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Beyond Wolf Mountain

COOK Family Genealogy

Rev. Ben Cook
(Aug 4, 1895 - Feb 5, 1979)

Ben Cook was one of eight children of W. F. (Floyd) Cook and Alice Sarah Parker. He grew up in the Caney Fork community of Jackson County, NC. He followed his father into the ministry.

Rev. Ben Cook served as pastor of several different churches in Haywood and Jackson counties. He was a gifted Evangelist, is estimated by a fellow pastor that he baptisted more than 3000 people. The revival held at Lovedale Baptist Church in the early fifty's resulted in 91 baptisms and at least a dozen new preachers. Ben was the founding pastor of New Hope Baptist Church.

He married Pearl Hooper and they had nine children.

Ben died Feb 5, 1979 and is buried at New Hope Baptist Church.

The book, Foxfire vol. 7, features Rev. Ben talking about his ministry in the mountains of NC.

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