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Stories, audio
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I spent many a happy summer holiday up at Dunnideer as a late teenager mainly with my mother and latterly with my niece Dawn. A lovely part of those times was listening to Great Uncle George's anecdotes and reminiscences of times past. I decided to record some of these, but my first mistake was to tell him, so he wrote copious notes which he subsequently couldn't read, I'm sure we all remember his handwriting! As a result that recording failed but in 1975 my mother and Dawn tried again and this is the result.

I'm sure you will remember the tales but it's a delight to hear his distinctive voice again. I'd put the tapes in a drawer and only rediscovered them when we moved 3 years ago. The first two recordings are general anecdotes and stories, the third is responses to questions I asked him about the Davidsons, this was recorded earlier, I think around 1973, but I can't be sure.

The recordings are not the best quality and you can hear the microphone being moved around a bit but his voice comes over quite clearly and is wonderful to hear again. The CD should play in any CD player or on a computer (download to My Music folder by right clicking the links then 'Save Target As' on Internet Explorer), but if you have any difficulty, just let me know.

John Watts, December 2015