillie also had Russell and Raymond. James' mother Phebe and brother Charles B. Patrick live nearby in 1900. Jennie Lea married Lee Lawson December 25, 1904. Henry married Elsie Elzira Lawson.

29. Margaret "Maggie" Bourn, born about 1854, died 1888. Her surname is often misread as Bowen. She is the daughter of Joseph Richard Bourne and Mary Smulling. Maggie is buried at Deer Ridge Cemetery  in Lewis County, Missouri.

30. William Lawson, born February 2, 1851 near Sneedville, Hancock County, Tennessee; died February 26, 1919 Kansas City, Missouri; buried Bear Creek Cemetery, Washington Twp., Clark County, Missouri. He was the son of 60. David "Day" Lawson and 61. Elizabeth Unknown. William married  in Tennessee (1) Lydia Allen born February 18, 1851 and died May 9, 1880 shortly after giving birth to baby John who died Sept. 9, 1880. In the 1880 census for Harrison Twp., Scotland County, Missouri, William and his children Charley, Minnie, Lizzie and John are living with his parents. William married (2) Elzira "Ella" Gardner after 1880. In the 1920 census, Elzira was in Washington Twp., Clark County with son William Oval and his wife, Alma, and their daughter Maxine. William and Elzira had Charles, Daisy Mae, unnamed infant, Lee, Elzira Elsie who married Henry Patrick, David who married Rosa Alice Bourn, Thomas, Andrew, William Oval and Sarah Frances. Photo of William Lawson printed with permission of Kevin Patrick.

31. Elzira "Ella" Gardner, born June 18, 1854 Lee County, Iowa; died April 20, 1933 Lewis County, Missouri; buried Bear Creek Cemetery, Washington Twp., Clark County, Missouri. She was the daughter of  62. William Gardner and 63. Juda Ann Dalton.

Generation No. 6

32. Johann "Martin" Saar, born October 25, 1796 in Ellerstadt, Bavaria, Germany; died November 26, 1863 in Donnellson, Lee County, Iowa; buried Evangelical Cemetery north of Donnellson. He was the son of 64. Johann Peter Saar and 65. Anna Barbara Anton. He married 33. Anne Marguerite Weilbruner January 2, 1822 in Ellerstadt, Bavaria, Germany. Johann "Martin" Saar and Anne Marguerite had seven children in Bavaria. They left Mannheim on the Rhine River by way of Amsterdam and La Harve, France, by boarding the ship "John Holland." They arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana, 63 days later on June 20, 1847. Martin and his family traveled north by steamboat on the Mississippi River, then purchased 103 acres of land in Charleston Twp., Lee County, Iowa, where they built their home and Martin farmed. After Martin's death, Anne, resided with her son, John, in Cantril, Van Buren County, Iowa. Anne was living in the home of son Michael in Fort Madison, Iowa, in the 1870 federal census. It is possible Martin's cousin George Anton traveled to America with the family. George (1831-1907) is buried in same cemetery as Martin. There is a naturalization record for an Alan Saar in the Fort Madison Clerk of Court office dated Sept. 7, 1854. Not sure who Alan is. The 1850 census for Lee County, Iowa shows Martin "Sarr", 52, Margaret, 50, Jacob, 27, Martin, 24, Peter, 20, Elizabeth, 23, John, 15, Michael, 11, and Mary, 9. The boys age 15 and older were helping their dad on the farm. In 1860, the surname is spelled Saur and Martin, 63, is listed as a "Gentleman". In the household were Margaret, 60, Martin, 36, Mary, 18, John, 24, and Michael. 21. Michael and John were listed as farmers.

33. Anne Marguerite Weilbruner born March 12, 1799 in Bavaria; died May 3, 1883; buried Evangelical Cemetery north of Donnellson, Lee County, Iowa.

34. Johann "Jacob" Faeth, born 1818

35. Magdalena Reis, born 1826

36. William Whitehead, born about 1820 in England; died before 1850, probably in Kentucky. He was the son of 72. William Whitehead and 73. Ann Unknown. He married 37. Emmaline "Emma" Greenwell/Grinnell.

37. Emmaline "Emma" Greenwell, born 1814 in France or Kentucky. Emma and four children were listed in the 1850 census for Newport, Campbell County, Kentucky. She later lived in Ohio, then Missouri, where she married ___ Hagan.

38. Henry Blattner, born January 12, 1822 in Steinweiler, Pfalz/Palatinate, Bayern, Germany; died January 26, 1895 at home, Wyaconda Twp., Clark County, Missouri; buried at the Blattner Cemetery, near Wyaconda, Missouri. He was the son of 76. Georg Friedrich Blaettner. He married 39. Eleonore or Elora "Lora" Miller August 5, 1841 in Brown County, Ohio.

Henry Blattner's home north of Wyaconda. Pictured are Laura Blaettner, Katherine Blaettner and Elizabeth Pechstein Blaettner.

Henry Blaettner horse barn.

