Norman Blanton Cemetery -- COOK Family Home -- Western N.C. & S.C. Descendants of Hence Marvin Cook
Hwy 19/23 5 miles east of Sylva, NC
near mile marker 88 next to the BP station.

Hence Marvin Cook donated the land for this cemetery and was one of the first to be buried here. The cemetery is now known as the Norman- Blanton cemetery but by rights should be called the Cook cemetery since Hence Marvin Cook established it.

The grave yard was larger at one time but when US Hwy 19/23 was relocated and then later widened, part of the cemetery was lost.

Directions: Near mile marker 88 on Hwy 19/23 near Sylva, NC, turn into the parking lot of the BP station. Go up the hill to the right of the store toward the billboard sign. The Norman-Blanton cemetery is located one-half mile east of Ochre Baptist church.

Graves related to the Cooks

Hence Marvin Cook: Hence's grave is located in the south west corner of the cemetery. Born June 27, 1805 and died Feb 1, 1885.

Martha J. Calhoun: Martha is buried in the south west corner of the cemetery. She is buried to the left of Hence Marvin Cook. This Martha was believed to be Solomon Floyd Cook widow but the dates on the tomb stone prove otherwise.

Floyd Cook: Floyd is in an unmarked grave at the foot of Hence.

__________: A unmarked grave to the right of Hence.

Watson: Curtis Lane Watson (May 11, 1918 to Nov. 12, 1993) was the second husband of Marie Cook granddaughter of Marcus Andrew Cook.

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