Ancestors of Carl Edwin Rippenkroeger

Much of this information was researched by Dolores C. Riepe and James Holtkamp. Thank you so very much for sharing.

Generation No. 1

1. Carl Edwin Rippenkroeger is the son of (2) Charles Edward Joseph "Charlie" Rippenkroeger and (3) Catherine Columbus. He married Elizabeth Alexandra Dobert, the daughter of Douglas Alan Dobert and Connie Mae Alexander. He and Beth had two children, Ashley Elizabeth and Brady Alan, and later divorced.

Generation No. 2

2. Charles Edward Joseph "Charlie" Rippenkroeger, born September 11, 1939 in St. Paul, Lee County, Iowa; drowned along with his brother Mark Rippenkroeger on June 27, 1983 after their fishing boat capsized in the Des Moines River near Farmington, Van Buren County, Iowa. His body was found near St. Francisville, Missouri two days later. A double funeral was held July 1 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa. He was the son of (4) Bernard "Barney" Rippenkroeger and (5) Eleanor Holtkamp. Charlie married first Violet Jean Hagmeier Link and married  second (3) Catherine "Cathy" Columbus April 21, 1967 in Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri. Charlie and his fmaily lived in Fort Madison and he worked at the Langenbach Wood Products in Fort Madison. Charlie and Violet had three children: Randy, Becky and Penny. Charlie and Cathy had three children: Charles Edward Rippenkroeger, Carl Edwin Rippenkroeger, and Cathy Sue Rippenkroeger.

3. Catherine Columbus is the daughter of (6) Nunzio Columbus (II) and (7) Josephine Tripicovsky.

Generation No. 3

4. Bernard "Barney" Rippenkroeger, born March 23, 1905 in Wadena, Minnesota; died January 23, 1981 in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa. He was the son of (8) Stephen John Rippenkroeger (III) and (9) Caroline Umthun. He married (5) Eleanor M. Holtkamp Oct. 14, 1930 in Houghton, Lee County, Iowa. He was a farmer. At the time of his death, Barney's adddress was RR2, Fort Madison. Their children were Robert Joseph born 1931, LeRoy Bernard born ca 1933, Gerald Anthony born 1936, Charles Edward Joseph "Charlie" born 1939, and Mark Francis Rippenkroeger born 1943.

5. Eleanor M. Holtkamp, born Nov. 20, 1908 Westphalia, Kansas, died June 28, 1977 at Sacred Heart Hospital, Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa. . She was the daughter of (10) Bernard Holtkamp and (11) Gertrude Conlin.

6. Nunzio Columbus (II), born Aug. 8, 1909, in Long Island City, N.Y., died  Dec. 28, 2004, Corpus Christi, Texas; buried Liberty Cemetery, rural Williamstown, Mo. He was the son of (12) Thomas Columbus and (13) Domenica Randazzo. He married first (7) Josephine Tripicovsky ca 1929 and married second Ellen "Isabelle" Rayburn in Kahoka, Mo. The children of Nunzio and Josephine are: Nunzio Jr., Mary, James, Joseph, Theodore, Thomas, Ann, Albert, John, Peter and  Catherine. Children of Nunzio and Isabelle are: Isabelle, Loretta Ellen, Janet Mae and Domenica Rose. He worked as a plumber in Babylon, Long Island, New York, retiring in 1962. He then moved to Wyaconda, Mo., where he farmed. (His Social Security record gives Aug. 9 as his birth date)

7. Josephine Tripicovsky died 1947 at Bayshore, Long Island, New York

Generation No. 4

8. Stephen John Rippenkroeger (III), born Oct. 14, 1870 at St. Paul, Lee County, Iowa; died July 25, 1961 in Sacred Heart Hospital, Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa, buried at St. James cemetery, St. Paul. He was the son of (16) Stephen Rippenkroeger (II) and (17) Elizabeth "Lizzie" Roethler. He married (9) Caroline "Cally" Umthun Sept. 27, 1892 at St. Paul, Iowa. He was living at nearby Pilot Grove when he died. Children  of Stephen and Cally are: Stephen Bernard born ca 1893, Wilhenia born 1895, Elizabeth born 1898, Anna born 1900, Joseph born 1902, Bernard born 1905, Carolina born 1907 and Edward  Leonard born 1911. [Image]
 9. Caroline "Cally" Umthun, born March 26, 1872 at St. Paul, Lee county, Iowa; died July 6,1952 in Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa. She was the daughter of (18) Henry Umthun and (19) Wilhelmina Dierker. [Image]
Cally Umthun Rippenkroeger