39. Eleonore or Elora "Lora" Miller, born February 2, 1824 in Schenau, Pfalz/Palatinate, Bayern, Germany; died February 28, 1901 in Wyaconda, Clark, Missouri; buried at the Blattner Cemetery, near Wyaconda, Missouri. She was the daughter of 78. Christian Miller and 79. Barbary Baecker/Beuter/Beyder.

40. John Anthony was born 1808 in New Jersey, and died probably in Scotland County, Missouri before 1870. He married Mary Unkown. In 1850, John Anthony is living in Champaign County, Ohio. with wife Mary  and children Lucinda, Robert, Isaac, William, and Lydia. In 1860, John, 52, is listed as a farm renter in Harrison Twp., Scotland County, Missouri. With him in the home were Mary, 48, and children Isaac, 22, William, 16, Lydia, 10, and Nancy, 6.

42. Lewis W. Frye born ca 1799-1803 in Virginia; died ca 1859 probably in Des Moines County, Iowa. He married Aug. 28, 1834 Athens, Athens County, Ohio. to 43. Anna/Annis Davis. The Frye family  moved to Iowa from  Rome Twp., Athens County, Ohio in 1853. In 1856, Lewis, 57, and Anna, 39, were living in Union Twp., Des Moines County, Iowa. Their children were Stephen H., 20, Mary, 19, Hadley, 17, Louisa, 15, James, 8, Charles, 5, Harry, 3, and William, 1. All of the children were born in Ohio except Harry and William who were born in Iowa. (Hadley is also listed as a laborer on  the nearby Henry Vance farm in the 1856 state census. ) Daughter Mary, 19, was married to Harry Cade, 24, and the young couple and their year-old daughter Catharine were living with her parents.

43. Annis Davis born ca 1818 in Ohio; died after 1880, probably in Kansas. She married (1) Lewis Frye Aug. 28, 1834 at Athens, Athens County, Ohio. The Frye family  moved to Iowa from  Rome Twp., Athens County, Ohio in 1853. Annis married (2) Milton Bebee by 1860 when Annis and Milton Beebe were living near Bonaparte, Harrisburg Twp., Van Buren County, Iowa. Annis' son Hadley Frye, 21, was a laborer boarding with neighbor Fredrick Farnum, while Annis' other sons were living with her and Milton Beebe. Her daughter, Mary Cade, and family were neighbors. Location of Louisa Frye is unknown, probably married. In 1880, Annis and Milton Beebe, both 62, were living in Tiogo Twp., Neosha County, Kansas. Annis' sons, William and James Frye were also in the household. Notes: There was a Davis couple from Ohio living near the Frye's in 1856 - possibly a brother of Anna. In 1850 Athens County, Ohio Milton Beebe, 31, was living two doors down from the Lewis Frye family and other Beebe's including Sydney, 38, were nearby. Harry Cade (listed as Henry Cadi, 19) was living in the home of  Sidney Beebe. Richard Davis, 49, a cooper, and possibly a brother of Annis Davis Frye was living next to the Beebes in 1850 Athens County, Ohio.

44. Thomas J. Pollard born June 3, 1823 in Kentucky; died Feb. 7, 1908; buried at Oakland Cemetery, Keokuk, Iowa. He married Mary Catherine Cadwallader about 1844. (No proof on the name Cadwallader). They farmed near Vincennes, Des Moines Twp., Lee County, Iowa. By1870, they had moved to Keokuk and he was a clerk in a grocery store. They had the following children in the 1860 census: James Amos, Mandora, Adda, Franklin, Frances, and Thomas. In 1870 James A., 25, Franklin, 15, Frances  J., 13, and Arminta, 8, were in the home, while young Thomas is listed in the home of William and Mary Dove in Clark County, Missouri. In 1880, Mintie (Arminta), 18, is still in the home and Thomas J. is listed as a merchant. In 1900, Tom and Catherine are living on Johnson Street in Keokuk.

45. Mary "Catherine" Cadwallader born May 27, 1826 in Pennsylvania; buried at Oakland Cemetery, Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa. Cadwallader is a best proof at this time.

50. David Irwin, born June  15, 1811 in Kentucky; died August 24, 1908; buried Black Oak Cemetery north of Granger, Missouri.  David married 51. Rebecca Thomas before 1836. David brought his family to Missouri before 1858. At that time, he owned land in the southeast corner of Johnson Twp., Scotland County and by 1860 he was farming 80 acres in northeast corner of Thompson Twp., Scotland County, Missouri. In 1870 and 1880, the Irwin family was living in Johnson Twp., Scotland County, Missouri, next to youngest daughter Alice and her husband Corwin Davidson. David and Rebecca had daughters Helen, Margaret, Ruth, Mary and Alice. In 1900, David, widowed, was living with the Alice and Corwin Davidson family in Thompson Twp., Scotland County, Missouri. David and Rebecca are buried next to Alice and Corwin Davidson.

