Mildred Hollreiser

Mildred Florence Hollreiser

Grandmother Mildred 1933 Holly  ca 1995

Mildred Hollreiser Mildred and her mother Pauline Woehr Hollreiser Stan and Mildred

Generation No. 1

1. Mildred Florence Hollreiser, born September 15, 1906 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York; died December 4, 1995 in Cape Coral, Lee County, Florida. She was the daughter of 2. Philip "Frederick" Hollreiser and 3. Pauline Catherine Woehr. She married Stanley Otto Dobert November 30, 1933 at the Lutheran Church of St. James, Manhattan, New York. (Certificate No. 23889). Her address at the time was 317 E. 69th St., Manhattan, while Stan's was 10504 107th Ave., Ozone Park, Queens. He was born October 23, 1904 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, and died August 24, 1992 in Cape Coral, Lee County, Florida. He was the son of Gunther Otto Dobert and Elizabeth Wachter or Wester.

During their early years of marriage, Mildred was employed at Bellevue State Hospital. In 1952, she became an electrical draftsman at Brookhaven National Laboratory. She retired in 1972.

Stanley worked in the Navy Yard in Sayville, Long Island when he and Mildred were first married. Later he joined Long Island Plastics, a company that made phonograph records. He then worked for Borden's National Dairy, then Grumman Aircraft Corporation. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge in Queens and was a Boy Scout leader. Mildred and Stanley retired to Cape Coral, Fla., where they were active in Christ Lutheran Church. Mildred enjoyed painting in a variety of media and was a member of the Cape Coral Art League for 15 years, selling many of her paintings. Stanley enjoyed working with his hands and after retirement made many treasured religious symbols and gave them away.

Mildred and Stanley had three sons: Ronald, Douglas, and Kenneth.

Generation No. 2

2. Philip "Frederick" Hollreiser, born May 23, 1872 in Manhattan, Kings County, New York; died December 30, 1930 in Queens County, New York. He was the son of 4. Bernhardus Gottlieb"Bernard" Hollreiser and 5. Anna "Philippina" Satter. He married 3. Pauline Catherine Woehr June 6, 1893, daughter of JohannWoehr and Maria Hummell. She was born October 31, 1873.

Fred and Pauline were married at her home. Fred's brother Bernard was the best man. The bridesmaid was Edna Stainsby, with G. Stainsby and Maud Woehr as maids of honor. According to a news item the following day in the newspaper, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, guests were Mr. and Mrs. Hollreiser, J. Floegel, Mrs. Woehr, Mr. and Mrs. Stainsby, Mr. and Mrs. G. Gerstenschlager, Mr. and Mrs. O. Floegel, Mr. and Mrs. B. Hollreiser, Mrs. J. Floegel, Mrs. F. Woehr, W. Woehr, H. Floegel and quartet, Miss Kate Stainsby, W. Thompson, Miss Edna Stainsby, Miss Jennie Stainsby, G. Eppstein, Mr. Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Graham, Mr. Feher, Miss L. Brockman, Miss Feney, Mr. and Mrs. C. Kraus, Miss H. Brockman, J. Mack, J. Doyle, S. Cook, Miss Jennie Graham, and Mr. and Mrs. Woehr."

Fred was an upholsterer for 50 years. His grandson, Len Hollreiser, remembers that he carved Spanish galleons out of wood.

When their first child was born, the family lived at 129 W. 100th St., New York City. In 1900, the family lived at 844 Amsterdam Ave., Manhattan, N.Y. By 1906, they were living in Brooklyn at 60 Bergen St. In 1915, they lived at 309 Halsey St., Brooklyn. In the 1930s they were living in Fort Montgomery, N.Y.

Fred died  September 19, 1946 at 253 Cumberland St., Brooklyn, N.Y. of asthma, hypertension, chronic myocarditis and pulmonary congestion with edema. His body was cremated and when Pauline died, his ashes were placed in her casket. Fred and Pauline are buried at George Washington Memorial Cemetery, Paramus, Bergen Co., N.J.

