Kitty Hoffner

Ancestors of Sirikit Marie Hoffner

(Warning: Some of the deaths in this family are very tragic and the descriptions from the obituaries are very graphic.)

1. Sirikit Marie Hoffner is the daughter of 2. Wayne Henry Hoffner and 3. Siriporn "Siri" Potisupon. She married (1) Gary Allen Leopard June 14, 1986. He was born January 4, 1966 and died of cancer in August 1989. He was the son of Archie Larry Leopard and Judith Gilchrist. Kitty married (2) Alan Douglas Dobert. Kitty and Gary had two children: Miranda and Gary Allen Jr.

Generation No. 2

2. Wayne Henry Hoffner, born October 1, 1934 in Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa; died April 26, 1968 in Kien Tuong Province, Vietnam. Burial was at the Clarence Cemetery. He was the son of 4. Henry William Fred Hoffner, Jr. and 5. Sophie Anna Dorothy Lange. He married (1) Maxine Audrey Knutson, daughter of Lowell Orville Knutson and Sylvia Clara Anderson, June 20, 1959, Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa (divorced). He married (2) Siriporn "Siri" Potisupon September 14, 1964 in Bangkok, Thailand. Sgt. 1st Class Wayne Hoffner was killed during a combat operation with the advisory team of the Military Assistance Command in Vietnam.

Wayne was a heavy weapons infantry advisor in the 4th Battalion, 11th Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, Army of the Republic of Vietnam. He was accompanying the lead company of the battalion in a search and destroy operation in Kien Tuong Province when the lead elements were ambushed, suddenly coming under intense enemy fire. Unable to determine the source of the fire and the size and disposition of the enemy forces, Wayne dashed through the fierce enemy fire in an attempt to locate the enemy position. He posthumously received a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts for being wounded twice before the fatal encounter with the enemy. He had earlier served in Korea, Damascus, Syria, and Japan. Wayne had also served in Thailand where he met his wife, Siri, before being deployed to Vietnam. He took her to his hometown of Clarence, Iowa before leaving for Vietnam. He had been wounded twice in February, one with shrapnel in the chest, arm and foot and also received wounds in one foot from a land mine. He and SIri had two children, Terrill and Sirikit

Described as having blond hair and blue eyes, he was 72 inches tall and weighed 215 lbs.

Nicknamed Tall Corn, he did not complete high school, but received a High School GED. He joined the Marine Corp in August 1953 at age 19 as an infantryman. In May 1955 Wayne went to Korea where he was stationed for 13 months. In October 1956 he went to Syria for 31 months. In May of 1960 Sgt. Hoffner was a team leader. On July 5, 1960, he re-enlisted, but this time in the U.S. Army taking a reduction in rank to a Private First Class. Wayne entered the Army at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and had high scores on his ASFAB test. He was assigned to the 5th Radio Research Unit (RRU), APO 146, San Francisco California. Wayne went to a military school at Fort Devens, Massachusetts to become a Morse Code Interceptor (05H1O). Wayne was sent to Thailand on November 16, 1961, where he was stationed until November, 1964. On May 15, 1962, he became a Senior Morse Code Interceptor in the 5th Radio Research Unit, United States Army Pacific (USARPAC).

While in Thailand, Wayne met Siriporn "Siri" Potisupon in Bangkok. They were married on September 14, 1964 in Bangkok. For a little over four months, September 9, 1964 to January 19, 1965, Wayne held the role of Acting First Sergeant for the 5th Radio Research Unit.

Wayne was then sent back to the United States where his first child, Terrell Wayne Hoffner, was born on December 1, 1964 in San Francisco, California. On January 19, 1965 he was assigned to Company C, 2nd Battalion Mountain, 50th Infantry, 2nd Armored Division in Fort Hood, Texas. On October 28, 1965 Wayne went to Fort Polk, Louisiana and attended the Drill Sergeant Academy. He was promoted to Sergeant First Class and Platoon Sergeant on December 19, 1966. Wayne's daughter, Serikit "Kitty" Marie Hoffner was born on September 26, 1967. She was named after Queen Serikit, the Queen of Thailand. His plans were to return to Thailand with is family once he retired from the military; however Wayne was sent to Vietnam on November 18, 1968. On January 16, 1968 he went back to his old MOS of Light Weapons Infantry Advanced and was assigned to the Advanced Team 75, 9th Corps Advanced Group USMACV - USARPAC. Wayne was injured February 2, 1968 when he stepped on a land mine. He received the Purple Heart on March 14, 1968.