51. Rebecca Thomas, born September 10, 1814 in Kentucky; died June 24, 1896; buried at Black Oak Cemetery.

52. David Sample was born February 28, 1829  probably in Barree Twp., Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, died January 16, 1906 near Luray, Clark County, Missouri; buried at Combs Cemetery, Luray. He was the son of James A. Sample 104. and Elizabeth Shannon. David married (1) September 3, 1861 at Van Buren County, Iowa, (1) Margaret Robinson and married (2) February 25, 1886 at Clark County, Missouri, Sarah Elizabeth Thompson. When David was a teenager, his father died and on September 27, 1845 in Lee County, Iowa  his mother Elizabeth and John Henry Lines were appointed joint guardians to siblings David, Samuel, and Elizabeth. Lines had married James A. Sample's sister Martha Sample Nov. 15, 1842 in Lee County. In 1847, James' widow Elizabeth Sample married Samuel Hearn(es) Oct. 30, 1847 in Lee County. In the 1850 census when David was 21, he and his 12-year-old sister Elizabeth were listed as living next door to Isaac R. and Jane Sample Atlee in Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa. Isaac Atlee (1813-1891) was the first mayor of Fort Madison, and a local industrial and financial pioneer. He had married David's older sister June 28, 1843. In 1860, David, 30, and sister Elizabeth, 22, were living in the home of Isaac and Jane Atlee. David was listed as a clerk, probably working for Isaac Atlee's lumber business. By 1870, David, 41, was an express agent in Mount Zion, Van Buren County. His wife, Margaret, 36, and children, John, 8, Henry, 5, James, 3, and Ella, 2, and an invalid cousin of Margaret's, Robert Robinson, 27, were in the home. The value of David's real estate was listed at $1,000 and his personal estate at $550. Robert Robinson's personal estate was listed at a value of $3,000. In 1880, David's wife Margaret and children were living in Missouri and David was working at a saw mill in Fort Madison and boarding at the home of Mary Shipley. Sometime between 1870 and 1886, David and Margaret were apparently divorced.

53. Margaret Robinson was born April 1, 1834 in Ohio; died October 19, 1908; buried at Black Oak Cemetery. In 1880, Margaret was living in Folker Twp., Clark County, Missouri with her children Harry D., 15, James A., 13, Ella M., 12, and an 85-year-old cousin from Ireland, James C. Robinson. Without further research,we can only assume that she and David were divorced or at least separated at that time. In the 1900 census, Margaret was listed as a widow, although David did not die until 1906. Her daughter, Ella M. (1866-1908), was living with her. Margaret's children Ella and James (1867-1897) are also buried at Black Oak Cemetery.   

54. James Mills born in Ireland ca 1833; died after 1900. He and wife Bridget Unknown lived in Pennsylvania for at least four years about 1860-1864, then in Illinois for at least two years before settling in Missouri. In 1880, they were living in Johnson Twp., Scotland County, Missouri with their children Christopher, Maggie, Francis, James H., Thomas, George, Henry, Charles, Agness, and William. They had son Elmer about 1885. James and Bridget were living in Folker Twp., Clark County, Missouri in 1900.

55. Bridget Unknown was born in Ireland ca 1840. She was married and living Pennsylvania by 1861.

56. Robert A. Patrick, born January 27, 1820 in Indiana; died May 2, 1888 in Reddish Twp., Lewis County, Missouri ; burial site unknown. He was the son of 112. Robert Patrick. He was married on June 2, 1847 in Greenup County, Kentucky to 57. Phebe Ann Matthews. They moved to Missouri by 1853. Based on various censuses, their children included John S. born in 1848 in Kentucky, James Wesley born 1849 in Ohio, Mary born ca 1852 in Ohio, Robert born ca 1853, Anthony born ca 1856, Ann born ca 1856, William Douglas born ca. 1862 died 1923, Albert E. born ca 1858/63, Charles born ca 1866, Thomas born ca 1869. The 1880 Lewis County census also shows a Mildred (Bourn), 16, William's wife. By 1900, Phebe was widowed and sons Charles and Thomas were living with her.

57. Phebe Ann Matthews, born November 15, 1825 in Greenup County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of 114. Anthony Matthews and 115. Mary Hunt. Information on the Hunt and Denton families is by Sue Montgomery at

58. Joseph Richard Bourn, born July 3, 1835 in Jessamine County, Kentucky; died March 3, 1911, Knox County, Missouri; buried at Bear Creek Baptist Cemetery, Washington Twp., Clark County, Missouri. He was the son of 116. Joseph Bourn and 117. Mary Eliza "Polly" Hulett. He married (1) 59. Mary E. Smulling. They had Mary A., 3, and Margaret, 1, in the 1860 Union Twp., Lewis County, Missouri census. Neighbors were William Bourne, 30, and Joseph Bourne, 65. By 1870, Joseph and Mary had two more girls, Mildred, 5, and Fannie, 2, and they were living in or near Monticello, Reddish Twp., Lewis County, Missouri. James Herring, 21, was in the home as a  farm laborer. Joseph and Mary had sons William and James before Mary's death which occurred about 1874. Joseph married (2) Sarah Jane Parrish ca 1875. Joseph and Sarah had Emma, Nellie, Joseph Jr., Lula, Rosa Alice, Alpha, George and Eddie. By 1900, Joseph and Sarah Jane were living in Colony Twp., Knox County, Missouri.  In 1910, Joseph, 75, is living in Colony Twp., Knox County, Missouri with wife Sarah, 55, and four children, Emma, Joseph, Alpha and George.
Joseph Bourn
Courtesy of  A.J. Bourn

59. Mary E. Smulling was born ca 1839 in Kentucky and died before 1875, possibly in connection to the birth of her son James in 1874.

