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The history of our family is very important to me. I have spent eight years trying to put together a history of our family. In the beginning many people were very helpful and some still are today. Our family has spread all across our great country and so has the information about it. We have a family association which has information on our family, no one ever gets the use of it, just locked away for some reason only known to them. Many members of the family have web sites or have submitted their information to various places still scattered and not in one place for all to have use of. Several of my ancestral families have published their family histories, as well as many individuals in their respected families. The information in my data base which you can view on the net is in many cases is abbreviated. Those who have shared their information know what is available. Each little piece of the puzzle helps, you may just have a very important piece in your files. I have been asking people to share their information, I have shared mine. We are still a scattered family, with scattered information.

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Wolphert Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven

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Variations of the Name

House of Pieter van Kouwenhoven

Map of Long Island Showing Amersfoort., circa 1656

Map of Amersfoort, Netherlands, circa 1652

Map of Amersfoort, Netherlands, old, Showing Location of Van Kouwenhoven Family

Map of Amersfoort, Netherlands, circa 1712 Showing Van Kouwenhoven Family Location

Amersfoort, Netherlands, 1909, Showing Van Kouwenhoven Family Location

Amersfoort, Netherlands, Present Day, Showing Van Kouwenhoven Family Location

Eendracht "The Unity"

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