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This is a letter from Solomon Floyd Cook to his wife, Martha Ann (Shelton) Cook of East Laport, Jackson Co., N. C. This letter was written while he was serving in the 62nd North Carolina Regiment, Company G of the Confederate States Army and while he was encamped at Lick Creek in East Tennessee on the 11th of January 1862.

The letter appears to be dated Jan 1862 but must be 1863 since Solomon didn't enlist until July 1862 and the events it discussed occured at the end of 1862. Since the year had just changed, he may have written 1862 out of habit.
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  •   Camp at Lick Creek
    January the 11th, 1863

    Dear Companion, I take this oppurtunity to let you know that I am only in common health at present .... through I am much better than I have been. I was very bad off about two days and nights but this morning find me rising very fast. I think it was (a) cold that I had caught. I had a severe pain in the head and soar throat. I can't complain much of any thing now only I have a very bad cough. I hope these lines may reach you and find you all in the enjoyment of good health. I would have written to you before now but I was taken sick shortly after I came to camps and I did not want to write until I could give you some satisfaction, it will answer in place of me writing to you_____ at once.

    When I got to camps I found the company in a bad situation. Something over half the company was down with the measles but the most of them is on the mend. Mart (Marta (possibly a relative or friend) has had the measles but he is able now to get about through camps.

    I now proceed to tell you some thing about the fight at Murfeesboro, Tenn. The Yankee boys is estimated at from 20,000 to 25,000 twenty five thousand, our boys five thousand. We have a complete victory. ...It is the opinion of almost every body that peace will be made and we will get home in time to make a crop. I rely very much upon it myself.

    I have some bad news to write you that was received

    the day before I got into camps. There was a Yankee force come through Mancansin gap and proceeded to j_olicoffer(?) where Edmontons company was guarding a bridge. The Co. engaged the enemy. The fight did not last long. The yankee force was so strong that our little band was compelled to surrender themselves prisoners of war. The Yankees burnt the bridge and most of there (their) private property. I am glad to inform the citizens of Jackson (County, N. C.) that the Yankees give up of J. Ramsey Dills sword (or soon) for his bravery in defending his position with so small a force of men. The Yankees the(n) went to Carters depot -- burnt another bridge and took all the men prisoners

    taking in all four companies out of our Regt. I don't think it will be long until they are exchanged and will be with the field again.
    We entertained some fears of an attack at this place for some time but we understand the rascals have made there way back through Lee county, VA. I hope we will not be troubled with them any more.

    I want you to do the best you can and write to me how Jack gets along getting up the (_illegible_) hogs. Be sure and let me know how Calhouns hand is getting. If you have not named the baby, you may call it, Mary Jane. So nothing more at present but ___ -- ___ --- ____ --- (_missing from recopy) ___ ---___ --- ____ --- it will answer in place of me writing to you at once.

    (No signature shown on recopy)

    Solomon left for war with 4 sons at home and his wife pregnant. He never did see his daughter but apparently named her in this letter. Mary Jane grew up and married a Mr. Faiser.

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