60. David "Day" Lawson, born October 29, 1826 in Tennessee; died September 10, 1904/10; buried at Bear Creek Cemetery, Washington Twp., Clark County, Missouri. Day could be the son of 120. Nathan and Leanna Morgan Lawson. Day married 61. Elizabeth Unknown about 1850 in probably Hancock County, Tennessee. They came to Missouri about 1877. In 1880, they had sons, William, 28, and George, 22, both born in Tennessee, and grandchildren Charley, 4, Minnie, 3, Lizzie, 3, and John, 1 month, in their home in Harrison Twp., Scotland County, Missouri and were neighbors to Marshal Lawson, 38, and Ben Ewing. A son David was born in 1887 in Scotland County, Missouri.

61. Elizabeth Unknown, born 1826 in Kentucky; died December 26, 1881; buried at Bear Creek Cemetery, Washington Twp., Clark County, Missouri.  An old stone has both David and Elizabeth listed, while there is a new stone to the left with just David's name and dates.

62. William Gardner born ca 1828/1833 in Ohio or Pennsylvania; died December 27, 1911. He married 63. Juda Ann Dalton  Aug. 21, 1853 in Lee County, Iowa. In 1860, they were living near Croton, Lee County, Iowa. Children were Elyria, 6,  and Margaret, 2. William was a teamster. Their neighbors were Juda's parents, John and Patience Dalton and sons Samuel and Johnathan Dalton and family. In 1870, William and Juda lived in Harrison Twp., Scotland County, Missouri. In 1880, they were living in Harrison Twp., Scotland County, Missouri near Day Lawson's family. Children listed were Elziry, 26, Margaret A., 23, George M., 17, Patience, 12, all born in Iowa, and Carry N., 7, born in Missouri. In 1900, William, 65, was living alone in Washington Twp., Clark County, Missouri. No stone found for William at Bear Creek Cemetery. (See 124.)

63. Juda Ann Dalton born November 19, 1832 in Hawkins County, Tennessee; died December 30, 1888 Scotland County, Missouri; buried at Bear Creek Cemetery, Washington Twp., Clark County, Missouri. She is the daughter of  126. John Dalton and 127. Patience Light who were living in Lee County, Iowa in 1850. They are buried next to Juda at Bear Creek.

Generation No. 7

64. Johann Peter Saar, born July 29, 1760 in Ellerstadt, Germany. He was the son of 128. Johann Jacob Saar and 129. Maria Marguerite Hauser. He married 65. Anna Barbara Anton March 10, 1789.

65. Anna Barbara Anton the daughter of 130. Peter Anton and 131. Anna Margaret Nauert.

72. William Whitehead, born about 1788 in England. He married Ann Unknown about 1810 in England.

76. Georg Friedrich Blaettner, born 1789. He was the son of 152. Johann Jacob Blaettner and 153. Elisabeth Schwartz.

78. Christian Miller/Muller/Mueller, born about 1787 in Alsace (Bas-Rhin), France; died 1845 in Franklin Twp., Brown County, Ohio; buried at Lutheran Churchyard, Arnheim, Brown County, Ohio. He married 79. Barbary Baecker/Beute/Beyder.

79. Barbary Baecker/Beute/Beyder, born 1793 probably in Schoenau, Pfalz/Palatinate, Bayern, Germany; died 1863 in Franklin Twp., Brown County, Ohio; buried at Lutheran Churchyard, Arnheim, Brown County, Ohio.

104. James A. Sample probably born in Huntington County, Pennsylvania, died ca 1845 in Lee County, Iowa. He was married to Elizabeth Shannon. There is a James A. Sample in the 1840 census for Barree Twp., Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. He is shown as 40-50 years old with three sons 5-20, wife 30-40, one girl under 5 and three girls age 10-20. Next door is David Sample, 80-90. Very likely this family. James' daughter Martha was born February 4, 1824, Huntington County, Pennsylvania and married to John Henry Lines  in Lee County, Iowa died in 1902 in Albany, Linn County, Oregon.

105. Elizabeth Shannon married (1) James Sample and married (2) Samuel Hearn(s) Oct. 30, 1847 in Lee County, Iowa.

112. Robert Patrick, born ca 1800 in Virginia. He had children Robert A. and Sarah Ann.

114. Anthony Matthews, born ca 1800; married on Sept. 21, 1822 in Bath County, Kentucky, 115. Mary "Polly" Hunt. They had children Elisha, Malissa, Nancy, Phebe, Reuben, Anthony, Catherine, Carlisle, R.J., Lucinda, Ann and John. There is an Anthony Matthews, 65, in the 1870 Greenup County, Kentucky census with Susan, 35, Samuel, 12, Thomas, 8, Eddie, 5, and Sarah, 1 month...indicating a possible second marriage. It gives Louisiana as Anthony's place of birth.