10. Bernard B. Holtkamp, born March 24, 1879 St. Paul, Lee County, Iowa; died May 20, 1933 Houghton, Lee county, Iowa, buried St. John's Cemetery, Houghton, Lee County, Iowa. He was the son of (20.) John Holtkamp and (21.) Mary Ostdiek. He married (11) Gertrude Conlon Feb. 6, 1907 St. John's Catholic Church in Houghton, Lee County, Iowa. Witnesses were Bernard's brother Joseph and sisterMamir. The newlyweds left Iowa soon after their wedding to make their home on a farm Bernard had purchased in Westphalia, Kansas.   In 1910, Bernard and Gertrude were living in Indian Creek Twp., Anderson County, Kansas with daughter Mary A. In 1920, they were living in Marion Twp., Lee County, Iowa. Children of Bernard Holtkamp and Gertrude Conlon are:  Mary Cecelia born 1910, Richard John. born ca 1913 all born in Kansas, Raymond born ca 1916, Eleanor born Nov. 20, 1908, Edward H. born ca 1919 and Bernard J. born 1924, and Agnella born ca 1926 all born in Iowa.

11. Gertrude Conlon born March 3, 1882 Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska; died Feb. 16, 1955, Houghton, Lee County, Iowa. She is the daughter of (22) Timothy Conlin and (23) Ellen Malloy.

12. Thomas Columbus, born about 1878 in Naples, Italy. He married 13. Domenica Randazzo. Children of Thomas and Domenica Columbus are: Catherine, Peter, Thomas, Nunzio (I), Nunzio (II),  Santa, Annette "Netta", Joseph, Josephine, Anna, Mary, and Theodore "Ted".

13. Domenica Randazzo was born in Sicily. She died before 1930.

Generation No. 5

16. Stephen Rippenkroeger (II), born Nov. 14, 1843 in Hannover, Prussia; died March 30, 1926 in St. Paul, Lee County, Iowa. He was the son of (32) Steven Rippenkroeger (I) and (33) Mary Huber. He married 17. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Roethler November 26, 1867 in St. Paul, Lee County, Iowa. The couple moved to the United States in 1870 and settled in the area of  St. Paul, Lee County, Iowa. He was a house painter.  The children of Steven and Lizzie Rippenkroeger are Mary born ca 1869, Stephen John born ca 1870, Henry born 1876, John  Bernhard born 1883, In February 1909 Stephen was laid up for several weeks after breakng a bone in his ankle while riding home on the riding gear of a wagon with his legs  down. He struck a big clod with his left leg. He was getting ready to move to a farm near Houghton. (West Point Bee Feb. 18, 1909) 17. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Roethler bornSept. 27, 1843 in Bruchsall, Baden, died March 9, 1931, St. Paul, Lee County, Iowa. She is the daughter of (34) Balthasar John Roethler and (35) Elizabeth Bernhard.

18. Henry Umthun born ca 1826, died 1904 was the son of  (36) Afferen Umthun. He married  (19) Wilhelmina Dierker April 8, 1856 in WestPoint, Lee County, Iowa. Child of Henry Umthun and Wilhelmina Dierker is Caroline "Cally" Umthun. [Image]
Henry Umthun
19. Wilhelmina Dierker born July 10, 1837, Hanover,Germany, died April 21, 1907 at the home ofher son, Joseph in St. Paul, Lee County, Iowa. She was the daughter of  (38) John Henry Dietrich Dierker and (39) Catherine Droppel. [Image]
Wilhelmina Dierker Umthun

20. John Holtkamp born May 15, 1851 in St. Paul, Lee County, Iowa, died Oct. 21, 1916 near St. Paul, buried St. Paul Cemetery, married Mary Ostdiek November 1874 St. Paul, Lee County,  Iowa. He was the son of (40.) Henry Holtkamp, and (41.) Mary Sand. Children of John and Mary: Henry born 1875, Gerhardt born 1877, Bernard born 1879, John born 1881, Joseph born 1882, Frank born 1885, Mary A. born 1887, Elizabeth born 1890 and Katharina born 1890.

21. Mary Ostdiek born Feb. 11, 1857 St. Paul, Lee County, Iowa, died March 27, 1951, buried St. James Cemetery, St. Paul. She was the daughter of Ferdinand Ostdiek and Anna Schitker.

