Kitty Hoffner

Ancestors of Sirikit Marie Hoffner

1. Sirikit Marie "Kitty" Hoffner, born September 26, 1967 at Camp Polk, Louisiana. She was the daughter of 2. Wayne Henry Hoffner and 3. Siriporn "Siri" Potisupon. She married (1) Gary Allen Leopard June 14, 1986 in Muscatine, Iowa. He was born January 4, 1966 in Muscatine, Muscatine County, Iowa, and died of cancer August 1989 in Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa. He was the son of Archie Larry Leopard and Judith Gilchrist. Kitty married (2) Alan Douglas Dobert. Kitty and Gary had two children: Miranda and Gary Allen Jr.

Generation No. 2

2. Wayne Henry Hoffner, born October 1, 1934 in Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa; died April 26, 1968 in Kien Tuong Province, Vietnam. Burial was at the Clarence Cemetery.He was the son of 4. Henry William Fred Hoffner, Jr. and 5. Sophie Anna Dorothy Lange. He married 3. Siriporn "Siri" Potisupon September 14, 1964 in Bangkok, Thailand. Sgt. 1st Class Wayne Hoffner was killed during a combat operation with the advisory team of the Military Assistance Command in Vietnam. He was a heavy weapons infantry advisor in the 4th Battalion, 11th Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, Army of the Republic of Vietnam. He was accompanying the lead company of the battalion in a search and destroy operation in Kien Tuong Provence when the lead elements were ambushed, suddenly coming under intense enemy fire. Unable to determine the source of the fire and the size and disposition of the enemy forces, Wayne dashed through the fierce enemy fire in an attempt to locate the enemy position. He posthumously received a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts for being wounded twice before the fatal encounter with the enemy. He had earlier served in Korea, Damascus, Syria, and Japan. Wayne had also served in Thailand where he met his wife, Siri, before being deployed to Vietnam. He took her to his hometown of Clarence, Iowa before leaving for Vietnam. He had been wounded twice in February, one with shrapnel in the chest, arm and foot and also received wounds in one foot from a land mine.

Wayne Siri

3. Siriporn "Siri" Potisupon, born in Bangkok, Thailand. She was the daughter of 6. Shwong Unknown and 7. Boonsom Pontisupon.

Generation No. 3

4. Henry William Fred Hoffner, Jr., born December 6, 1911 in Cedar County, Iowa; died December 8, 1970 in Oxford Junction, Jones County, Iowa.; buried at Clarence Cemetery. He was the son of 8. Henry Fred John Hoffner and 9. Frieda Emma Stoeter. He married about 1932 Sophie Anna Dorothy Lange, daughter of Henry John Jacob Lange and of Minnie Matilda Schlichting; and was married (2) 4 Apr 1963, at Clarence, Cedar Co., Iowa to Lura Elsie Lang, daughter of Fay Boone Hendrick and of Elsie Jean Husk. Henry was a construction worker with his son-in-law, Dale Sheldon. (Obit in the Tipton Conservative 17 Dec 1970.) Sophie was born in an apartment above a restaurant in Calumus. She met Henry "Bumps" Hoffner when she was babysitting for his sister Marie.

5. Sophie Anna Dorothy Lange, born January 27, 1915 in Calamus, Clinton County, Iowa. She was the daughter of 10. Henry John Jacob Lange and 11. Minnie Matilda Schlichting. Children of Henry Hoffner and Sophie Lange are: Wayne Henry Hoffner, Rhoda Mae Hoffner, Richard Lee Hoffner and Betty Ann Hoffner.

7. Boonsom Pontisupon, born in Thailand was the daughter of Tongsook.

Generation No. 4

8. Henry Fred John Hoffner, born June 19, 1879 at Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa; died Jan. 27, 1957 at Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa. He was the son of 16. John Frederick Christian Hoffner and 17. Mary Christine Lehrmann. He married 9. Frieda Emma Stoeter Aprirl 4, 1900, at Cedar County, Iowa to Frieda Emma Stoeter, daughter of August Christian Rudolf Stoeter and of (Mrs.) Sophia Lange; and was married (2) after 1928, to Lucy Davis, daughter of   Jonas Davis. He left 22 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. He was a member of St. John's Evangelical and Reformed Church (later United Church of Christ) at Clarence.(Obit in Clarence Sun 7 Feb 1957).

9. Frieda Emma Stoeter, born 1877; died 1928. She was the daughter of 18. August Christian R. Stoeter and 19. Mrs. Sophia Lange. Children of Henry Hoffner and Frieda Stoeter are: Henry William Fred Hoffner, Jr. and Alfred A. Hoffner, born 1913.

10. Henry John Jacob Lange, born in Germany. He married 11. Minnie Matilda Schlichting.

11. Minnie Matilda Schlichting, born February 18, 1887 in Germany; died August 18, 1969 in Tipton, Cedar County, Iowa. She was the daughter of 22. Jacob Schlichting and 23. Anna Martin.

Generation No. 5

16. John Frederick Christian Hoffner born 30 Dec 1844 at Germany; died 30 May 1893 at Cedar Co., Iowa; buried at Clarence Cem., Cedar Co., Iowa. married July 25, 1878, at Cedar Co., Iowa to Mary Christine Lehrmann, daughter of   Henry D. Lehrmann and of Marie --. The Hoffner family is believed to be from Hamburg or Kellinghusen, Holstein, Germany. John came to America in the 1870sand became a road overseer. About 2 p.m. My 30, 1893, he told his co-workers he was going to see Mr. Bung. John never arrived at Bung's. That night at about 9 p.m. his horse arrived at his home pulling his cart with John lying crosswise in the rig. His head was badly beaten by the spokes of one wheel and his feet by the other wheel. "The posterior portion of his skull was broken out and missing, and the brains were all gone from the skull."

The verdict at the inquest was that John's death was a result of his accidentally getting his head caught between the shaft and the wheel. The road was very rough with deep ruts and it was assumed he was jostled out of his seat when the cart hit a rut. (information in the Clarnce Sun June 2, 1893). John's probate records #2370 contain a complete inventory. His estate was valued at more than $410,000. Mary was named administratix. It's interesting to note that his casket cost $70. Mary died after a cancer operation. Children of John Hoffner and Mary Lehrmann are: Henry Fred John Hoffner, Alfred Hoffner, Mary Hoffner, Clara Hoffner, and Annie Hoffner

18. August Christian R. Stoeter married 19. Mrs. Sophia Lange.

22. Jacob Schlichting married 23. Anna Martin About 1885 in Germany. Children of Jacob Schlichting and Anna Martin are: Minnie Matilda Schlichting and Claus Schlichting