115. Mary "Polly" Hunt, born ca 1802 in Bath County, Kentucky; died May/December 22, 1852 in Greenup County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of 230. Reuben Hunt and 231. Nancy Denton. There is a death record for this woman listing her as single - could she and Anthony have been divorced or is this the wrong Mary Hunt? The death record also gives her mother's name as Mary.

116. Joseph Bourn, born ca 1795 in Jessamine County, Kentucky. He was the son of 232. Reuben Bourne and Hannah Unknown. Joseph married 117. Mary Eliza "Polly" Hulett. Joseph and Mary are living in Lewis County, Missouri in 1850. Children in the household are Ruben, 22, Hannah, 29, Maryann, 17, Joseph Jr., 14, and Susannah, 9.  Next door is Robert  Heron, 32, Maria Heron, 30, and Mary A. Smith, 7 and nearby is  Joseph's son Benjamin Bourn, 25, and wife  Sarah and daughter Nancy and her husband Nicholas Corbin. Joseph is last seen in the 1860 Union Twp., Lewis County census with Maria Herring, 38, and William Herring, 19, both born in Kentucky, in his home. (We assume Maria is a daughter of Joseph and Mary, but the question lingers - why would they also name a daughter Maryann?) Next door are sons William Bourne, 30, and family and Joseph Richard Bourn, 25, and family.

117. Mary Eliza "Polly" Hulett, born ca 1802 in Kentucky. She apparently died before 1860.

120. Nathan Lawson born 1790; died 1839. He married to Leanna Morgan. Nathan was the son of  240. Drewry Lawson and Hannah Potts. Nathan and Leanna had children: William M. (buried in Bear Creek Cemetery, Clark County, Missouri), Polly, Nancy, Sarah, Isom, David (ours??), Nathan, Robin/Robert, Andrew, Adeline and Drewry.

121. Leanna Morgan born ca 1790 ; died 1872.

124. Jesse Gardner died in Lee County, Iowa August 30, 1846. He married Mary Unknown possibly McClure  April 29, 1824 in Washington County, Pennsylania. Jesse is believed to be the son of George Gardner.

125. Mary  (McClure?) Gardner (spelled Gardiner in the 1850 census) is found widowed at age 44, with children William, 18, Alexander, 16, Margarite, 14, Johnathon, 12, Cornelius, 9, and Lucinda, 7, in the 1850 Lee County, Iowa census. Next door is George Gardiner, 26, (presumably Mary and Jesse's son), with Sarah Ann, 14, and Ann E., four months. Mary is listed as born in Virginia, George in Pennsylvania, while all the others were born in Ohio except the baby who was born in Iowa. Mary received a "Mother's Pension" on her son Jonathon, who was drowned because of a cramp while serving in the Army in Nebraska. He was contributing to her support and he left no widow or minor children.      

126. John Dalton born May 8, 1801 in Hawkins County, Tennessee; died October 27, 1872 Clark County, Missouri; buried at Bear Creek Cemetery.  John was a farmer and cooper (barrell maker). He  is believed to be the son of  252. Timothy Dalton. John married Patience Light about 1823 probably in Hawkins County where John was granted in 1837 fifty-five acres including a sugar camp on the south side of Holston River on the waters of Beech Creek on the north slope of the Chimneytop Mountain. John and Patience had six children: Riley, Elsira, Juda, Berry, Jonathan, Samuel. Oldest daughter, Elzira had married Wright Mullins and stayed in Tennessee when the rest of the family moved to Iowa about 1847. The family was living in Lee County, Iowa in 1850. In 1855, John bought a farm near the Des Moines River in Lee County with a $250 mortgage. In 1860, John, 56, Patience, 53, and son Samuel, 20, are in or near Croton, Lee County, Iowa, with son Johnathan, 23, next door. William and Juda Dalton Gardner and their children Elzyra and Margaret lived next to Juda's brother Johnathan. Johnathan had married Emily and they had a daughter, Eliza, born in Kansas. In 1866, John and Patience sold a half-acre on the corner of their property to the school board to build a school. The next year, they bought 120 acres in Missouri. By 1870, the Daltons had moved to Washington Twp., Clark County, Missouri, near Fairmont. John, 70, and Patience, 66, had 11-year-old granddaughter Elzira Gardner living in their home. Next door was Johnathan and his family. Johnathan took care of his parents in their old age.

127. Patience Light was born February 15, 1806 in Hawkns County, Tennessee; died December 18, 1880 Clark County, Missouri; buried at Bear Creek Cemetery, Clark County, Missouri. Dalton and Light families lived on Beech Creek in Hawkins County, Tennessee in the ealy 1800s. Patience is believed to be the daughter of Revolutionary soldier John Light and Winnie Titsworth, although it is not proven.

