COOK Family Genealogy-- Western N.C. & S.C. Descendants of Hence Marvin Cook

Beyond Wolf Mountain

COOK Family of Western NC
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Wolf Creek Church 1912
Wolf Creek Church (ca. 1912) Jackson Co., NC
The couple on the front and to the far right is Claude and Minnie Cook with their son Roy in the white nickers.

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Our first concentration will be on the COOK families of Western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina, primarly with the descendants of Hence Marvin Cook.

Hence and his descendants have lived in the mountains of western North Carolina, primarily in what is now known as Jackson county, since the early 1800's. Family tradition says we are "Scot-Irish" but since we have not been able to document prior to Hence, we may not be able to prove it yet, however several clues support the idea.

A lot of Hence's desendants still live in and around Jackson county. Several of the family groups moved in the early 1900's looking for better jobs. One group went to Pickens County, SC to work in textiles and another went to Darrington, WA to work in the lumber industry. It is estimated that there are around 3000 to 5000 people alive today that can trace their lineage back to Hence Marvin Cook.

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We will continually update our website as information is made available. Anyone wishing to add to or correct information on our website can contact John M. Cook, Jr at or write to:

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