Pauline died at her home at 253 Cumberland St., Brooklyn, N.Y., of carbon monoxide poisoning. Her daughter, Edna, was living with her. According to Doris Hollreiser Wells, Edna was making soap on the kitchen stove and, for some reason, left the apartment. When she returned, she found her mother dead. The soap mixture had boiled over and extinguished the pilot light.

Fred and Pauline had four children: Raymond b. May 6, 1905-d. October 31, 1947;  Mildred Florence, b. September 15, 1906, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York-d. December 4, 1995, Cape Coral, Lee County, Florida; Frederick Paul b. December 2, 1894-d. October 1964; Edna b. November 27, 1897, New York-d. February 25, 1966, Shoreham, NewYork.

3. Pauline Catherine Woehr was the daughter of 6. Johann George Woehr and 7. Maria C. Hummell.

Pauline Woehr Hollreiser

4. Bernhardus Gottlieb"Bernard" Hollreiser, born May 1837 in Ansbach, Bavaria; died February 27, 1910 in of stomach cancer, 814 Courtlandt Ave., Bronx County, New York. He was the son of 8. Johannes Michaelis Hollreiser and 9. Anna Maria Will. He married 5. Anna "Philippina" Satter May 23, 1865 in Edenkoben, Pfalz, Bavaria.

5. Anna "Philippina" Satter, born February 17, 1836 in Edenkoben, Pfalz, Bayern (Bavaria); died December 7, 1884 in of Bright's Disease in New York. She was the daughter of 10. Johannes "Jacab" Satter and 11. Eva Margaretha Gleich.

6. Johann George  Woehr, b 1828. He was a coffin maker in Brooklyn, New York.

7. Maria C. "Mary" Hummell, b 1828. According to family tradition, Maria came to the United States on a fishing boat with her brother.

The photo to the right is believed to be Mildred Hollreiser's grandmother. It was taken in Erfurt, Germany. We don't know which side of the family she belongs to.  She could be Maria Hummell or Philippina Satter or someone else.

Generation No. 4

8. Johannes Michaelis Hollreiser, born October 1794 in Tulling, Germany; died May 3, 1877 in Tafelhof Landstrabe 39, Germany. He was the son of 16. Antonius "Anton" Hollreiser and 17. Ursula Fischer of Haberl. He married 9. Anna Maria Will.

9. Anna Maria Will, died before 1877.

10. Johannes "Jacab" Satter. He married 11. Eva Margaretha Gleich February 28, 1889.

11. Eva Margaretha Gleich

Generation No. 5

16. Antonius "Anton" Hollreiser, born June 9, 1738 in Hollreis Farm, Velden , Steinhoring Parish, Bavaria. He was the son of 32. Andreas Hollreiser and 33. Barbara Birnkammer. He married 17. Ursula Fischer of Haberl May 1, 1782 in Tulling, Bavaria.

17. Ursula Fischer of Haberl, born in Haberl Farm, Zell, Albaching Parish.

Generation No. 6

32. Andreas Hollreiser, born 1714 in Stiglgrueb Farm, Velden Parish, Bavaria. He was the son of 64. Johannes Hollreiser and 65. Anna nata Steerin. He married 33. Barbara Birnkammer About 1735.

33. Barbara Birnkammer

Generation No. 7

64. Johannes Hollreiser, born 1697 in Stiglgrueb Farm, Velden Parish, Bavaria; died November 11, 1759 in Hollreis Farm, Velden, Steinhoring Parish, Bavaria. He was the son of 128. Johann Hollreiser. He married 65. Anna nata Steerin.

65. Anna nata Steerin, died Bef. 1759.

Generation No. 8

128. Johann Hollreiser, born About 1666 in Prussia; died December 28, 1726 in Stiglgrueb Farm, Velden Parish, Bavaria. Click here to see the descendancy of Johann Hollresier. Click here to see the descendancy of Johann Hollreiser.