By April 26, 1968 he had been assigned as a Heavy Weapons Infantry Advisor for the 4th Battalion, 11th Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, Army of the Republic of Vietnam. On that day he was accompanying the lead company of the battalion on a search and destroy operation in Kien Tuong Province when the lead elements suddenly came under intense enemy fire. Unable to determine the source of the fire and the size and disposition of the enemy forces, 33-year-old Wayne Hoffner dashed through the fierce enemy fire in an attempt to locate the enemy positions. Although exposed to enemy gunners, Wayne continued to move about the battlefield assessing and reporting on the situation until he was mortally wounded. According to official reports, as a result of his singularly courageous actions, supporting weaponry was able to be accurately employed with devastating effect on the insurgent force.

His funeral was held May 9, 1968 at St. John United Church of Christ at Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa. In Wayne's 15 years of military service, he was awarded two National Defense Service Medals, The Korean Service Medal, The United Nations Service Medal, two Good Conduct medals, The Vietnam Service Medal, The Purple Heart, VCM and from the heroic day of his death he received the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star with Valor.

Siri and their two children then moved back to Clarence, Iowa where they lived with Wayne's mother. It was easier for Siri to understand English than to speak it and even more difficult for her to read it. For the four months Wayne was gone they would correspond by small reel-to-reel tape. Siri slowly began to learn more English and the ways of American citizens.

Siri Hoffner

Wayne Hoffner

3. Siriporn "Siri" Potisupon, born in Bangkok, Thailand. She was the daughter of 6. Shwong and 7. Boonsom Pontisupon. Her maternal ancestors are Thai while her paternal ancestors are Chinese. She married (1) Wayne Henry Hoffner and married (2) Gary Lee Vance, son of James B. Vance and Margaret Everett (divorced)  and married (3) Laird Donald.

Generation No. 3

4. Henry William Fred "Bumps" Hoffner, Jr., born December 6, 1911 at Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa; died of an apparent heart attack December 8, 1970 while at work near Oxford Junction, Jones County, Iowa.; buried at Clarence Cemetery, Cedar County. He was the son of 8. Henry Fred John Hoffner and 9. Frieda Emma Stoeter. He married (1) about 1932 Sophie Anna Dorothy Lange, daughter of Henry John Jacob Lange and of Minnie Matilda Schlichting. The were divorced and he married (2) April 4, 1963, at Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa to Lura Elsie Lang a widow, daughter of Fay Boone Hendrick and of Elsie Jean Husk. Henry was a construction worker with his son-in-law, Dale Sheldon. (Obit in the Tipton Conservative 17 Dec 1970.) Sophie was born in an apartment above a restaurant in Calamus. She met Henry "Bumps" Hoffner when she was babysitting for his sister Marie.

5. Sophie Anna Dorothy Lange, born January 27, 1915 in Calamus, Clinton County, Iowa. She was the daughter of 10. Henry John Jacob Lange and 11. Minnie Matilda Schlichting. Sophie's parents lived in an upstairs apartment above a restaurant in Calamus. She was born in the apartment. She married (1) Henry William Fred "Bumps" Hoffner, Jr. about 1932. Sophie and Henry were divorced. She married (2) John Joseph Kahl, son of Otto Kahl and Bertha Horn, December 14, 1963. Children of Henry Hoffner and Sophie Lange are: Wayne Henry Hoffner, Rhoda Mae Hoffner, Richard Lee Hoffner and Betty Ann Hoffner. Richard Lee had served in Vietnam. He died in 1971 while stationed in Texas. According to Sophie, military officials give cause of death as suicide, but she believes he was murdered.

6. Shwong born in China married 7. Boonsom Pontisupon

7. Boonsom Pontisupon, born in Thailand, was the daughter of Tongsook.

Generation No. 4

8. Henry Fred John Hoffner, born June 19, 1879 at Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa; died Jan. 27, 1957 at Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa. He was the son of 16. John Frederick Christian Hoffner and 17. Mary Christine Lehrmann. A farmer in Dayton Twp., Cedar County, he married April 4, 1900, in Cedar County 9. Frieda Emma Stoeter, daughter of August Christian Rudolf Stoeter and of (Mrs.) Sophia Lange. Frieda was born 1877 and died 1928. Henry Fred John Hoffner married (2) Lucy Davis, daughter of Rufus or Jonas Davis. Henry Fred  left 22 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. He was a member of St. John's Evangelical and Reformed Church (later United Church of Christ) at Clarence. (Obit in Clarence Sunday, February 7, 1957).

