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Samuel Gale

M, #5212, b. 1670
      Samuel Gale was born in 1670. Samuel married Mary (Unknown) circa 1706. Samuel's estate was proved on 25-Dec-1730; 1st will. Samuel's estate was proved on 31-Jul-1749; 2nd will.
     He resided at at Great Egg Harbor, Atlantic County, New Jersey, circa 1706. In his will dated Oct 30 1720, Samuel Gale names Jonathan Adams as an executor and his son Johnathan, Jr. who died young without children, as a witness. Stephen Morris wrote this will and it was given to John Covenhoven "till called for." This John may have been John, son of Peter and Mary Covenhoven, of John, brother of the testaror of 1702, who died in 1771.

Child of Samuel Gale and Mary (Unknown)

Sarah (Unknown)

F, #5213, d. after 1735
     Sarah married David Cownover, son of Peter Cownover and Mary (Unknown). Sarah (Unknown) died after 1735.

Child of Sarah (Unknown) and David Cownover

David Cownover

M, #5214
David Cownover||p53.htm#i5214|David Cownover|b. before 1700\nd. after 1735|p11.htm#i1029|Sarah (Unknown)|d. after 1735|p53.htm#i5213|Peter Cownover|b. 27 Feb 1669\nd. 21 Mar 1704|p9.htm#i899|Mary (Unknown)|b. 14 Jan 1689/90|p9.htm#i900|||||||

Relationship=3rd cousin 7 times removed of David Kipp Conover Jr.
Relationship=2nd great-grandson of Wolphert Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven.
     David Cownover was the son of David Cownover and Sarah (Unknown). David married Catherine (Unknown).
     David Cownover was also known as David Covenhoven. He was also known as David Covenover.

Catherine (Unknown)

F, #5215
     Catherine married David Cownover, son of David Cownover and Sarah (Unknown).

Femmetie Fardon

F, #5216, b. circa 1695, d. circa 1760
      Femmetie Fardon was born circa 1695 at New Utrecht, Kings County, New York. Femmetie married Barent Blom circa 1713. Femmetie Fardon died circa 1760 at Probably, Jamaica, Queens County, New York.
     She was also known as Femmetje Verdon.

Child of Femmetie Fardon and Barent Blom

Barent Blom

M, #5217, b. circa 1693
      Barent Blom was born circa 1693 at Probably, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York. Barent married Femmetie Fardon circa 1713. Barent's estate was proved on 29-Mar-1735.
     He was also known as Barent Bloom. He resided at at Flushing, Queens County, New York, circa 1710. He paid 6 shillings towards support at Grace Church, Jamaica, Queens County, New York, 1710.
Barent's left a will on 29-Aug-1726 at Flushing, Queens County, New York.

"In the name of God, Amen, I Barent Blom of Flushing in Kings County, yeoman, being in health, I leave to my wife Femmettie Blom the use of houses and lands and estate in Flushing and the use of all personal estate, so ong as seh remains my widow. But if sher marries, she is to have L100. I leave to my grandsons, Gerritt, John, Abraham, George, and Isaac, my home and lands in Orange County; also the houses and lands in Flushing after the death of my wife. Also the moveable estate. Only my sons John, Abraham, George and Jacob shall have L30 each and Gerritt L10 before any division. I make my wife and my sons executors. Witnesses: Gabriel Luff, Edward Jones, Adam Lawrence, and Joseph Luff.

He wrote a codicil on 3-Apr-1733; "Whereas I have purchased lands in Jamaica in Queens County and at Flatbush and New Lotts so called in Queens County and whereas my son John is dead without issue. I give all the said lands to my four sons. Witnesses: Cornelius Hoogland, Ellert Hoogland, and Joseph Smith."

Child of Barent Blom and Femmetie Fardon

Willem Bredenbent

M, #5255, b. circa 1624
      Willem Bredenbent was born circa 1624 at Cologne, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. He married Aeltje Braconie on 4-Sep-1644, they had no issue. Marriage banns for Willem Bredenbent and Aeltje Braconie were published on 9-Oct-1644.
     Willem Bredenbent resided at at Ceulen, Germany, before 1638. He and Aeltje Braconie resided at at Gowanus, Kings County, New York, in 1650.
Occupationbetween 1638 and 1647Deputy Sheriff, New Amsterdam, New York County, New York

William Corning Germond

M, #5262, b. 20 Sep 1856, d. circa 1889
William Corning Germond|b. 20 Sep 1856\nd. circa 1889|p53.htm#i5262|Charles William Germond|b. 18 Mar 1821|p1638.htm#i163777|Margaret E. Corning|b. circa 1817|p1638.htm#i163778|||||||||||||
      William Corning Germond was born on 20-Sep-1856 at New York. He was the son of Charles William Germond and Margaret E. Corning. William married Louise Ferdon Kipp, daughter of David W. Kipp and Sophia Ferdon, on 20-Sep-1882. William Corning Germond died circa 1889.
Census10-Aug-1870with William and Sarah Corning, Harrington Twp., Bergen County, New Jersey
Census14-Jun-1880Orangetown Twp., Rockland County, New York, a boarder
Occupation14-Jun-1880a florist

Nicasius Kip

M, #5293, b. circa 1666, d. 10 Oct 1713
      Nicasius Kip was born circa 1660 at New Amstel, Delaware. He was born circa 1666 at Probably, Flatbush, Kings County, New York. Nicasius married Antie Breyant on 20-Dec-1691 at Bergen, Hudson County, New Jersey. Nicasius Kip died in 1712 at Pollifly near Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey. He died on 10-Oct-1713 at Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey.
     He was also known as Nicasie Kip. Residences: Hackensack, Bergen Co., N.J. Occupation: Cooper & Extensive Land Owner Church: Dutch Reformed BS: NJ State Library, Books. History of the Kip Family in America by Frederic Ellsworth Kip, Montclair, N.J., assisted by Margarita Lansing Hawley, genealogist, 1920-1928, Pg. 138. A929.2 K57 MS: NJ State Library - Books - Records of the Reformed Dutch Churches of Hackensack and Schraalenburgh, NJ, Part I (A974.921 R332a pt. 1 ), Hackensack, Pg. 36. On this date, Anna Breyand, widow of Nicasis Kip, married Isack Van Gysse, widower of Hillegond Kuyper, both of Hackensack. DS: Ibid.

Child of Nicasius Kip and Antie Breyant

Antie Breyant

F, #5294, b. 10 Sep 1671, d. after 10 Oct 1713
     Antie Breyant was baptized on 10-Sep-1671 at Dutch Reformed Church, New York City, New York County, New York. Antie married Nicasius Kip on 20-Dec-1691 at Bergen, Hudson County, New Jersey. Marriage banns for Antie Breyant and Isaac Van Giesen were published on 10-Oct-1713 at Dutch Reformed Church, Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey. Antie Breyant died after 10-Oct-1713.
     She was also known as Annatje Breyandt. She was also known as Anna Breyandt. She was also known as Antie Breyandt. She was also known as Anna Breyand.

Child of Antie Breyant and Nicasius Kip