22. Timothy Conlon born April 26, 1826, Kildare, Ireland; married Ellen Malloy ca 1858 in Canada. He died June 13, 1898 Talmage, Otoe County, Nebraska. Based on the 1885 Nebraska State census index for McWilliams Precinct, Otoe County, and other sources, they had the following children: Julia C. Conlin born November 28, 1858, Rose Conlon born March 15, 1861, Margaret Helen Conlon  born ca 1862, Bartholomew Joseph born January 27, 1865, Mary Conlin born ca 1866 and Anna  born ca 1869 all born in Canada, Charles born ca 1873, Agnes born ca 1874, Grace born ca 1875, Gertrude born March 3, 1882, and Cecilia born April 3, 1876 all born in Nebraska.

23. Ellen Malloy born Dec. 25, 1839, Dublin, Ireland; died June 30, 1916 Parsons, Labette County, Kansas. She is the daughter of (46.) Charles Malloy and (47.) Margaret Nolan. Ellen attended the wedding ofherdaughter Gertrude.

Generation No. 6

32. Stephen Rippenkroeger (I), born ca 1818 in Padenborn, Prussia; died Dec. 26, 1891 in West Point, Iowa, buied Calvary Cemetery, West Point. He married (33) Mary Huber ca 1840 in Germany. In 1880, he was living in West Point, Lee County, Iowa and was a plasterer. Children of Steven (I) and Mary Huber: Stephen Rippenkroeger (II); Mary, William, Bernard, and Fatistus.

33. Mary Huber, born June 10, 1831 in Bavaria; died Feb. 10, 1897 in West Point, Iowa, buied Calvary Cemetery, West Point.

34. Balthazar John Roethler born Oct. 3, 1824 Bruchsal, Karlsruhe, Baden, died Nov. 26, 1861 Lee County, Iowa.  He married (35.)  He might be the son of (67.) Balthasar Johann Roethler/Rodler


36. Afferen Umthun. He and wife had son Henry Umthun.

38. John Henry Dietrich Dierker born ca 1792 in Hanover, Germany; died Jan. 3, 1871 at his home at West Point, Lee County, Iowa, buried at Calvary Cemetery, West Point. He married Catherine Droppel in Hanover.

39. Catherine Droppel born 1804 Hanover, Germany and died May 26, 1888 at home in West Point, Iowa, buried at Calvary cemetery, West Point.

40. Henry Holtkamp, born Dec.r 25, 1817, died Sept. 11, 1861, married Mary Sand, Nov.r 13, 1848 at St. James Catholic Church in St. Paul, Iowa, buried St. James Cemetery, St. Paul. He was the son of (80) Gerhard Dietrick John Holtkamp and (81) Margareth Houjch. Children of Henry and Mary are Elizabeth born ca 1850, John born 1851and Catherine born 1860. [Image]
41. Mary Sand, born Jan. 1, 1829, died Nov. 27, 1913, buried St. James Cemetery, St. Paul, Lee County, Iowa.

46. Charles Malloy

47. Margaret Nolan.

Generation No. 7

67. Balthasar Johann Roethler/Rodler, born  April 1, 1807 Bruchsal, Karlsruhe, Baden, married (68) Elizabeth Barbara Bernhard Oct. 30, 1832 Bruchsal, Baden. He might be the son of (134) Johann Paul Roethler/ Rodler and Maria Josepha Riesch.

68. Elizabeth Barbara Bernhard

80. Gerhard Diedrich "Duk" John Holtkamp, born ca 1793 in Germany; died 1855 , St. Paul, Iowa. He married (81) Margareth "Gretha" Houjch. Children of Gerhard Holtkamp and Margaret Houjch are Henry born Dec. 25, 1817, Gerhard born ca 1819, Elizabeth, John Henry, Bernard "Barney" born June 11, 1827 and Diedrich "Dirk" Henry Holtkamp born Sept. 15, 1834, all born in Germany. The family is listed on the Dec. 12, 1836 passenger list of all passengers taken on board the brig Catharina whereof  R. L. Cronberg is Master, at the Port of Altona and bound for New Orleans. In the spring of 1837, the family travelled by boat on the Mississippi River to Lee County, Iowa, where Gerhard  purchased 80 acres in Section 25 in Marion Twp. The first Cathlic church in Lee county, a log structure, was built in 1838 on the Holtkamp property, 2.5 miles southeast of the Sugar Creek Settlement, now the village of St. Paul.  After Gerhard's death, the property was transferred to his oldest son Henry. Barney bought land in Section 22, Marion Twp.

81. Margareth "Gretha" Houjch, born Sept. 15, 1793 in Germany; died Feb. 14,1873 St. Paul, Lee County, Iowa, buried St. James Cemetery, St. Paul.