Children of Henry Hoffner and Frieda Stoeter are:

    i. August Alfred Hoffner, born October 1, 1900; died October 16, 1900.

    ii. John Henry Fred Hoffner, born October 25, 1901; died January 4, 1993, buried at Clarence Cemetery, Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa. He married Lena M. Biere January 17, 1924. She was born June 13, 1898 and died February 19, 1985. John worked in Cedar Rapids for a number of years. After he retired, he researched the family histories of his family and Lena's. He died of a sudden heart attack while snowblowing at his home.

    iii. Sophia M. Hoffner, born November 19, 1903; died December 30, 1986 ; buried at Clarence Cemetery, Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa. Never married. She lived in Cedar Rapids.

    iv. August Alfred Hoffner, born January 21, 1906; died June 30, 1907.

    v. Marie Anna Augusta Hoffner, born July 10, 1907; died 1999. She married Carl Luettejohann. The family lived in Swisher, Iowa. There is a grave stone for Melba Marie Luettjohann born April 4, 1933 and died April 5, 1933 at Clarence Cemetery. Unknown if she is a daughter of Marie and Carl.

    vi. Edward Hoffner, born May 21, 1909; died February 7, 1960. He married Catherine Unknown. In 1930 he was a bookkeeper in Iowa City, Iowa.

    vii. Henry William Fred Hoffner, Jr., born December 6, 1911.

    viii. Alfred A. Hoffner, born November 22, 1913 in Cedar County, Iowa (Source: Birth Book 5, page 353.); died June 30, 1962. Buried at Clarence Cemetery, Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa. Alfred married Ruby Berry and lived in Burbank, California.

    ix. George Carl Hoffner, married Neva Delle Fox May 20, 1939 in Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa. George retired as a U.S. Army Captain and later lived on a farm southeast of Clarence. They had a daughter Carol Jean who married Jon Phillip Osmundson in Cedar County.

    x. Charles William Hoffner, married Bernice Anna Cove July 30, 1943.

    xi. Neil Robert Hoffner, born June 22, 1922 in Cedar County, Iowa; died January 10, 1968 in of a gunshot wound at Clarence. Buried at Clarence Cemetery, Cedar County, Iowa. (Source: Death Book 5, page 206). He married Maxine Mae Ihms January 16, 1944.

Children of Henry Hoffner and Lucy Davis are:

    xii. Dorothy Ellen Hoffner, married (1) Ray B. McAfee and married (2) Robert Wertz and married (3) Paul Henecke. As a child, she was burned badly on her arm (see information on sister Evelyn's death below). Dorothy had red hair. In 1966 she was living in Kansas City, Mo.

    xiii. Donald Hoffner, lived at Cedar Rapids then retired to Tipton. He was married twice, having one child by each marriage: Benjamin and Cindy.

    xiv. Evelyn May Hoffner, born June 28, 1931; died June 8, 1936. When Evelyn May was four years old, her mother went to Tipton and the children were playing with gasoline and corn cobs and matches about 2 p.m. Her brother lit a corncob and when it burned his fingers, he threw it, catching Evelyn's dress on fire. When her father found her, he carried her to the road to seek help. Walter Kemmannn was the first to pass by and took Evelyn and her father to Dr. SMith's office. He wasn't in so Dr. Montz of Lowden was called. He took her to St. Luke's Hospital in Cedar Rapids where she died about 7 that night from the severe burns she received. Her hair had been burned from the sides of her face and the flesh had dropped from her arms and body. A private funeral was held at teh home of Alfred Hoffner. She was buried at Clarence Cemetery. Her halfbrothers were the pallbearers. (Obit and details of the fire in the June 11, 1936 issue of the Clarence Sun .)

    xv. Gertrude "Gerry" Hoffner.

    xvi. August Hoffner married Louisa Suchomel

9. Frieda Emma Stoeter, born 1877; died 1928. She was the daughter of 18. August Christian R. Stoeter and 19. Mrs. Sophia Lange. According to the 1930 census, Frieda was born in Hamburg, Germany. Henry Hoffner and Frieda Stoeter had 11 children.

10. Henry John Jacob Lange, born in Germany. He married 11. Minnie Matilda Schlichting.

11. Minnie Matilda Schlichting, born February 18, 1887 in Germany; died August 18, 1969 in Cedar Manor Nursing Home, Tipton, Cedar County, Iowa. She was the daughter of 22. Jacob Schlichting and 23. Anna Martin. She had diabetes. She is buried at Evergreen Cemetery at Grand Mound, Clinton County.

Generation No. 5

16. John Frederick Christian Hoffner born December 30, 1844 at Germany (1880 census says Mecklenberg); died May 30, 1893 at Cedar County, Iowa; buried at Clarence Cemetery, Cedar County, Iowa. married July 25, 1878, at Cedar Co., Iowa to Mary Christine Lehrmann, daughter of   Henry D. Lehrmann and of Marie Unknown. Born Jan. 15, 1852 and died Oct. 8, 1907. The Hoffner family is believed to be from Hamburg or Kellinghusen, Holstein, Germany. John came to America in the 1870s and became a road overseer. About 2 p.m. May 30, 1893, he told his co-workers he was going to see Mr. Bung. John never arrived at Bung's. That night at about 9 p.m. his horse arrived at his home pulling his cart with John lying crosswise in the rig. His head was badly beaten by the spokes of one wheel and his feet by the other wheel. "The posterior portion of his skull was broken out and missing, and the brains were all gone from the skull." The verdict at the inquest was that John's death was a result of his accidentally getting his head caught between the shaft and the wheel. The road was very rough with deep ruts and it was assumed he was jostled out of his seat when the cart hit a rut. (information in the Clarence Sun June 2, 1893).  Four of his children were younger than 15. John's probate records #2370 contain a complete inventory. His estate was valued at $10,350. Mary was named administratrix. It's interesting to note that his casket cost $70.

