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Camp Douglas Civil War POW Camp
Chicago, Illinois    1862-1865

Camp Douglas was a Union solider training station on the south side of Chicago used as a mustering compound at the beginning of the war for the enlistees in the area. After the union army captured forts Henry and Donelson in Tennessee, the prisons in St. Louis were overrun with the 15,000 Confederate prisoners taken. Colonel Hoffman had to quickly find anyplace with room to house them. He ordered that various training camps throughout Illinois and Indiana be converted immediately to prison use and on February 21 the first group of 3200 Confederate POWs arrived at Camp Douglas. They had left St. Louis in steam boats and then transfered to trains.

OAKWOOD Cementery where Solomon Floyd Cook is buried along with over 4000 other prisoners of Camp Douglas who died during the war. [goto TOP]

A Prisoner's Diary Private William D. Huff enlisted with the Confederate army in June 1861 in the 13th Louisiana Infantry and was captured at the Battle of Chickamauga in Georgia on September 20, 1863. He began his diary as he entered Camp Douglas..

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