William C. Cavitt

William C. Cavitt

William C. Cavitt was born 1809-1812 in Pennsylvania, and died 1877 in Sylvan California. He is buried at Sylvan Cemetery, Citrus Heights, California. The cemetery is located on property that was owned by his son, George W. Cavitt.

William C. married Judicia Misor September 1, 1831 in Rushville, Rush County, Indiana, daughter of Henry Misor. She was born February 28, 1813 in Ohio, and died March 13, 1867 in Lake County, California. She is buried at Upper Lake Cemetery, Lakeport, Lake County, California.

Rush County court records show William C. Cavitt was named Judicia's guardian January 1832. It is assumed her father died about that time and as guardian, Wiliam was named to guard her rights regarding her father's estate. William also became a registered landowner that year, posibly through inheritance of Henry Misor.

William C. and Judicy had seven children while living in Indiana. William paid Samuel Collins $300 for 40 acres in Van Buren County, Iowa Territory on November 21, 1845 and soon William, Judicy, and their children, except daughter Margaret who had already married, and William's mother Rebecca were living in Van Buren County. Three more children were born in Iowa.

Life in Iowa brought many changes to this family. Son, William Cass Cavitt was born July 15, 1848. His 14-year-old sister Catherine died three months later. She was buried at Blackledge Cemetery east of Mount Sterling. September 18, 1849 saw the birth of Virginia, who died four months later. Rebecca, William's mother, died November 18, 1851. Another child, Levi, was born May 26, 1852. He died 16 days later. All were buried at Blackledge Cemetery overlooking the Fox River.

In the spring of 1864, the remaining family, except for daughter Elizabeth who had married John Miller, left Iowa en route to the gold fields of California. They settled in Lake County, California until Judicia's death in 1867. Family tradition states that William C. Cavitt and son William Cass Cavitt returned to Iowa via the first trans-continental railroad and were witnesses to the driving of the golden spike in Promonotory Point, Utah. We have no proof of this. Other family members remained in California.

By 1877, William had returned to California and died there.

Children of William C. Cavitt and Judicia Misor are:

i. George Washington Cavitt, born February 22, 1832, Rush County, Indiana; died January 24, 1907, Antelope County, California.

ii. Katherine Cavitt, b. August 30, 1834, Rush County, Indiana; died October 7, 1848, buried at Blackledge Cemetery, Mount Sterling, Iowa.

iii. Ellen E. Cavitt, born March 7, 1836, Rush County, Indiana; died December 28, 1917, Placer, Colorado.

iv. James Henry Cavitt, born October 28, 1837, Rush County, Indiana; died December 20, 1912, Sylvan, California.

v. John Marion Cavitt, born November 30, 1839, Rush County, Indiana; died June 30, 1916, Grandview, Galata County, Montana, buried East Hill Cemetery, Rushville, Indiana.

vi. Elizabeth Ann Cavitt, b. January 9, 1842, Rush County, Indiana; d. May 11, 1922.

vii. Hannah M. Cavitt, born March 25, 1844, Rush County, Indiana; died February 16, 1907, Sylvan, California, buried Citrus Heights Cemtery, Sylvan, California.

viii. William Cass Cavitt, born July 15, 1848, Van Buren County, Iowa; died  January 20, 1929, Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa.

ix. Virginia M. Cavitt, born September 18, 1848, Van Buren County, Iowa; died October 7, 1848, buried at Blackledge Cemetery, east of Mount Sterling, Iowa

x. Levi Cavitt, born May 26, 1852, Van Buren County, Iowa; died 1852, possibly buried at Blackledge Cemetery, east of Mount Sterling, Iowa