Generation No. 8

128. Johann "Jacob" Saar, born April 17, 1735 Mechenheim, Germany, the son of 256. Johann "Peter" Saar and 257. Maria Michet. He married 129. Maria Marguerite Hauser. They had four children. Jacob filed suit in court against his father, Peter Saar, because Peter was wealthy and Jacob was living in poverty. Peter agreed to give Jacob 100 florin, which he accepted gratefully with tears in his eyes and begged forgiveness for suing his father. Traditionally, children worked on their father's farms for nothing. The judge stated it was against the rules and God's law for a son to fight against his father

130. Peter Anton married 131. Anna Margaret Nauert.

152. Johann Jacob Blaettner, born December 27, 1761 in Impflingen, Pfalz/Palatinate, Bayern, Germany; (I have several more generations of this family from another researcher. I do not have permission to include them on this website.)

208. David Sample born 1757 in Pennsyvania died Dec 29, 1841 married August 16, 1791 to Jane Alexander (Brown). David may have been the son of Samuel Sample (before 1730 in Ireland-1828 Pennsylvania).  David Sample with 300 acres and Joseph Sample with 232 acres are listed in the 1812 Barree Twp. Tax list.

209. Jane Alexander born ca 1763; died October 17, 1841. She was the daughter of James and Rosey Reed Alexander who married about 1762. Jane Alexander married (1) Col. Alexander Brown and married (2) David Sample. Col. Brown served in the Revolutionary War in the Pennsylvania Fifth Battalion (1777).

230. Reuben Hunt, born about 1766 in Frederick or Shenandoah County, Virginia; died after July 10, 1822 in Bath County, Kentucky. His will was probated in 1826. Reuben was the son of  460. John Hunt and 461. Mary Overall. A Methodist circuit rider, he married 231. Nancy Denton in 1786. They are probably buried in unmarked graves near their home on Buck Creek. Reuben's old log house was struck by lightening and burned in 1912. The site is now under water of Cave Run Lake. The farm fell into Menifee County, Kentucky when that county was formed in 1869. Reuben and Nancy had children: Jeremiah, Reuben, Samuel, William, Joseph, Phebe, Nancy, Rebeca, and Elizabeth.

231. Nancy Denton, born 1765-1770 in Shenandoah County, Virginia; died August 1831 in Bath County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of 462. James Denton and 463. Elizabeth Harper Smith.

232. Reuben Bourne, born 1760 in Orange County, Virginia; died 1807. His will was probated in June 1807 in Jessamine County, Kentucky. Reuben was the son of 464. Henry Bourne and 465. Ann Morton. He married Hannah Unknown.  They had at least two children, Susan and Joseph Richard who went to Missouri.

240. Drewry/Drury Lawson born ca 1756 Pittsylvania County, Virginia; died ca 1850. He married Hannah Potts. It is believed that Drewry was the son of Nathan Lawson. Revolutionary Pension No. R6201 says Drewry served in the Virginia Line during the Revolutionary War. He applied for a pension January 30, 1835 at Hawkins County, Tennessee, aged 79. The soldier said he enlisted in Henry County, Virginia as a substitute for William Booker.  He later moved to the Holston River "then a wilderness." (Virgil D. White, Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Abstract Files) He deeded land to William Lawson on May 12, 1845 in Claiborne County, Tennessee.

252. Timothy Dalton was listed in the 1830 federal census for Hawkins County, Tennessee. Timothy is believed to have settled in Tennesee from Pittsylvania County, Virginia, where he was listed on the 1787 tax list. Son John was the administrator of his estate

Generation No. 9

256. Johann "Peter" Saar, born about 1707; died January 26, 1788 in Alsheim Gronau in the Palatinate of Germany (Now Rödersheim-Gronau Rheinland-Pfalz). He was the son of 512. Abraham Saar and 513. Susanna Jouis. He married (1) on February 7, 1724 to 257. Maria Margareta Michet and married (2) on February 17, 1767 to Anna Ottilie Steinmetz Filius, a widow. Peter and Maria had 12 children. Peter leased the castle grounds with his mother after the death of his father. Peter became the mayor of Alsheim, owned a restaurant, was a custom agent and family councillor. With profits from the family wine business, he was eventually able to buy the castle estate.

257. Maria Margareta Michet, daughter of Jean Michet, mayor of Alsheim.

460. John Hunt was born 1735-44 along the Gunpowder River, Baltimore or Hartford County, Maryland; died December 7, 1807 in Locust, Fleming County, Kentucky. John married 461. Mary Overall about 1759-61 in Shenandoah Valley, possibly Page County, Virginia.

