COOK Family Home -- Western N.C. & S.C. Descendants of Hence Marvin Cook

Beyond Wolf Mountain

COOK Family Genealogy
of Western North Carolina
and upstate South Carolina

Our first concentration will be on the Cook families of Western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina, primarly with the descendants of Hence Marvin Cook.

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John M. Cook, Jr.

Family History

Prior Generations

  • John Abraham Cook b. abt 1765/1775
  • Samuel McCall 1766-1852 Samuel McCall  19k [Eleanor Ellison/Allison]

  • First Generation

  • George Adam Cook 1793-1884
  • Jacob Cook b. abt 1800
  • Isaiah "Isaac" Cook
  • Hence Marvin Cook 1805-1885wife Eleanor McCall 1809-1889
  • John McCall 1801-1892 [pic]
  • Second Generation

  • Abraham Pickney Cook 1823/5-aft 1850
  • [wife Vina Price 1821-aft 1850]
  • Solomon Floyd Cook 1829-1864 Solomon Floyd Cook  6k Solomon Floyd Cook  12k [wife Martha Ann Shelton 1829-aft1881] Martha Ann Shelton [62 NC Reg] [Cumberland Gap] [Camp Douglas] [Oakwood Cementery] [Letters]
  • Rev. Henry Benson Cook 1831-1907
  • Samuel Riley Cook 1833-1917 [wife N. Rebecca Bennett 1847-1913]
  • Ethan Allen Cook 1835-1919 Ethan Allen family  20k [m. Arta Marie Wood 1840-1919]
  • Sarah Jane Cook 1837-bef 1888 Sarah Jane Cook Cogdill [married John Cogdill] [Picture] [Marriage Certificate]
  • James P. Cook 1838-abt 1899 [wife Sarah Elizabeth]
  • William R Cook 1840-
  • Mary Ann Cook 1842- [married J. M. Cogdill]
  • Matilda Cook 1844-1921 [married James Farley]
  • Dorcus 1845-

  • William McCall William McCall  19k son of John McCall
  • John Almie McCall (1857-1938) and Ersuline Jane McCall (1860-1938) [pic]
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    Third Generation

    Children of Solomon Floyd Cook
  • Marcus Andrew Cook 1854-1901
  • Marion Monroe Cook Marion Monroe Cook  76k wife Ann Bone Ann Bone Marion Monroe Cook homeplace
  • Thomas Cook 1858-1898
  • John C. Cook 1861- John C. Cook  8k wife Eva Browning 1865-1904 Eva Browning
  • Mary Jane Cook 1862-1931 [m Milton E. Frazier 1859-1946]

  • Robert Lee "Bob" Cook
  • Lorena "Sorena" Cook 1867-1968
  • S. L. "Dock" Cook 1869-1932
  • Martha Cook 1872-1885
  • Mary Cook 1877-1896
  • Julia Cook 1870-1918
  • Dorah Cook 1879-

  • Children of ETHAN COOK and ARTA WOOD
  • JAMES M. COOK, b. Abt. 1859
  • .
  • ISAAC A. COOK, b. 18 Feb 1861, Rich Mountain, NC; d. 26 Jul 1921, Hamilton, WA.
  • ALANZO COOK, b. 1863.
  • Rev. WILLIAM FLOYD COOK, b. 1865, Jackson Co., NC; d. 1919, Sylva, NC.
  • MARGARET COOK, b. 1868; m. EP SHULER; b. Abt. 1875.
  • LAURA ELLENDER COOK, 1869-1927 [m. Ezekiel Nelson BROWN; b. Abt. 1880]
  • SAMUEL H. COOK, b. 1876, Jackson Co., NC; d. 1963, Darrington, WA.
  • HORACE COOK, b. Abt. 1878.
  • DORY COOK, b. Abt. 1884; m. FRANK MORGAN; b. Abt. 1881.
  • CHARLIE COOK, b. Abt. 1887.

  • JOHN ALMIE McCALL, born Sept.7, 1857; died May 22, 1938,
  • ERSULINE JANE McCALL, born Feb. 1, 1860, died July 12, 1938.

  • Fourth Generation

    Only the first three generations will be shown above. A few of the fourth generation will be highlighted below in the mean time.

    Visit our GEDcom family trees for more information: treeFamily Trees

  • Our Family Tree
  • COOK Family Tree
  • Dan Johnson Home page
    Descendants of Ethan Allen Cook

    Highlighted fourth generation:
  • Claude Lee Cook CL Cook  19k
  • Rev. Ben Cook [Pearl Hooper]
  • Susie Cook McMahan -- Midwife
  • Others

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