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Capt John Spotswood

Captain John Spotswood
1785 - 1859

This site is dedicated to the memory of John George Moore Spotswood. Through his good-humoured persistence, John was almost single-handedly responsible for searching out the details of about 2000 descendants in Australia of Captain John Spotswood, and his family.

In the Dictionary of the Dublin Book Trade 1550-1800, 1997, M.Pollard shows  William Spotswood, a 'revolutionary' publisher who migrated to  Philadelphia in 1785 as marrying Alicia Stewart, John's mother in Newry in 1784. Likely this was another William Spotswood, as there is no record of Alicia leaving Ireland, and she bore two children, John and his sister Jane.

Our search for the genealogy of Spotswoods/Spottswoods/Spottiswoodes in Ireland has led us to compile extracts from the Irish Civil Registers births, deaths, and marriages.  In 2006 made contact with descendants of Jane Elizabeth Spotswood and John Jones living in Canada.  Have a look at Jane's will, and a testimonial given to John Jones when he departed from Melbourne in 1852. More recently we found in the Irish National Archives a copy of the will of Walter Stewart , John Spotswood's maternal grandfather.

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Carsluith Castle

Carsluith Castle

The ancestor of the Brown family is Alexander Brown (1735-1820) of Cumston, Parish of Twynholm, Kirkcudbrightshire. Check out Alexander's 'will'. Family legend has it there were connections with the Browns of Carsluith Castle

Through Alexander's daughter-in-law Margaret Brown (wife of Robert), the family also has connections with Borgue. Margaret's father William Brown was buried in Senwick churchyard. Margaret's mother, Jean Henry was born in Sproat's Plunton.

James, son of Margaret and Robert Brown, married Jane Welsh Montgomery, granddaughter of Andrew Montgomery of Urr.

For some Castle Douglas names, circa 1841 see Charles Gordon Inventory

The Coatbridge Gaelic Connection

Sunderland 1897

Peter Boyle and Ann Hand grew up and married in Coatbridge. Coatbridge was home to a large Irish community which had migrated there in search of a livelihood given the upheavals in Ireland in the 1870s. Peter Boyle became a professional soccer player, starting his career with Coatbridge Gaelic. He then played for Sunderland in 1897, before being traded to Sheffield United.  The photo shows Sunderland in 1897. He played as an international for Ireland from 1901 to 1904. The Boyle family came from Carlingford in Co Louth;  Peter Boyle's mother was Julia Donnelly - see Julia's family. Ann's family were from Cootehill in Co Cavan - the Hands - her maternal grandmother was Mary Crosson

We have been collecting information on Boyles in the Dundalk Registration District from the Irish Civil Records- this is 'work in progress' - the files are not complete. See where we got to Boyle Carlingford Deaths 1864-70 Boyle Marriages 1864-1870 - Boyle Carlingford Births 1864-1878

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