461 Mary Overall might have been the daughter of John Overall and Mary Ellis/Elliott.  

462. James Denton, born 1735; died 1835 in Bath County, Kentucky. He was the son of 924. Abraham Denton and 925. Mary O'Dell. James married about 1765 in Shenandoah County, Virginia to 463. Elizabeth Harper Smith. James was justice of the Washington District "south of the River Ohio," in 1791 (now Tennessee). He sold land to Isaac Denton, Henry Nelson and Jesse Whitson in 1784. In 1783 he bought land in Sullivan County, Tennessee (then North Carolina) where he met the Hunts. After his wife died, he lived with his daughter Mary and her husband and then with some of his sons. A March 1, 1750 land record shows a survey of a tract of land for James Denton of Augusta County, where he lived on the branches of N. Shenandoah -- joining Abraham Denton. James received a land grant for 403 acres on Sinking Creek near what is now Johnson City, Tennessee. (Recorded in Vol 1, North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee, p. 11, dated April 3, 1775.) Grants were also obtained in this same area by his brothers Samuel and Joseph. James and Elizabeth moved into Sullivan County, Tennessee about 1784. In 1803, records of this family appear in what was then Wyoming, and is now Bath County, Kentucky. Family tradition says that James was crippled later in life. He was living with his grandson, William, at the time of his death just three months short of his 100th birthday.

463. Elizabeth Harper Smith, born 1745; died 1798.

464. Henry Bourne, born 1711-19 in St. Mary's, Essex County, Virginia; died October 15, 1787 in Orange or Fayette County, Virginia. He was the son of 928. John Bourne, Sr. and 929. Elizabeth Johnson. Henry married 465. Ann Morton July 3, 1745.

465. Ann Morton, born ca 1726 in Orange County, Virginia; died 1822 in Rockingham County, Virginia. She was the daughter of 930. William Morton and 931. Ann Batchelder.

Generation No. 10

512. Abraham Saar, born 1667 in Veigy, France; died September 11, 1721 in Alsheim Gronau, Germany. He was the son of 1024. Abraham Saar and 1025. Susan Lauchard. He married 513. Susanna Jouis about 1695. The Saars were considered aristocracy in France. They owned large tracts of land in the Moselle River valley and were vineyard growers and wine makers. During the politcal and religious strife that led to the Franch Revotion, the family fled to an area about 80 miles into Germany south of Frankfurt. They lost all their assets. In 1716, Abraham signed a six-year lease for 377 morgen (a morgen is less than two acres) at the castle Gronua near the village of Alsheim from Barroness Helene Elizabeth J. Venigen. The lease gave him free living quarters and stables on the castle grounds in exchange for keeping up the property. Abraham also agreed to "refrain from fishing" in either of the two moats  at the castle. The family again grew grapes and made wine. Abraham and Susan had seven children.

513. Susanna Jouis married Ludwig Reichert von Schwegenheim on March 26, 1726 after the death of Abraham Saar.

920. John Tipton Hunt born ca 1708 in Port Tobacco, Maryland. He was the son of Joseph Hunt and Winnifred Fernandan. He married Mary Fernandan.

922. John W. Overall born ca 1701; died ca 1789

923. Mary Ellis or Elliott born ca 1700 died 1735

924. Abraham Denton, born 1700 in Hempstead, Long Island, New York; died August 1774 in Tom's Brook, Shenandoah County, Virginia; buried on Tom Brook Plantation. He was the son of 1848. Abraham Denton and 1849. Mary Thorne. He married 925. Mary O'Dell around 1725. They had children: Abraham III, Joseph, Isaac, Samuel, James, Martha and Phoebe.

925. Mary O'Dell, born 1702 in Woodstock, Shenandoah County, Virginia; died about 1778 in Shenandoah Colony. She was the daughter of Samuel O'Dell and Patience (Unknown). Mary was married to Capt. Abraham Denton, Jr., son of Dr. Abraham Denton, Sr. and Martha Thorne, 1725 in Orange County, New York, British Colony. Will book A, page 200, Woodstock Shenandoah County, Virginia pgs. 228-229 lists heirs as Elizabeth Smith, Hannah Smith and Daridea Clock (Clark). These were probably Mary's sisters who took care of her in her old age as her children had already moved on by the time her husband died.

928. John Bourne, Sr.  born 1672-82 in Rapahannock County, Virginia; died in 1721 in Essex County, Virginia. He married 929. Elizabeth Johnson on October 30, 1702 in Essex County, Virginia. John and Elizabeth resided in St. Mary's Parish, Essex County, Virginia on 87 acres of land. John was the son of 1856. Andrew Bourne and 1857. Christian Unknown.

929. Elizabeth Johnson born about 1676-81 in Rapahannock County, Virginia. She was the daughter of  1858. Henry Johnson and Mary Taliaferro.

930. William Morton, born about 1686 in Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia; died 1747 in Orange County, Virginia. He married 931. Ann Batchelder. William was the son of 1860. John Morton.

931. Ann Batchelder, born 1688-95 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. She was the daughter of 1862. Thomas Batchelder and 1863. Mary Quisenberry.

Generation No. 11

1024. Abraham Saar, born ca 1635 (during the 30-year war) in Veigy, France (a village on the border of France and Switzerland). He married about 1663 to 1025. Susan Lauchard.  They lived on the Moselle River in Alsace-Lorraine. 