According to research done by John Hoffner, John Frederick had an illegitimate daughter Clara Anna Hoffner born ca 1870. She married Bernard Wohlers August 17, 1888 and they had a daughter, Antoine Louise Julie Wohlers. They lived in Kellinghusen, Holstein, German

Children of John Hoffner and Mary Lehrmann are:

   i. Mary Hoffner, born September 16, 1876; died September 29, 1889 (age 13) in Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa.

   ii. Annie Hoffner, buried at Clarence Cemetery, Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa. No dates for Annie on the stone that she shares with brother Frederich Henry. She is not listed in the 1880 census.

   iii. Henry Fred John Hoffner, born June 19, 1879 at Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa. He is listed in the 1880 census as three months old.

   iv. Frederich Henry Hoffner, born May 30, 1881; died June 5, 1881; buried at Clarence Cemetery, Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa. Little Fred suffered convulsions for his week of life, according to Cedar County death records, page 27. No dates on grave stone.

   v. Alfred Louis Hoffner, born April 28, 1883 in Cedar County, Iowa; died September 24, 1972 at the Clarence Nursing Home. Buried at Clarence Cemetery, Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa . He married Anna Minnie Stoeter March 3, 1909 in Clinton County, Iowa; born October 10, 1887; died June 9, 1975. Buried at Clarence Cemetery. No children. (Source: Obituary, Tipton Adviser, Sept. 12, 1972.)

   vi. Emma Hoffner, born October 2, 1886 in Cedar County, Iowa. She married (1) Joseph Clifford Cale April 16, 1903 Cedar County. Married (2) Unknown Frost.

   vii. Fred Henry Hoffner, born February 11, 1889; died March 27, 1959; buried at Clarence Cemetery, Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa. He married Anna Unknown; born 1891; died 1979.

   viii. Clara Hoffner, born February 17, 1892; died August 29, 1892, age 5 months, in Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa. Buried at Clarence Cemetery, Cedar County, Iowa.

17. Mary Christine Lehrman born Jan. 15, 1852 in Ohio or Michigan, died Oct. 8, 1907 at St. Luke's Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa, after an operation for cancer. She married (1) John Hoffner and after his death  in 1893 married (2) William Crane March 10, 1897 Cedar County. The funeral was at the German Evangelical Church and services were conducted in both English and German.  Burial was at Clarence Cemetery. She was survived by four children, six grandchildren, her father, four brothers and two sisters.  

18. August Christian Rudolf Stoeter born Oct. 29, 1853 Wittenburg, Mecklenburg Schwerin, Germany. He attended school there and after his confirmation found work there.  In 1897 he married 19. Mrs. Sophia Lange who had a son William from a previous marriage.  They had three children and in 1883 the family immigrated to Cedar County, Iowa, settling on a farm two miles southeast of Clarence. In 1887, they left the farm.and made their home in Clarence where he worked as a carpenter.  That year Sophia died.  In 1888 he married Minnie Wiedenhoff.  They had three children. August suffered with asthma. A few minutes after  midnight on July 10, 1928 after having a paralytic stroke a few days earlier, he died. The children of August Stoeter are Frieda Hoffner (b 1877), Anna Hoffner (b 1887) wife of Alfred Louis Hoffner, Clara Horst (b 1888), Augusta Bornholdt (b 1890) and Carl/Charles Stoeter (b 1894), 22 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.  He was buried at Clarence Cemetery. (Obit in the July 12, 1928 Clarence Sun.)

19. (Mrs.) Sophia Lange, presumably a widow, had  son William when she married August Stoeter.

22. Jacob Schlichting married 23. Anna Martin about 1885 in Germany. Children of Jacob Schlichting and Anna Martin/Martens are Minnie Matilda Schlichting, Gustav August Schlichting (1885-1963)  and Claus Schlichting

23. Anna Martin

Generation 6

34. Henry D. Lehrman was born 1824 and died 1915, buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Cedar County, Iowa. He married Marie F. Unknown. He was living in Stanwood, Cedar County in 1907 at the time of his daughter, Mary's death. In Mary's obituary, he was described as aged.

35. Marie F. Unknown was born 1821 and died 1896. Buried Rose Hill Cemetery.

36. John Stoeter of Wittenburg, Mecklenburg Schwerin, Germany.