1840. Joseph Hunt born ca 1676 in Charles County, Maryland; died Jappatown, Hartford, Maryland. He was the son of John Hunt and Dorothy Unknown. Joseph married Winnifred Fernandan/Ferdinando, daughter of 3682. Peter Ferdinando.  He was a tobacco and wheat farmer.

1841. Winnifred Fernandan was born ca 1670 in the Netherlands.

1848. Abraham Denton, born about 1668 in Hempstead, Long Island, New York; died ca 1729 in Orange County, New York. He married 1849. Martha Thorne about 1699.

1849. Mary or Martha Thorne the daughter of 3698. William Thorne and 3699. Catherine Linington.

1850. Samuel O'Dell, born 1670 in Westchester County, New York; died 1720. He was the son of 3700. William O'Dell and 3701. Sarah Vowels. He married 1851. Patience Unknown 1689.

1856. Andrew Bourne was born about 1654 in Plymouth, Devon, England; died ca1695 in Virginia.  He married Christian Unknown. The children of Andrew and Christian were John Bourne, Robert Bourne and Peter Bourne, according to the will of Christian Bourne Johnson  dated August 8, 1712 and probated August 13, 1713 in Essex County, Virginia. A record from 1689 indicates that Andrew, his mother, a brother John and another sibling came to Virginia as indentured servants to George Luke. The Bourne's were to repay Luke for the cost of their passage with five thousand pounds of tobacco.

1857. Christian Unknown born about 1654 and died about 1713 n Essex County, Virginia. Her second husband was Henry Johnson. She was appointed administrator of Andrew Bourne's estate October 2, 1700 by a court order issued in Richmond County, Virginia.

1858. Henry Johnson was born about 1648 in England and died before 1703. He arrived in America in 1666 and was married (1) to 1859. Mary Unknown about 1675 in Essex County, Virginia and (2) to 1857. Christian Bourne, widow of Andrew Bourne. Henry and Mary had the following children: Richard, Elizabeth, Sarah, Catherine, and Ann. Henry was brought to Virginia in 1666 by Robert Taliaferro along 125 others to secure a grant of 6,300 acres on the Rappahanock River.

1859. Mary Unknown (Some people belive she was a Taliaferro, but no roof has been found  to support that theory.)

1862. Thomas Batchelder, born 1664; died Aug. 3, 1719. He married about 1768 to 1863. Mary Quisenberry.

1863. Mary Quisenberry, born 1656-61 Westmoreland County, Virginia; died 1744-46 Lunnenberg, Richmond County, Virginia.

Generation No. 12

3680. John Hunt born ca 1653 in Warwickshire County, England; died 1701 Port Tobacco, Maryland. He was the son of  7360 John Hunt and 7361 Elizabeth unknown. He married Dorothy Unknown. He owned his own land when he was 16 and was a tobacco farmer.

3681. Dorothy Unknown born about 1655, Charles Twp., Maryland.

3682 Peter Ferdinando born ca 1635 The Netherlands, died Virginia

3698. William Thorne was born May 23, 1663 at Hempstead, New York; died after 1720 in Gloucester County, New Jersey. He was the son of 7396. William Thorne and 7397. Winifred Linington. He married about 1687 to 3699. Catherine Linington.

3699. Catherine Linington was born about 1663 in Hempstead, New York. She was the daughter of 7398. Henry Linington and 7399. Catherine Ellison.

3700. William O'Dell, born November 14, 1634 in Cranfield, Bedford Co., England; died 1697 in Rye, Westchester Co., New York or Fairfield, Connecticut. He was the son of 7400. William O'Dell and 7401. Rebecca Brown. He married 3701. Sarah Vowels 1665 in Rye, Westchester County, New York.

3701. Sarah Vowels, born 1637-1640 in Rye, Westchester Co., New York. She died 1681-1697. She was the daughter of 7402. Richard Vowels and 7403. Dorothy Holford or Mary Sadler.

Generation No. 13

7360 John Hunt was born February 1, 1628 Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England according to the reserach of James Robert Taylor of Sparks, Nevada. He came to Maryland from England in 1668 along with the Edward Tipton family. He married Elizabeth Unknown. John was a planter and a member of St. John's Episcopal Church.

7361. Elizabeth Unknown born ca 1650 in England.

7396. William Thorne was born about 1636 and died about 1699 at Hempstead, New York. He was the son of 14792. William Thorne and 14793. Susannah Booth. He married about 1662 to 7397. Winifred Linington.

7397. Winifred Linington was born about 1640 and died 1712 or 1713 at Flushing, New York.

7398. Henry Linington died about 1692 in Hempstead, New York.

7399. Catherine Ellison died before 1691 in Hempstead, New York.

7400. William O'Dell born about 1603 and died  1665-1676 in Rye, New York.

7401. Rebecca Browne born about 1601and died about 1674.

7402. Richard Vowels, born 1601; died 1685. He married 7403. Dorothy Holford or Mary Sadler.

Generation No. 14

14792. William Thorne married 14793. Susannah Booth. His father might have been John Thorne, gentleman of Gunby, Lincolnshire, England, but it is not proven.

14793. Susannah Booth born ca 1616; died 1675

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